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  EB - Field Actions 2016

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    This page contains copies of Notices of Violation and Notices of Unlicensed Operation issued by Field Offices during calendar year 2016. Field issued NALS issued since March, 2010 and Citations issued since November 2010 are available at EB - Field Activity and Actions.

01-13-2016 NOV Town of Elk Mountain, Elk Mountain, WY
01-14-2016 NOV Cablevision of Newark, Newark, New Jersey
01-14-2016 NOV Westfield Topanga Owner LP, Canoga Park, California
01-14-2016 NOV William & Paul Lorenzen d/b/a East River Plaza, Oregon, Ohio
01-19-2016 NOUO Ling Zhang, Queens, New York
01-22-2016 NOUO Roch Park Realty LLC, Brooklyn, New York
01-25-2016 NOUO 4200 AVE K EQUITIES LLC, Brooklyn, New York
01-28-2016 NOUO Fidanakis Paschalis, Irvington, New Jersey
01-28-2016 NOUO Fidanakis Paschalis, Irvington, New Jersey
01-28-2016 NOV Corporate Air, Billings, Montana
02-02-2016 NOV Quinlan Church of Christ, Quinlan, TX
02-03-2016 NOUO Richard Allen, East Orange, New Jersey
02-08-2016 NOUO Assets Recovery Center Investments, LLC, Irvington, New Jersey
02-08-2016 NOUO Hugael Roberson, Irvington, New Jersey
02-09-2016 NOV Bellaire TV Cable Company, Bellaire, Ohio
02-09-2016 NOV Pentecostal Temple Development Corporation, McKeesport, Pennsylvania
02-12-2016 NOUO 83-40 BRITTON AVENUE, LLC, Queens, New York
02-12-2016 NOUO Qiang Yu/Xiu Yun Chen, Queens, New York
02-25-2016 NOV Texas Industries, Inc., Dallas, TX
03-10-2016 NOV 305 Community Radio, Inc, Miami, Florida
03-11-2016 NOUO Satell SJNet, Corp., San Juan, PR
03-24-2016 NOUO Emerald Cove Resort, Milam, TX
04-05-2016 NOV Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles, California
04-06-2016 NOUO John Overstreet, Jr., Jefferson, LA
04-07-2016 NOV Public Safety Technologies, Inc., West Covina, California
04-11-2016 NOV Jackson Radio, LLC., Jackson, MS
04-11-2016 NOV Ondas De Vida, Inc., Palmdale, California
04-13-2016 NOUO Sonia and Lara Belarmino, Arleta, California
04-18-2016 NOUO Vered Gedalia, Panorama City, CA
04-19-2016 NOUO Ahi Ezer, Brooklyn, New York
04-20-2016 NOUO Daniel Delise, Astoria, New York
04-20-2016 NOV Kenai Educational Media, Inc.,Seward, Alaska
04-21-2016 NOUO 5712 NW 22 Ave LLC, Miami, Florida
04-21-2016 NOUO Brindley Marshall, Miami, Florida
04-21-2016 NOUO Condominium Association of Gateway House Apts., Inc., North Miami Beach, Florida
04-21-2016 NOUO Jemima Jean Lucas, Miami, Florida
04-21-2016 NOUO Joseph Mercilise & Emile Milford, Boynton Beach, Florida
04-22-2016 NOUO Michael Stanley, Margate, FL
04-25-2016 NOUO Charles Atkins, Paterson, New Jersey
04-28-2016 NOUO Fastlane Internet, Francesville, Indiana
04-28-2016 NOUO Vilnord Simon, North Miami, Florida
04-29-2016 NOUO Walmart Supercenter, Nacogdoches, TX
05-02-2016 NOUO Designed Electrical Solutions, Inc., Medley, Florida
05-04-2016 NOUO BN & BC Enterprises Corp., Homestead, Florida
05-04-2016 NOUO James E. & Geraldine Howard, Miami, Florida
05-04-2016 NOUO Leonor F. Soto, Homestead, Florida
05-04-2016 NOUO Sergio Plasencia, Miami, Florida
05-04-2016 NOUO Thys M. & Jeanette Verster, Homestead, Florida
05-06-2016 NOV World India Radio, LLC, Edison, New Jersey
05-09-2016 NOV Iglesia Alfa Y Omega, Garland, Texas
05-10-2016 NOUO Mike Dudley, Guntersville, Alabama
05-12-2016 NOUO Jason Pistiolas, San Diego, CA
05-12-2016 NOUO Richard L. Everley, Jessup, Maryland
05-13-2016 NOV Global Paratransit, Inc., Rancho Palos Verdes, California
05-13-2016 NOV Silver State Broadcasting, LLC, North Las Vegas, CA
05-13-2016 NOV Univision Radio License Corporation, Las Vegas, CA
05-17-2016 NOUO Enrique Sanchez, Poughkeepsie, New York
05-18-2016 NOUO Tilden Towers 1, Long Island City, New York
05-18-2016 NOV Garvey School District, Rosemead, California
05-20-2016 NOUO Tony May, Timpson, TX
05-20-2016 NOV Andrews Tower Rental, Inc., Oplin, Texas
05-23-2016 NOUO Conroy Dawson, Paterson, New Jersey
05-23-2016 NOUO Mantari Investments, LLC, Paterson, New Jersey
05-26-2016 NOV Anchorage School District, Anchorage, Alaska
05-31-2016 NOUO Del Nero Communications Management, LLC, Norman, Oklahoma
05-31-2016 NOUO Sooner Wireless, LLC, Norman, Oklahoma
06-13-2016 NOUO Aptech Networks Corp., Doral, Florida
06-14-2016 NOUO Carnegie Management Inc., Brooklyn, New York
06-14-2016 NOUO Patrick Smith, Brooklyn, New York
06-20-2016 NOUO Henderson Elcock, Brooklyn, New York
06-20-2016 NOUO Ray Bruington, Grifton, North Carolina
06-20-2016 NOUO Robert Heiney, The Woodlands, Texas
06-23-2016 NOV Lazaro Rodriguez, Miami, Florida
06-27-2016 NOUO 55 Washington Holdings, LLC, East Orange, New Jersey
06-27-2016 NOUO Jean Baptiste, East Orange, New Jersey
07-01-2016 NOUO 116 Prospect Realty, Inc., East Orange, New Jersey
07-01-2016 NOUO Jean Robert Estime, East Orange, New Jersey
07-05-2016 NOUO Melvina Mason, Mount Vernon, New York
07-06-2016 NOUO Little Bay Lobster Company, Newington, New Hampshire
07-11-2016 NOUO T.G. Nickel, New York, New York
07-13-2016 NOUO Brindley Marshall, Miami, Florida
07-13-2016 NOUO Emanuel Tires, West Palm Beach, Florida
07-13-2016 NOUO Marcia V. Gibbons, Miami, Florida
07-13-2016 NOUO Ministerios Restauracion Monte De Los Olivos, Inc., Palm Springs, Florida
07-13-2016 NOUO Wide Cloud Communications, Hialeah, Florida
07-13-2016 NOV Philip J. Beaudet, Burney, California
07-18-2016 NOUO Conveyered Aggregate Delivery Inc., Eugene, Oregon
07-21-2016 NOUO Mario Guardado, Central Islip, New York
07-25-2016 NOUO Johnnie L. Blakley, Miami, Florida
07-25-2016 NOUO Sherria Elliott, Miami, Florida
08-01-2016 NOUO Fritz L. Powell, West Orange, New Jersey
08-04-2016 NOUO Boss Group Ministries, Miami, FL
08-04-2016 NOUO Judith Oreste & Charles Rocheney, Lake Worth, FL
08-05-2016 NOUO Roman Belmontes & Bertha Garcia, Homestead, Florida
08-09-2016 NOUO Alfredo J. Perez, Princeton, Florida
08-09-2016 NOUO Lauro Poma, Orange, New Jersey
08-10-2016 NOUO Nathaniel J. Boncamper, Bronx, New York
08-11-2016 NOUO Rosemita Prexime, Pompano Beach, Florida
08-22-2016 NOUO Michael Williams, Morehead, KY
08-23-2016 NOV Hispanic Target Media, Inc., Panhandle, Texas
08-23-2016 NOV Hispanic Target Media, Inc., Panhandle, Texas
08-25-2016 NOUO Oliviero Construction Corporation, New York, New York
08-26-2016 NOUO 141 Coit Street LLC, Irvington, New Jersey
08-26-2016 NOUO 243rd Street Bronx R, Bronx, New York
08-26-2016 NOUO 485 Realty, LLC, Cedarhurst, New York
08-26-2016 NOUO Colin Kerr, Paterson, New Jersey
08-26-2016 NOUO Francisco Villalona, New York, New York
08-26-2016 NOUO Lorraine Peterkin, Paterson, New Jersey
08-29-2016 NOUO Antoine Dorjil, Pompano Beach, Florida
08-29-2016 NOUO Charles Philome, Pompano Beach, Florida
08-29-2016 NOV Ether Mining Corporation, Santa Maria, CA
08-29-2016 NOV Knight Broadcasting, Inc., Santa Maria, CA
08-30-2016 NOUO Oral P. Robinson, Orange, New Jersey
09-01-2016 NOUO Credo, LLC, Miami, Florida
09-01-2016 NOUO Joseph Rodney, Bronx, New York
09-01-2016 NOUO Lorenzo Mike, Miami, Florida
09-01-2016 NOUO Ministerio Cristiano Hombres de Valor, Omaha, NE
09-02-2016 NOUO Eric James, Bronx, New York
09-02-2016 NOUO Everton H. Loderick, Bronx, New York
09-06-2016 NOUO Napa Jet Center, Napa, California
09-16-2016 NOUO Airosurf Communications, Inc.,Edmond, Oklahoma
09-19-2016 NOUO Andres Rojas, Passaic, New Jersey
09-29-2016 NOV Jason M Onishi, Aiea, Hawaii
10-06-2016 NOV Mapa Broadcasting, L.L.C., Slidell, Louisiana
10-21-2016 NOUO Ash Calliopi, Panorama City, California
10-25-2016 NOV David Chappell, Owenton, Kentucky
10-26-2016 NOUO Nadege Elysee, Boynton Beach, Florida
11-01-2016 NOUO Lincoln Maxwell, Bronx, New York
11-03-2016 NOUO Chabad Lubavitch Hospitality Center, Brooklyn, New York
11-03-2016 NOUO Emmanuel Jules, Mattapan, Massachusetts
11-08-2016 NOUO Anthony Johnson, Bronx, New York
11-08-2016 NOV Mount Olive Broadcasting Co., Mount Olive, North Carolina
11-13-2016 NOUO Martin Sanchez, Passaic, New Jersey
11-13-2016 NOUO Veronise Sido, Harold Sido, North Miami, Florida
11-14-2016 NOV Trilew LLC, dba L1 Networks, Honolulu, Hawaii
11-16-2016 NOUO Wilson Monestime, East Orange, New Jersey
11-16-2016 NOV Robert C. Dickeson, Lewiston, Idaho
11-18-2016 NOV WBVL-LP, Orlando, Florida
11-19-2016 NOUO Charmin Hinds Omar Hinds, Miami Gardens, Florida
11-22-2016 NOUO Fanor Almonor Iceleine Telusnor, Pompano Beach, Florida
11-29-2016 NOUO Winston A. Tulloch, Paterson, New Jersey
11-30-2016 NOUO 346 Franklin Street, LLC, Worcester, Massachusetts
11-30-2016 NOUO SBA Structures, LLC, Boca Raton, Florida
12-01-2016 NOV 845 United Nations Limited Partners
12-07-2016 NOV SRN Communications, Inc., Woodbridge, New Jersey

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