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  EB - Field Actions 2019

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    This page contains copies of Notices of Violation and Notices of Unlicensed Operation issued by Field Offices during calendar year 2019. Field issued NALS issued since March, 2010 and Citations issued since November 2010 are available at EB - Field Activity and Actions.

01-31-2019 NOUO Barnstable High School, Barnstable, Massachusetts
01-31-2019 NOUO Ernst Gourdet, Pierrilise Gourdet, Boston, Massachusetts
01-31-2019 NOUO Patrick Reid, Bronx, New York
01-31-2019 NOUO Paul Cannon, Parlin, New Jersey
01-31-2019 NOUO Tara Cannon, Parlin, New Jersey
01-31-2019 NOV MTS Inc., Bradley, Illinois
02-05-2019 NOV Gois Broadcasting of Connecticut, LLC
02-06-2019 NOUO Nancy Graham, Santa Cruz, California
02-11-2019 NOUO Cesar Ascarrunz, San Francisco, California
02-13-2019 NOUO 1939 G.C. LLC, Bronx, New York
02-22-2019 NOUO 2405 Tilden Avenue LLC, Brooklyn, New York
02-22-2019 NOUO Gideon Yorke, Brooklyn, New York
02-22-2019 NOUO John Glen, Brooklyn, New York
02-22-2019 NOUO Rafael Rosario, Bronx, NY 10458
02-22-2019 NOV Faith Communications, Inc., Cedar Bluff, Virginia
02-25-2019 NOUO GB Holdings of Georgia, Inc., Decatur, Georgia
02-28-2019 NOUO Maria Gonzalez, Oxnard, California
03-04-2019 NOUO Jonathan Campbell, Uniontown, PA
03-04-2019 NOV Steckline Communications, Inc., Guymon, Oklahoma
03-05-2019 NOUO 1652 Realty LLC, Farmingdale, New York
03-05-2019 NOUO Rafael Vidal, Bronx, New York
03-05-2019 NOUO Trevor Forde, Laurelton, New York
03-08-2019 NOV Elohim Group Corporation, Orlando, Florida
03-11-2019 NOV Brevard Wireless, Melbourne, FL
03-12-2019 NOUO Fernando Navarro, Bronx, New York
03-12-2019 NOUO Frantz Pascal, Brooklyn, New York
03-12-2019 NOUO Jacky Saintulet, Brooklyn, New York
03-12-2019 NOUO Milcia Maldonado, Beaver Meadows, Pennsylvania
03-12-2019 NOV L and G Car Service, Paterson, New Jersey
03-14-2019 NOUO Jesse Graham, Los Angeles, California
03-14-2019 NOV Oakridge Fire Department, Oakridge, Oregon
03-14-2019 NOV Slavic Community Center of NW, Inc., Portland, Oregon
03-15-2019 NOV Daryl Thomas, Carmichael, CA
03-27-2019 NOUO 160 Miami Gardens, LLC, Miami Gardens, Florida
03-27-2019 NOUO Branch Banking and Trust Company, Miami Gardens, Florida
04-01-2019 NOUO Emmaneul Opong, Worcester, Massachusetts
04-01-2019 NOUO Maxwell Boamah, Worcester, Massachusetts
04-02-2019 NOUO GB Ministries, Inc., Decatur, Georgia
04-03-2019 NOV Baton Rouge Hispanic Education Family Fundation, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
04-03-2019 NOV Baton Rouge Hispanic Education Family Fundation, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
04-05-2019 NOV Hubbards Advertising Agency, Inc., Lynchburg, Virginia
04-11-2019 NOUO All in One Investment Group LLC, Hallandale Beach, Florida
04-11-2019 NOUO Frank Reimer, East Brunswick, New Jersey
04-15-2019 NOUO Nathan and Amber Redman, Waldo, Ohio
04-16-2019 NOV Akma Broadcast Network, Inc., New Port Richey, Florida
04-16-2019 NOV Cal Coast Machinery, Inc., Santa Maria, California
04-16-2019 NOV Etheric Networks, Inc., Redwood City, CA
04-16-2019 NOV Metroeast Community Media, West Haven, Oregon
04-17-2019 NOV Liberman Broadcasting of Dallas License, LLC, University Park, Texas
04-18-2019 NOUO Dan Auto Repairs, Worcester, Massachusetts
04-18-2019 NOUO Emmanuel Nol, Pawtucket, Rhode Island
04-18-2019 NOUO Jakob & Justin LLC, Worcester, Massachusetts
04-18-2019 NOUO Noah Gyamfi, Worcester, Massachusetts
04-18-2019 NOUO The Way of Mind and Body, Akron, Ohio
04-18-2019 NOUO Warner Mendenhall, Akron, Ohio
04-18-2019 NOV Capstar, TX, LLC, Providence, Rhode Island
04-24-2019 NOUO Alex Bruno, Brooklyn, New York
05-08-2019 NOV SSA Marine, Seattle, Washington
05-10-2019 NOUO Milcia Maldonado, Beaver Meadows, Pennsylvania
05-10-2019 NOUO Pastor Tito Paul, Brooklyn, New York
05-10-2019 NOUO Willmohr 1026, LLC, Brooklyn, New York
05-16-2019 NOUO David Glasford, Bronx, New York
05-16-2019 NOUO Yvrose Etienne, Brooklyn, NY
05-17-2019 NOUO 1539-1547 Pitkin Avenue Realty LLC, Brooklyn, New York
05-17-2019 NOUO Melba Reid, Brooklyn, New York
05-17-2019 NOUO Syed Uddin, Brooklyn, New York
05-17-2019 NOV Educational Media Foundation, Providence, Rhode Island
05-20-2019 NOUO ABC Real Estate Investors, Fairfield, Connecticut
05-20-2019 NOUO Elegant Women Production, Miami Gardens, Florida
05-20-2019 NOUO Nasshon Johnson, Bridgeport, Connecticut
05-20-2019 NOUO Thousand Oaks Bible Church, San Antonio, TX
05-20-2019 NOUO Trevor Hutchinson, Bridgeport, Connecticut
05-20-2019 NOV Merdarler Enterprises, Inc., Lake Butler, Florida
05-29-2019 NOUO Dr. Prophet Ini Okpon, Brooklyn, New York
05-29-2019 NOUO Jean Francois, Brooklyn, New York
05-29-2019 NOUO Manuel Pimentel, Passaic, New Jersey
05-29-2019 NOUO Marie Jacquet, Brooklyn, New York
05-29-2019 NOUO Willmohr 1026, LLC, Brooklyn, New York
05-30-2019 NOV Edgewater Broadcasting, Inc., Amarillo, Texas
06-04-2019 NOUO Joseph Foster, Island Park, NY
06-05-2019 NOUO Gina Torres, Paterson, New Jersey
06-05-2019 NOUO Yohany Bonilla, Paterson, New Jersey
06-05-2019 NOV Dennis Wallace, Elsberry, Missouri
06-11-2019 NOUO Domingo Lopez, Hazleton, Pennsylvania
06-11-2019 NOUO Niuberis Lopez, Hazle Township, Pennsylvania
06-11-2019 NOUO Restney Acosta, Hazleton, Pennsylvania
06-11-2019 NOUO Ron Adams, Ligonier, Pennsylvania
06-11-2019 NOUO Watkins Cluster, L.P., Brooklyn, New York
06-18-2019 NOUO Acerome Jean-Charles, Boston, Massachusetts
06-18-2019 NOUO Angel Rivas, Hazleton, Pennsylvania
06-18-2019 NOUO Radio Teleboston, Malden, Massachusetts
06-18-2019 NOUO Remi Marte, Hazleton, Pennsylvania
06-18-2019 NOUO Temistocles Arias, Hazleton, Pennsylvania
06-21-2019 NOV Edgewater Broadcasting, Inc., Twin Falls, Idaho
06-27-2019 NOUO Adrian Lewis, Flushing, New York
06-27-2019 NOUO Andre Ferguson, Valley Stream, New York
06-27-2019 NOUO Anibal Liriano, Bronx, New York
06-27-2019 NOUO Dionisio Nova, Bronx, New York
06-27-2019 NOUO Duwaine Smalling, Bronx, New York
06-27-2019 NOUO Elenilson Claros, Central Islip, New York
06-27-2019 NOUO John Hines, Bronx, New York
06-27-2019 NOV Calvary Chapel of Twin Falls, Inc., Scituate, Massachusetts
07-09-2019 NOV Vida Abundante, San Bernardino, California
07-10-2019 NOUO Magreniase Raphael, East Orange, New Jersey
07-11-2019 NOV Latino Center for Prevention & Action in Health and Welfare, Santa Ana, California
07-12-2019 NOUO Vida Abundante, San Bernardino, California
07-12-2019 NOV Clean Rivers Cooperative, Portland, Oregon
07-23-2019 NOUO Fredis Bonilla, Huntington Station, New York
07-23-2019 NOUO Jose Sigifredo Torres, Brentwood, New York
07-23-2019 NOUO Marcos E. Flores, Brentwood, New York
07-23-2019 NOUO Rafael Martinez, Fords, New Jersey
07-23-2019 NOUO Ricardo Allen, Irvington, New Jersey
07-23-2019 NOUO Roberman Chery, Irvington, New Jersey
07-23-2019 NOUO Terrace Hall Partners, LLC, Burlington, Massachusetts
07-25-2019 NOV N Content Marketing, LLC, Beulah, Michigan
08-08-2019 NOUO Donald Rosskopf, Newark, New Jersey
08-09-2019 NOV International Crusade of the Penny, Garden Grove, California
08-09-2019 NOV Long Beach Community Television and Media Corporation, Long Beach, California
08-14-2019 NOUO Angelica J. Moreno, Oxnard, California
08-14-2019 NOUO Maria C. Gonzalez, Oxnard, California
08-19-2019 NOV Richard L. Van Zandt, New Smyrna Beach, Florida
08-20-2019 NOV Cornerstone Broadcasting Corporation, Deltona, Florida
08-22-2019 NOUO Ralph F. Hooper, Swanzey, New Hampshire
08-23-2019 NOUO Sailboat Cay Condominium Association, Inc., North Miami, Florida
08-23-2019 NOUO Winston and Sonia Murdock, Miami Gardens, Florida
08-27-2019 NOV Syncom Media Group, Inc., Denver, Colorado
08-29-2019 NOUO Francisco Fernandez, Paterson, New Jersey
08-29-2019 NOUO International Broadcasting Inc., Oxnard, California
08-29-2019 NOUO Joshua C. Warren, Martinsville, Indiana
08-29-2019 NOV La Favorita Radio Network, Inc., Turlock, California
09-05-2019 NOUO Fernando Viloria, Freeport, New York
09-05-2019 NOUO Jasemo LLC, Newark, New Jersey
09-05-2019 NOUO Juan Dedios Parking, Bronx, New York
09-05-2019 NOUO Moise Litus, Newark, New Jersey
09-05-2019 NOUO Pierre Conde, Marie Carmelle Conde, Everett, Massachusetts
09-05-2019 NOUO Samson Bernard, Maplewood, New Jersey
09-12-2019 NOV California Black Chamber of Commerce, Sacramento, California
09-17-2019 NOUO Clara Tamayo, Clifton, New Jersey
09-17-2019 NOUO Manuel Gonzalez, Paterson, New Jersey
09-17-2019 NOV J & J Broadcasting, Inc., Cary Township, Wisconsin
09-17-2019 NOV Star City Broadcasting, LLC, Lafayette, Indiana
09-26-2019 NOUO 2155 Grand Avenue Holdings LLC, Brooklyn, New York
09-26-2019 NOUO Jose Mata Pichardo, Bronx, New York
09-26-2019 NOV Minority Communications Inc., Des Moines, Iowa
10-03-2019 NOUO Charles Michael Goodwin, Lake Worth, Florida
10-03-2019 NOV Chinese Sound of Oriental and West Heritage, Covina, California
10-07-2019 NOUO Mally Auto Sales, Hazleton, Pennsylvania
10-07-2019 NOV University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio

last reviewed/updated on Tue Oct 8 18:11:34 EDT 2019

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