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  EB - Field Actions 2009

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    This page contains copies of Notices of Apparent Liability, Citations, Notices of Violation and Notices of Unlicensed Operation issued by Field Offices during the calendar year 2009.

01-06-2009 NAL Jose Torres, N3TX, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
01-07-2009 NOV Dimond Mini Storage, Anchorage, Alaska
01-09-2009 NOUO Jean-Claude Paul, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
01-09-2009 NOUO R & P Auto Body Works LTD, Brooklyn, NY
01-09-2009 NOUO Steve Long, Brooklyn, NY
01-09-2009 NOUO William J. Perry, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
01-13-2009 NOUO Albemarle LLC., Brooklyn, NY
01-13-2009 NOUO Hager Management Inc., Brooklyn, NY
01-16-2009 NOV Coates Broadcasting, Inc., KDSS, Ely, Nevada
01-16-2009 NOV County of San Joaquin, Stockton, California
01-16-2009 NOV Precis Communications LLC, Ely, Nevada
01-20-2009 NOUO Lavern Goldson, Mount Vernon, NY
01-21-2009 NAL Bethune-Cookman College, Inc., WRWS-LP, Daytona Beach, FL
01-21-2009 NOV County of Westchester, Valhalla, New York
01-21-2009 NOV New Jersey Turnpike Authority, Secaucus, NJ
01-22-2009 NAL Smart Park Airport Parking, Essington, Pennsylvania
01-22-2009 NOUO Clairlia Raymonvil, Fort Lauderdale, FL
01-30-2009 NOUO Afi A. Johnson, East Orange, NJ
01-30-2009 NOUO Race Grant, East Orange, NJ
01-30-2009 NOUO Valda Richards, Sunrise, FL
02-02-2009 NOV Industrial Communications Company, Belvidere, New Jersey
02-03-2009 NOV Monte Opterman, Honolulu, Hawaii
02-04-2009 NOV Cumulus Licensing LLC, WFAS(AM), White Plains, New York
02-06-2009 NOUO Dante Gutierrez, Jersey City, NJ
02-06-2009 NOUO Elon H. Hayes Jr., East Orange, NJ
02-06-2009 NOUO Michel Joseph & Anne Noel, North Miami, FL
02-06-2009 NOUO Rhudella Tait, Bronx, NY
02-11-2009 NOUO Hilario Rosario, New York, NY
02-11-2009 NOUO Jackie D. Bryant, Alice M. Mike & Lorenzo C. Mike, Miami, FL
02-11-2009 NOUO Jalen Management Co., Brooklyn, NY
02-11-2009 NOUO Olga Cabrera, Bronx, NY
02-11-2009 NOUO Rachel Bridge Corp., New York, NY
02-11-2009 NOUO Sharmaine Williams, Miami, Florida
02-11-2009 NOUO Town Square Association, Inc., Lauderdale Lakes, Florida
02-12-2009 NOUO Willardson Family Trust, Ashton, Idaho
02-17-2009 NOUO Darrell Sivik, Meadville, PA
02-24-2009 NOV Community Hospitals of Indiana, Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana
02-25-2009 NOUO Genevieve Smith, Newburgh, NY
02-25-2009 NOUO John W. Shumway, Wappingers Falls, NY
02-25-2009 NOUO Rhonda Balam, Boynton Beach, FL
03-02-2009 NOUO Aaron Streeter, Miami, FL
03-02-2009 NOUO Marie Nicole Zamor, North Miami, FL
03-03-2009 NAL Dexter Blake, Mt. Vernon, New York
03-03-2009 NOUO Cross Key Investments, Inc., North Miami, Florida
03-03-2009 NOUO Francky Archange, Bernard Gue, Margate, Florida
03-03-2009 NOUO Jean Robert and Rose Marie Valsaint dba Western Equity Mortgage, North Miami Beach, Florida
03-03-2009 NOUO Justin Fisher, Miami, Florida
03-03-2009 NOV SBC Tower Holdings LLC, Ballston, New York
03-03-2009 NOV SBC Tower Holdings LLC, Bethlehem, New York
03-04-2009 NOV County of St. Joseph, Centreville, Michigan
03-05-2009 NOV American Towers, Inc., Caldwell, Texas
03-05-2009 NOV Global Tower, LLC, Caldwell, Texas
03-05-2009 NOV Global Tower, LLC, Monaville, Texas
03-05-2009 NOV Silkirk Fire District, Silkirk, New York
03-06-2009 NOV Ecuadoor Car Service Corp., Astoria, New York
03-09-2009 NOUO Richard Hairston, Erie, PA
03-09-2009 NOV The University of Hawaii
03-11-2009 NOUO Calvin Smalls, Roxanne Smalls, Bronx, NY
03-12-2009 NOUO Cypress Tree Condominium Association, Inc., Lauderhill, Florida
03-12-2009 NOUO Jean Michael Auguste, Nahomie Auguste, Brooklyn, NY
03-12-2009 NOUO Nikolin Gjushi, Bronx, NY
03-13-2009 NOUO Timothy J. Subra, Hollywood, FL
03-16-2009 NOUO Dwayne Sutherland, San Diego, California
03-16-2009 NOUO Russell Greene, San Diego, California
03-16-2009 NOV State of Pennsylvania, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
03-17-2009 NOUO Griselda Larios, Houston, Texas
03-17-2009 NOV 3G Development, Inc. d/b/a Innovation Wireless Group
03-18-2009 NOUO Francisco DeJesus Resendez, Warner Robins, GA
03-18-2009 NOV ABCO-2-Way-Radio Inc., Levittown, New York
03-18-2009 NOV New York City Department of Information Technology &Telecommunications
03-19-2009 NOV Pacifica Foundation, Inc., WBAI(FM), Berkeley, California
03-19-2009 NOV River Broadcasting, Inc., WGMY(FM), Montgomery, New York
03-23-2009 NOUO Cumm Partners, Inc., Pompano Beach, FL
03-23-2009 NOUO Darryl Davis, Talladega, AL
03-24-2009 NOUO Distrigas of Massachusetts LLC, Boston, MA
03-24-2009 NOUO Ermine Baptiste, Yves Baptiste, Queens, NY
03-24-2009 NOUO Pierre Valcin, Guilene Valcin, Queens, NY
03-24-2009 NOUO Rony Andre, Judith Andre, Elmont, NY
03-24-2009 NOV Ceres Solutions LLP, Veedersburg, Indiana
03-25-2009 NOV Friendly Five Corp DBA Lincoln Cab, Lanham, MD
03-25-2009 NOV Silver Cab of P G Inc., Landover, MD
03-26-2009 NOUO Jean Blind, North Miami, Florida
03-27-2009 NAL David E. Perka, Annapolis, Maryland
03-27-2009 NAL ERF Wireless, Inc., Monaville, Texas
03-27-2009 NAL HTV/HTN/Hawaiian TV Network, Ltd., Honolulu, Hawaii
03-27-2009 NOUO Charles E. Williams, Tulsa, Oklahoma
03-27-2009 NOUO David B Williams, Ilaine F Williams, Tulsa, Oklahoma
03-27-2009 NOV City of River Rouge, River Rouge, MI
03-27-2009 NOV Petra Cablevision Corp, Central Islip, New York
03-27-2009 NOV Time Warner Oceanic Cable, Kahaluu, Hawaii
03-31-2009 NOV Cook Telecom, Inc., Everett, Washington
03-31-2009 NOV Friendly Five Corp DBA Lincoln Cab
03-31-2009 NOV James E. Howard, Renton, Washington
03-31-2009 NOV Peake Contracting, Inc.
04-01-2009 NOUO Dennis James Sherbino, Bend, Oregon
04-01-2009 NOUO Linol Gill, Hillside, NJ
04-01-2009 NOUO Maple Apartments, LLC, Brooklyn, NY
04-03-2009 NOV Carbon County Disaster & Emergency Services, Fromberg, Montana
04-06-2009 NOUO Lucy Williams, Oakland, California
04-06-2009 NOUO Mark I. Klein, Oakland, California
04-06-2009 NOV Radio Hawaii, Inc., KWAI, Honolulu, Hawaii
04-07-2009 NOUO Chaisnel Charles, Pompano Beach, FL
04-07-2009 NOV County of Marion, Fairmont, WV
04-07-2009 NOV Thomas Andrew Leach d.b.a Radio Connection L.L.C., Jackson, Michigan
04-08-2009 NOUO 5900, L.L.C., Hollywood, FL
04-09-2009 CITATION Charles Leach, Jackson, MI
04-09-2009 NAL Baybridge Communications, L.LC., Vallejo, California
04-09-2009 NOUO Sunrise Towne Preferred Condominium, Inc., Sunrise, Florida
04-09-2009 NOUO Sunset Hills Condominium Association, Inc., Lauderdale Lakes, Florida
04-13-2009 NOV Cablevision Systems Westchester Corporation, Yonkers, New York
04-13-2009 NOV County of Nassau, Westbury, New York
04-13-2009 NOV Township of Long Hill, Stirling, New Jersey
04-14-2009 NOUO Papa Senya, Worcester, MA
04-14-2009 NOV C & S Truck Wash, LLC, Youngstown, Ohio
04-14-2009 NOV Time Warner Oceanic Cable, Hauula, Hawaii
04-14-2009 NOV Western New Life, Inc., WNEV(FM), Culebra, PR
04-16-2009 NOV Drexel Heights Fire District, Tucson, Arizona
04-16-2009 NOV Time Warner NY Cable LLC, West Seneca, New York
04-20-2009 NOUO Aeronet Wireless Broadband, San Juan, PR
04-20-2009 NOUO Ayustar, San Juan, PR
04-20-2009 NOV Comcast of Maryland, Inc., Glen Burnie, Maryland
04-21-2009 NAL Hodson Broadcasting, KHOD(FM), Des Moines, New Mexico
04-22-2009 NAL Seventh-Day Adventist Community Health Serv. of Greater NY
04-22-2009 NOUO Frantz Gourgue and Jolicienne Gourgue, Cambria Heights, NY
04-22-2009 NOUO Guylaine L. Richard, Queens Village, NY
04-22-2009 NOUO Joseph Wilner, Cambria Heights, NY
04-22-2009 NOUO Rosemarie Spence, Bronx, NY
04-22-2009 NOUO Valia Camara and Alex Calixte, Elmont, NY
04-22-2009 NOV Youngshine Media, Inc., WDNJ, Hopatcong, New Jersey
04-24-2009 CITATION Diamond Tool, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
04-24-2009 NOUO Daniel J. Keating Company, Narberth, Pennsylvania
04-24-2009 NOV Crown Communications, Inc., Cypress, Texas
04-27-2009 NOUO James Wanza, Miami, FL
04-28-2009 NOUO Ivan Nicasio, New Bedford, MA
04-28-2009 NOUO Seth Harris, Brooklyn, NY
04-29-2009 NOUO Junette Julmisse, Miami, FL
04-29-2009 NOUO Lenwac, LLC, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
04-29-2009 NOUO The Grass Root Ministry, Inc., Brooklyn, NY
04-30-2009 NAL Spirit of Alaska Broadcasting, Inc., KMBQ, Wasilla, Alaska
04-30-2009 NOUO 1014 Park Place MP LLC, Brooklyn, NY
04-30-2009 NOUO Andre Mims-Shaw, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
04-30-2009 NOUO Preston Brathwaite, Brooklyn, NY
04-30-2009 NOV American Towers, Inc., Chappell Hill, Texas
04-30-2009 NOV CSC Acquisition-NY, Inc., Southampton, New York
05-01-2009 NOUO David Bradford, Brooklyn, NY
05-01-2009 NOUO Lothar Baum, Vista, California
05-01-2009 NOV AAT Communications Corporation, Brenham, Texas
05-01-2009 NOV City and County of Honolulu, Honolulu, Hawaii
05-04-2009 NAL Multicultural Radio Broadcasting, Inc., Pomona, California
05-04-2009 NOUO Ian Yohance Williams, Miami, FL
05-04-2009 NOV Comcast of Arizona, Inc., Tucson, Arizona
05-04-2009 NOV Prairie View A&M University, Prairie View, Texas
05-05-2009 NOV Nextel Communications of the Mid-Atlantic Inc., Reston, VA
05-08-2009 NOUO Amber E. Brisson, Boulder, CO
05-08-2009 NOUO Boulder Free Radio, Boulder, CO
05-08-2009 NOUO Kris Mullins, San Diego, California
05-08-2009 NOUO Logan T. Wolff, Boulder, CO
05-08-2009 NOUO Marian Jones Revocable Trust, San Diego, California
05-08-2009 NOUO Michael Stugelmayer, Cheyenne, WY
05-08-2009 NOUO Zachary A. Wolff, Boulder, CO
05-11-2009 NAL Eight Friends Limo Service Inc, Newark, New Jersey
05-13-2009 NOV AAT Communications Corporation, Houston, Texas
05-13-2009 NOV GTE Mobilnet of South Texas LP, Houston, Texas
05-14-2009 CITATION Timothy J. Teligades, Las Vegas, NV
05-14-2009 NAL Kevin W. Bondy, Encino, California
05-14-2009 NAL Lazer Broadcasting Corporation, Santa Barbara, California
05-14-2009 NOUO William Cecil Reis, Wolcott, CO
05-15-2009 NOUO Beth Torah Adath Yeshurun, Inc., North Miami Beach, FL
05-15-2009 NOUO John Druan, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
05-15-2009 NOUO Robert Kent, Hawthorne, California
05-15-2009 NOV Industrial Tower and Wireless, LLC, Miami, FL
05-18-2009 NOV James A. McKoy, Jr., Marathon, FL
05-19-2009 NAL Jackson Radio, LLC, WJFN-AM, Brandon, MS
05-20-2009 NOUO Jean Stewart, Brooklyn, NY
05-20-2009 NOUO Manes Salomon, Lake Worth, FL
05-20-2009 NOUO Raymond Bruno, Brooklyn, NY
05-20-2009 NOUO Ted Singer, Brooklyn, NY
05-22-2009 CITATION Manati Municipality, Manati, PR
05-22-2009 NOV Time Warner Oceanic Cable, Kailua, Hawaii
05-26-2009 NAL Radhames Severino, Houston, Texas
05-28-2009 NOUO Georges Jean, Jr., Boston, MA
05-28-2009 NOV Southeast Morris County Municipal, Cedar Knolls, New Jersey
06-04-2009 NOV Ed Bahniuk, Solomon's, MD
06-04-2009 NOV The University of Hawaii, KTUH, Honolulu, Hawaii
06-05-2009 NAL R-S Broadcasting Company, Inc., WCWV, Summersville, West Virginia
06-05-2009 NOUO Ateret Israel, Los Angeles, CA
06-05-2009 NOUO Netan Eli Hebrew Academy, Studio City, CA
06-05-2009 NOV R-S Broadcasting Company, Inc., WCWV, Summersville, WV
06-11-2009 NOV Time Warner Oceanic Cable, Honolulu, HI
06-12-2009 NOUO Kendall Stewart Realty Corporation, Brooklyn, NY
06-16-2009 NOUO Homesales, Inc., San Diego, CA
06-16-2009 NOV 731 Commercial LLC, New York, New York
06-16-2009 NOV AA Associates, L.L.C., New York, New York
06-16-2009 NOV Ronald Lee Dalton, Homestead, Florida
06-18-2009 CITATION Telos Online, Arvada, CO
06-23-2009 NOUO John Cohen, Brooklyn, NY
06-29-2009 NOUO Scott Hidnert, Miami, FL
06-30-2009 CITATION USA1 Communications Corp.
07-07-2009 CITATION Albert Lucero, Astoria, New York
07-07-2009 CITATION BQE Auto Body Shop Corp., Astoria, New York
07-09-2009 NOUO Anthony T. Arcieri, Boulder, CO
07-09-2009 NOUO Boulder Free Radio, Boulder, CO
07-09-2009 NOUO Green Light Radio, Boulder, CO
07-09-2009 NOUO Nathan Bloodsworth, Boulder, CO
07-09-2009 NOV KNS Communications Consultants, Buckhorn Mountain, Colorado
07-13-2009 NOUO Mark Sandilands, Hixson, TN
07-15-2009 NOV Ecuadoor Car Service Corp., Astoria, New York
07-16-2009 NOUO Nickisha Desgouttes & Tamar Robinson, Sunrise, Florida
07-16-2009 NOUO Prospect Airport Services, Inc., Romulus, MI
07-16-2009 NOV County of Somerset, Bridgewater Township, New Jersey
07-20-2009 CITATION Grand N Realty LLC, Bronx, New York
07-20-2009 CITATION Ricardo Moore, Arverne, New York
07-20-2009 NOUO Christian Center of Love, Milwaukee, WI
07-20-2009 NOUO Motherbrook LLC / The Hamilton Co., Boston, MA
07-20-2009 NOUO William A. Schubert III, Delaware, OH
07-20-2009 NOV Cablevision Systems Westchester Corporation, Yonkers, New York
07-20-2009 NOV Jack Dally, Brielle, New Jersey
07-20-2009 NOV Paducah & Louisville Railway, Inc., Central City, KY
07-21-2009 NOUO David Lott, Gainesville, GA
07-22-2009 NOV Joe L. Ford, Greenville, Kentucky
07-24-2009 NOUO Robert Simmons, Austin, Texas
07-24-2009 NOV Prince George's County, Glenn Dale, Maryland
07-27-2009 NOV Herman Van Den Broeck, Lexington, Kentucky
07-28-2009 NOV Lorraine Cab Inc., Dearborn, Michigan
07-30-2009 CITATION Data Flow Systems, Inc., Melbourne, FL
07-30-2009 NOUO Trap Limited Partnership, Miami, FL
07-30-2009 NOV Broward County Office of Environmental Services, Pompano Beach, FL
07-31-2009 NOUO Lisette Francois Pierre, Miami, Florida
07-31-2009 NOV Community Quisqueya Car Service Inc., Richmond Hill, New York
07-31-2009 NOV Jean White, Rapid City, South Dakota
08-03-2009 NAL Anthony F. Davis, Winter Haven, Florida
08-03-2009 NOV County of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California
08-06-2009 CITATION Marcos A. Santos, Bronx, New York
08-06-2009 NOUO Anthony Santiago, Paterson, NJ
08-06-2009 NOUO Jelissa Diaz, Paterson, NJ
08-06-2009 NOUO Larry Swadner, Cincinnati, OH
08-07-2009 NOUO Veronise Sido, North Miami, FL
08-07-2009 NOUO Ward Realty, Inc., Miami, Florida
08-07-2009 NOV Ondas De Vida, Inc., Devore, California
08-10-2009 NOV Bella Vista Hospital, Mayaguez, PR
08-11-2009 NOUO Marixsa Rolon, Plainfield, NJ
08-11-2009 NOUO Marixsa Rolon, Plainfield, NJ
08-11-2009 NOV Franklin Instrument Co., Inc., Newtown, Pennsylvania
08-11-2009 NOV Municipality of Anchorage (ML&P), Anchorage, Alaska
08-13-2009 NAL Raymond Frank, Austin, Texas
08-13-2009 NOUO Gene Stinson d.b.a. D&G Food Mart, Oklahoma City, OK
08-13-2009 NOUO Phoenix Management Services, Inc., Lauderdale Lakes, Florida
08-14-2009 NOV Wyomedia Corp., Cheyenne, Wyoming
08-17-2009 NOUO Maurice W. Clarke, Stone Mountain, GA
08-17-2009 NOUO Peter Quee-Kong and Valerie Quee-Kong, Stone Mountain, GA
08-17-2009 NOUO Troy Burton, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
08-18-2009 NAL Frankie Grover, Lakeland, Florida
08-18-2009 NOUO 17 Webster Place Association, LLC, Clifton, NJ
08-18-2009 NOUO Menorah Park Center For The Aging, Beachwood, OH
08-20-2009 CITATION Irma Frausto, Compton, California
08-20-2009 NOUO Phillip T. Hannon, Vermilion, OH
08-20-2009 NOV Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, Oregon
08-21-2009 NOV Jeffery A. Marshall, Monroe, Ohio
08-24-2009 NOUO Norman Charles, Paula Charles, Brooklyn, NY
08-26-2009 NAL WPAT Licensing, Inc., WPAT-FM, Paterson, New Jersey
08-26-2009 NAL WSKQ Licensing, Inc., WSKQ-FM, New York, New York
08-26-2009 NOUO Russell Greene, San Diego, California
08-28-2009 NOUO Lela Wilson, Newark, NJ
08-31-2009 NAL Burken Broadcasting, LLC, Las Vegas, Nevada
08-31-2009 NAL Daniel K. Roberts, San Francisco, California
08-31-2009 NOUO Green Light Radio, Boulder, CO
08-31-2009 NOUO Jerry and Deborah Stevens, Austin, Texas
08-31-2009 NOUO Waterton Residential / Tantra Lake Apts., Boulder, CO
08-31-2009 NOV Darrell Guy, Marietta, Georgia
08-31-2009 NOV Leslie Wayne White, Jr., Rapid City, South Dakota
09-02-2009 NOV County of Westchester, White Plains, New York
09-03-2009 NAL The King's Musician Educational Foundation, Inc.
09-03-2009 NOUO Delroy A. Johnson, Dorchester, MA
09-03-2009 NOUO Marcia Johnson, Dorchester, MA
09-04-2009 NOUO Omar Saunders, Rockford, IL
09-08-2009 NAL LSM Radio Partners, L.L.C., WWWK(FM), Islamorada, Florida
09-08-2009 NOV John G. Alford, Dayton, OH
09-08-2009 NOV Nassau Broadcasting II, LLC, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
09-10-2009 NOUO Promerte Dibreuis & Marie Arne, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
09-10-2009 NOV Borough of West Mifflin, West Mifflin, Pennsylvania
09-10-2009 NOV Checkpoint Communications Company, South Williamsport, Pennsylvania
09-10-2009 NOV Mifflin Area Middle School, West Mifflin, Pennsylvania
09-11-2009 CITATION Hinkletown Mennonite Church, Ephrata, Pennsylvania
09-11-2009 CITATION Patton Radio Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
09-11-2009 NOUO Jenny Diaz, Paterson, NJ
09-11-2009 NOUO Marcnus Kesnel Charles, Pompano Beach, FL
09-11-2009 NOV Bombardier Transportation, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
09-11-2009 NOV Mitchell A. Beranek, Jonestown, Pennsylvania
09-11-2009 NOV Mobile Radio Service Inc., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
09-14-2009 NOV Comcast of Washington IV, Inc., Hoquiam, Washington
09-14-2009 NOV Jason Daub, Seattle, Washington
09-14-2009 NOV KCTS Television, Seattle, Washington
09-15-2009 NOUO Free Radio Olympia, Olympia, WA
09-15-2009 NOUO Graham Parrington, Olympia, Washington
09-15-2009 NOV Hochman - McCann Hawaii, Inc., Honolulu, Hawaii
09-15-2009 NOV Long Nguyen, Honolulu, Hawaii
09-15-2009 NOV Ted Baum, Tacoma, Washington
09-16-2009 NOV Lloyd Hoff Holding Corporation dba Portapage, St. Albans, WV
09-18-2009 NAL Verizon Wireless (VAW) LLC
09-18-2009 NOUO Susan A. Jarvis, Brooklyn, NY
09-18-2009 NOV City of Douglas, Douglas, GA
09-23-2009 NOUO Patrick Rodgers, Austin, Texas
09-23-2009 NOV CCR-Sierra Vista IV, LLC
09-23-2009 NOV Foundation for Creative Broadcasting, Inc., Tucson, Arizona
09-23-2009 NOV Howard N. Henderson, Douglas, Arizona
09-25-2009 NOUO Apartment Properties Management, LLC, Somerset, NJ
09-25-2009 NOUO J&P (Brooklyn) Realty, LLC, New York, NY
09-25-2009 NOUO Joseph Alexander, New Covenant Christian Ministries Worldwide, Bronx, NY
09-28-2009 NAL Hawaiian Telcom, Inc., Kamuela, Hawaii
09-28-2009 NAL Shimmick Construction Company, Inc./Obayashi Corporation, Joint Venture, Yorba Linda, CA
09-28-2009 NAL Tropicana Products Inc., City of Industry, CA
09-28-2009 NOV La Familia Broadcasting, LLC, Fox Farm, WY
09-28-2009 NOV Lawrence Baker, Aptos, California
09-29-2009 NOV KZLZ, LLC, KZLZ, Kearny, Arizona
09-30-2009 NOUO Edgar B. Melendez and Erminia Velez, San Francisco, CA
09-30-2009 NOUO Vincent Higgins, East Orange, NJ
10-02-2009 NOUO Byron McLean, Brooklyn, NY
10-02-2009 NOV KHNL/KFVE License Subsidiary, LLC, KHNL-DT, Honolulu, Hawaii
10-05-2009 NAL Paisa 2 Car and Limousine Service, Inc., Woodside, NY
10-05-2009 NAL Univision Radio License Corporation, WQBU-FM, Garden City, New York
10-05-2009 NOUO Anthony Smith, Hartford, CT
10-05-2009 NOUO Hyacinth Mitchell, Hartford, Ct
10-05-2009 NOUO Miguel Castro, Meriden, CT
10-05-2009 NOUO Nelson Rodriguez, Bristol, CT
10-05-2009 NOUO Wilfredo Arroyo, New Britain, CT
10-05-2009 NOUO Willie Williams, Bridgeport, CT
10-06-2009 NOUO 1004 Realty, LLC, Brooklyn, NY
10-06-2009 NOUO Mark Dyer, Hartford, CT
10-06-2009 NOUO Prabhu "John" Persaud, Hartford, CT
10-07-2009 NOUO Mr. Derek Frye, Decatur, GA
10-08-2009 NAL Electronic Corporate Pages, Inc., Florence, Texas
10-08-2009 NOUO Ariel Torres-Melendez, San Juan, PR
10-09-2009 NOUO Lindoff Lindsay, Brooklyn, NY
10-13-2009 NOUO Jean Mocombe, Brooklyn, NY
10-13-2009 NOUO Lavira & Roselaine Avilus, Pompano Beach, FL
10-13-2009 NOUO Niomy M. Duran, Paterson, NJ
10-13-2009 NOUO SLA Corporation, Queens Village, NY
10-15-2009 NOUO Clark Remy, Queens Village, NY
10-15-2009 NOUO Lloyd Morris, Boston, MA
10-15-2009 NOUO Rev. Luders Eugene, Elmont, NY
10-15-2009 NOUO Robert Brown, Roxbury, MA
10-15-2009 NOUO Tess Mittman, Elmont, NY
10-15-2009 NOUO Woodrow Tulloch, Paterson, NJ
10-16-2009 NOUO Kakadu Productions, Inc., Brooklyn, New York
10-16-2009 NOUO Luna Park Housing Corporation, Brooklyn, New York
10-16-2009 NOV Comcast of Colorado/Pennsylvania/West Virginia LLC, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
10-16-2009 NOV Sergio & Karla Enterprise, Inc., Huntington Beach, California
10-19-2009 NOUO Inverrary 441, L.L.C., Coral Gables, FL
10-20-2009 NOV Jordan Realty Inc., Keffers, Pennsylvania
10-21-2009 NOV Page One, Inc., London, KY
10-22-2009 NOUO Barrington Ebanks, Brooklyn, NY
10-22-2009 NOUO Canus Corporation, Philadelphia, PA
10-22-2009 NOUO RR5 LTD Partnership, Lauderdale Lakes, Florida
10-23-2009 NOUO First Family Solutions Net Work Inc., Oakland Park, Florida
10-26-2009 NOV Centre County Government, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
10-26-2009 NOV VIP Communications LP, Wexford, Pennsylvania
10-28-2009 NOUO Juradel Thomas & Lavanie Ductant, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
10-29-2009 NOV State of Montana, Aeronautics Division, Red Lodge Airport, Montana
10-30-2009 NOUO Ronald Reid, Bronx, New York
11-02-2009 NOUO 8400 Building, LLC, Tamarac, Florida
11-02-2009 NOUO Jean & Delia Theodore, North Miami, FL
11-02-2009 NOV Fajardo Broadcasting Co., Inc., Naguabo, PR
11-04-2009 NOUO Gold's Gym #0030, Baltimore, Maryland
11-04-2009 NOUO Malibu Lodging Investments, LLC dba City Inn Hotel, Miami, Florida
11-04-2009 NOUO Vicot Chery, Spring Valley, New York
11-04-2009 NOV B&L Service, Inc., Fort Lauderdale, FL
11-04-2009 NOV Yellow Cab Operators Association, Inc., Miami, FL
11-05-2009 NOUO Inverrary Gardens Master Association, Inc., Lauderhill, Florida
11-05-2009 NOUO Ken Cartwright, Stayton, Oregon
11-05-2009 NOV PC Taxi Services, LLC, Spring Valley, New York
11-06-2009 NOUO Egor Chadrine, Miami, Florida
11-06-2009 NOUO John Gerrard, Tonya Gerrard, Durant, Oklahoma
11-06-2009 NOUO Nounoune Lubin, North Miami, FL
11-06-2009 NOV Exxon Communications Company, Santa Barbara, California
11-09-2009 NOUO Raoul Quantz, Jr., Cincinnati, OH
11-09-2009 NOV Visiplex, Inc., Vernon Hills, Illinois
11-09-2009 NOV Zoological Society of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
11-10-2009 NAL Jerry and Deborah Stevens, Austin, Texas
11-10-2009 NOUO Bill Salmon Auto Body & Mechanical Repair, Bensalem, Pennsylvania
11-12-2009 CITATION Clarion Inn, El Centro, California
11-12-2009 NAL Ayustar Corporation, San Juan, PR
11-12-2009 NOUO Charles Forssi, Lompoc, CA
11-12-2009 NOUO Harris Teeter, Inc., Matthews, NC
11-12-2009 NOUO Hector Carey, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
11-12-2009 NOUO Osmond & Paulette Wright, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
11-12-2009 NOUO Webert Jean Louis, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
11-12-2009 NOV Charter Communications, Irwindale, California
11-13-2009 CITATION Holiday Inn, Ann Arbor, MI
11-13-2009 NOUO Norco D&I Enterprises, Inc., Oak Ridge, TN
11-16-2009 NOV First Student, Inc., Holyoke, MA
11-17-2009 NOUO Michael Rappaport, Beverly Hills, CA
11-17-2009 NOUO Walls Industries, Inc., Cleburne, Texas
11-18-2009 NOV Baja Broadband Operating Company, LLC., Las Animas, Colorado
11-18-2009 NOV Champion Cable, LLC, Limon, Colorado
11-18-2009 NOV Industrial Tower and Wireless, LLC, Kit Carson, Colorado
11-18-2009 NOV NexHorizon of Colorado, Inc., Eads, Colorado
11-18-2009 NOV NexHorizon of Colorado, Inc.
11-18-2009 NOV Rebeltec Communications, Kit Carson, Colorado
11-19-2009 NOUO Carroll Flats, LLC, Brooklyn, NY
11-20-2009 NOV World Data, PR, Inc., San Juan, PR
11-23-2009 NOV The County of Union, New Berlin, Pennsylvania
11-23-2009 NOV The County of Union, New Berlin, Pennsylvania
11-24-2009 NOUO Cosmetology Career Center, Carrollton, Texas
11-24-2009 NOUO End Zone Athletics, Inc., Arlington, Texas
11-25-2009 NOUO Bonnie Stewart, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
11-25-2009 NOUO Bonnie Stewart, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
11-25-2009 NOUO Brad Wyman, Edmond, Oklahoma
11-25-2009 NOUO Brad Wyman, Edmond, Oklahoma
11-25-2009 NOUO Christopher Emery, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
11-25-2009 NOUO Christopher Emery, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
11-25-2009 NOUO David Cureton, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
11-25-2009 NOUO David Cureton, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
12-01-2009 NOUO Sander Nelson, Boulder City, NV
12-01-2009 NOV Schuylkill Mobile Fone, Inc., Joliett, Pennsylvania
12-02-2009 CITATION Pinecomputer, Covina, California
12-02-2009 NAL Marconi Broadcasting Company LLC, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
12-02-2009 NOUO LA Fitness, Cincinnati, OH
12-02-2009 NOV Country Gold Broadcasting, Roosevelt, Utah
12-02-2009 NOV Intermountain Health Care, Ogden, UT
12-03-2009 CITATION Duke Energy, Durham, North Carolina
12-03-2009 NOUO Gonel Joseph, Miami, FL
12-03-2009 NOUO Jemima Jean-Lucas, Miami, FL
12-03-2009 NOUO License Holdings, LLC dba 2 Go Media, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
12-03-2009 NOUO Michael Downer, Tamarac, Florida
12-07-2009 NOV Jameson Memorial Hospital, New Castle, Pennsylvania
12-08-2009 NOUO John M. Ducommun, Jr., Ladysmith, WI
12-08-2009 NOUO Lower Macungie Elementary School, Macungie, Pennsylvania
12-08-2009 NOUO Tamaqua Area School District, Tamaqua, Pennsylvania
12-08-2009 NOV Schuylkill Mobile Fone, Inc., Pottsville, Pennsylvania
12-08-2009 NOV Scott Communications, Inc., Hatfield, Pennsylvania
12-09-2009 NOUO Tim Lusk, Alpine, TX
12-09-2009 NOV Salem Media of Oregon, Inc., Gladstone, Oregon
12-10-2009 NOV Emerald Wave Media, Guadalupe, CA
12-10-2009 NOV Rio School District, Oxnard, California
12-11-2009 NOUO Fenestration Testing Laboratory, Inc., Medley, FL
12-15-2009 NOUO Bumper Auto Repair Inc., Baltimore, Maryland
12-15-2009 NOV John S. Melcer, New Castle, Pennsylvania
12-16-2009 NOUO SLA Corporation, Queens Village, NY
12-16-2009 NOV Educational Media Foundation, WKVK(FM), Leasburg, North Carolina
12-17-2009 NOUO 17 Webster Place Association, LLC, Clifton, NJ
12-17-2009 NOUO Lawrence Mason, East Orange, NJ
12-21-2009 NAL Hispanic Target Media, Inc., KUKY(FM), Wellton, Arizona
12-21-2009 NAL Waldec Enterprises, Inc., Anchorage, Alaska
12-22-2009 NAL Costco Wholesale Corporation/Costco #737, Las Vegas, Nevada
12-22-2009 NAL Wal-Mart Supercenter Store #3351, Las Vegas, Nevada
12-22-2009 NOUO Masjid Ibnu Taymiyah Islamic Center, Columbus, OH
12-22-2009 NOV Comcast of Colorado/Pennsylvania/West Virginia LLC, Scranton, Pennsylvania
12-22-2009 NOV Westchester Community College, WARY-FM, Valhalla, New York
12-23-2009 NOV Comcast of California V Inc., Mill Valley, CA
12-31-2009 NOV Cablevision Systems New York City Corporation, Bronx, New York
12-31-2009 NOV Forever Broadcasting LLC, State College, Pennsylvania
12-31-2009 NOV Time Warner Entertainment Company LP, Flushing, New York
12-31-2009 NOV Time Warner Entertainment Company LP, Manhattan, New York
12-31-2009 NOV Time Warner Entertainment Company LP, Woodside, New York

last reviewed/updated on Wed Jun 13 17:32:24 EDT 2018

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