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  EB - Field Actions 2018

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    This page contains copies of Notices of Violation and Notices of Unlicensed Operation issued by Field Offices during calendar year 2018. Field issued NALS issued since March, 2010 and Citations issued since November 2010 are available at EB - Field Activity and Actions.

01-04-2018 NOUO Andy Liriano, Jersey City, New Jersey
01-04-2018 NOUO Anthony Court Condominium Associates, Jersey City, New Jersey
01-04-2018 NOUO Isidro Sanchez, Paterson, New Jersey
01-04-2018 NOUO SANSUN, LLC, Ridgewood, New Jersey
01-04-2018 NOV San Antonio Public Safety Alliance, San Antonio, Texas
01-05-2018 NOUO Rachael Zience, Cleveland, Tennessee
01-05-2018 NOV JLF Communications, LLC, Bellville, Texas
02-01-2018 NOV Pentecostal Temple Development Corporation, McKeesport, Pennsylvania
02-08-2018 NOUO Micheline J. Candio, Margate, Florida
02-08-2018 NOUO Teresa Brogdon, Miami Gardens, Florida
02-08-2018 NOV Omni Broadcasting LLC, Atmore, AL
02-12-2018 NOUO Apostle Nicholas Oluyemi, Newark, New Jersey
02-12-2018 NOUO Gerlens Cesar, Mattapan, Massachusetts
02-12-2018 NOUO William John Nurre, Ashland, Oregon 97520
02-12-2018 NOV PRO-VISION, Inc., Byron Center, MI 49315
02-15-2018 NOUO Town of Ward, Ward, Colorado
02-16-2018 NOUO Barry Bennett, Rollinsville, Colorado
02-16-2018 NOUO Darren Roebuck, Boulder, Colorado
02-21-2018 NOUO Department of Public Works, Glen Cove, New York
02-27-2018 NOUO Arthur Ware, Des Moines, Washington
02-27-2018 NOUO Eric V. Evans, Yuma, Arizona
03-01-2018 NOUO Antonio Mendes, Elizabeth, New Jersey
03-01-2018 NOUO Cascade Pacific Real Estate Services, LLC, Fircrest, Washington
03-02-2018 NOUO Nelda Jean, Hollywood, Florida
03-05-2018 NOUO Troy Cheever, Deltaville, Virginia
03-06-2018 NOUO Daniel Thelisma, Irvington, New Jersey
03-06-2018 NOUO Robert Bekune, Irvington, New Jersey
03-26-2018 NOUO 108 Field Place Realty LLC, Brooklyn, New York
03-26-2018 NOUO Parkash 1718 LLC, Brooklyn, New York
03-28-2018 NOUO Angel Rigoberto Pinzon, Ossining, New York
03-28-2018 NOUO Freddie Rodriguez, Fayetteville, North Carolina
03-28-2018 NOUO Jean Claude Michel, Brooklyn, New York
03-28-2018 NOUO Jerome Moultrie, Miami, Florida
04-03-2018 NOUO Christian Torres, Bridgeport, Connecticut
04-03-2018 NOUO Nnanna Okoro, Irvington, New Jersey
04-03-2018 NOUO William Cotter, Bridgeport, Connecticut
04-04-2018 NOV NE Colorado Cellular, Inc., Kersey, CO
04-04-2018 NOV The Truth Will Set You Free Inc., Hallandale, Florida
04-05-2018 NOUO Avenue West, LLC, Newark, New Jersey
04-05-2018 NOUO Monique C. Pierre, Irvington, New Jersey
04-09-2018 NOUO 14915 South River Drive Inc., Miami, Florida
04-09-2018 NOUO HP Andre Way LLC, Delray Beach, Florida
04-09-2018 NOUO SIJC Trusted, LLC, Delray Beach, Florida
04-11-2018 NOUO Bishop Kingsford A. Bloomfield, Irvington, New Jersey
04-11-2018 NOUO John Hart, Blackstone, Virginia
04-11-2018 NOV Calvary Educational Broadcasting Network, Poplar Bluff, Missouri
04-13-2018 NOUO Alexander J. Brittin, Boulder, Colorado
04-13-2018 NOUO Philip Brittin, Boulder, Colorado
04-13-2018 NOUO Sears Holdings, Brighton, CO
04-18-2018 NOUO Claude & Edma Saintilmar, Miami, Florida
04-18-2018 NOUO Geovanni Valdez, Brooklyn, New York
04-18-2018 NOUO Godfrey Jones, Brooklyn, New York
04-18-2018 NOUO Timber Trail LLC, Bridgeport, Connecticut
04-20-2018 NOUO California State University East Bay, Hayward, CA
04-24-2018 NOUO Daniel Sigcho, Orange, New Jersey
04-24-2018 NOUO Falak Real Estate, LLC, Piscataway, New Jersey
04-24-2018 NOUO Greg Banks, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
04-24-2018 NOUO Pastor Ragive Dulcio, Irvington, New Jersey
04-26-2018 FORFEITURE ORDER Ravi's Import Warehouse, Inc., Dallas, Texas
04-27-2018 NOUO LV.Net, Las Vegas, NV
04-30-2018 NOUO Rand Redhots, LLC, Des Plaines, IL
05-03-2018 NOUO Jean Charles, East Orange, New Jersey
05-03-2018 NOUO Matt Twersky, East Orange, New Jersey
05-10-2018 NOUO Cayemite J. Edner, Brockton, Massachusetts
05-10-2018 NOUO Nicolas Ronald, Orange, New Jersey
05-10-2018 NOUO Sanjiv Jain, Orange, New Jersey
05-15-2018 NOUO John G. Pierre, Brooklyn, New York
05-15-2018 NOUO Thomas Eugene Barnes, La Grande, Oregon
05-15-2018 NOV International Aerospace Solutions, Inc.
05-18-2018 NOUO Primera Iglesia Bautista Del Sur SF, San Francisco, California
05-22-2018 NOUO Brenda McHardy, Miami, Florida
05-22-2018 NOUO Cameron Brown, Miami, Florida
05-22-2018 NOUO Credo, LLC, Miami, Florida
05-22-2018 NOUO Iglesia La Nueva Jerusalen, Ciudad De La Verdad, Monte De Santidad Inc., Baton Rouge, Louisiana
05-22-2018 NOUO Steffon Samaroo, Brooklyn, New York
06-05-2018 NOV American Multi-Media Syndicate Inc.
06-05-2018 NOV First Unitarian Universal Life Church of Hanford
06-13-2018 NOUO 110 Washington EO, LLC, East Orange, New Jersey
06-13-2018 NOUO Cornelius Medas, Bridgeport, Connecticut
06-13-2018 NOUO Jack Akaffou, New Haven, Connecticut
06-13-2018 NOUO Mario Louis, East Orange, New Jersey
06-13-2018 NOUO Max Hamoy, Danbury, Connecticut
06-13-2018 NOUO Reginald Simeon, Brooklyn, New York
06-13-2018 NOUO Segundo Velasquez, Danbury, Connecticut
06-20-2018 NOUO PRB Entertainment Inc d/b/a Play Yo Part Lounge, Miami, Florida
06-25-2018 NOV Ontario Christian School Association, Ontario, California
06-26-2018 NOV Iglesia Evangelica Vida Y Esperanza, Dallas, Texas
06-27-2018 NOV Big Bear Theater Inc., Big Bear Lake, California
07-11-2018 NOUO Esther Baez, Paterson, New Jersey
07-11-2018 NOUO Jaril Garcia, Paterson, New Jersey
07-11-2018 NOUO Maglie Plaismond, Cranston, Rhode Island
07-11-2018 NOUO Michael Costa, Providence, Rhode Island
07-11-2018 NOUO Rockaway154 LLC, Brooklyn, New York
07-12-2018 NOUO Rockaway154 LLC, Brooklyn, New York
07-12-2018 NOUO William D. Puig, Homestead, Florida
07-16-2018 NOUO Oasis Inn Motel, Van Horn, TX
07-16-2018 NOV Greenwood Broadcasting Co., Inc., Greenwood, Mississippi
07-18-2018 NOV Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
07-20-2018 NOUO Carlos W. Morrero, Balch Springs, TX
07-25-2018 NOUO Prospect Elementary School, Cleveland, Tennessee
07-27-2018 NOUO Acerome Jean-Charles, Boston, Massachusetts
07-30-2018 NOV AMFM Radio Licenses, L.L.C.
08-09-2018 NOV Greenville Fire District, Scarsdale, New York
08-10-2018 NOV Eversource Energy, Barnstable, Massachusetts
08-14-2018 NOV Snapchat, Venice, CA
08-21-2018 NOUO Emerald Terrace Limited Partnership, Miami, Florida
08-21-2018 NOUO Kingsbridge Development Corp., Miami, Florida
08-21-2018 NOUO Minnie M. Wilkerson, Louise Kimbrough, Miami Gardens, Florida
08-21-2018 NOUO Ramash Realty, LLC, Miami Gardens, Florida
08-22-2018 NOUO Richard Barcelona, Vero Beach, Florida
08-22-2018 NOUO Timothy A. Granger, Williamson, West Virginia
08-27-2018 NOUO Henry L. Streeter, Miami Gardens, Florida
08-27-2018 NOUO Wilfrid Pressa, Florida City, Florida
08-28-2018 NOUO Oraine Ennis, Trumball, Connecticut
08-28-2018 NOUO Tashai Martin Foster, Bridgeport, Connecticut
08-28-2018 NOUO Trevor Hutchinson, Bridgeport, Connecticut
09-13-2018 NOUO Efrain Lanchi Ortega, Queens, New York
09-14-2018 NOUO Jean Robert Valsaint, Miami, Florida
09-18-2018 NOUO Odiclair Joseph and Junie Pierre, Lauderhill, Florida
09-18-2018 NOV American Multi-Media Syndicate Inc.
09-19-2018 NOUO Marques Dumerant, Delray Beach, Florida
09-19-2018 NOV New Jersey Natural Gas Company, Wall, New Jersey
09-21-2018 NOUO 1249 Utica LLC, Queens, New York
09-21-2018 NOUO David Glasford, Bronx, New York
09-21-2018 NOUO Doron Walton, Brooklyn, New York
09-21-2018 NOUO Menylik Simmonds, Bridgeport, Connecticut
09-21-2018 NOUO William Cotter, Strafford, Connecticut
10-01-2018 NOUO Godwin Browne, Brooklyn, New York
10-01-2018 NOUO James Brunelle, Canyon Country, California
10-01-2018 NOUO Philmil Realty Corp, Queens, New York
10-01-2018 NOUO Tremaine Robinson, Norwalk, Connecticut
10-04-2018 NOUO Alain Emile, Marie O. Omeler, Brockton, Massachusetts
10-04-2018 NOUO Djovany Pierre, Brockton, Massachusetts
10-04-2018 NOUO Dover Street Apartment LLC, Brockton, Massachusetts
10-04-2018 NOUO Jean Charles, East Orange, New Jersey
10-04-2018 NOUO Miriam Gabriel, South Orange, New Jersey
10-15-2018 NOUO Emir Alberto Morales Chapas, Port Arthur, Texas
10-15-2018 NOUO Iglesia Bautista Renovacion Ministerio Internacional, Amarillo, TX
10-16-2018 NOUO Joe Donalson, Houston, Texas
10-16-2018 NOUO Jose Sandoval Cortes, Miami, Florida
10-16-2018 NOUO Maria Gonzalez, Oxnard, California
10-16-2018 NOUO New Beginnings Fellowship Church of Houston, Houston, Texas
10-17-2018 NOV Marion R. Williams, Canton, Mississippi
10-17-2018 NOV Stone Springs Hospital Center, Dulles, Virginia
10-18-2018 NOUO Mark Chanez, Casper, Wyoming
10-19-2018 NOV City of Cleveland, Cleveland, Ohio
10-23-2018 NOUO John Glen, Brooklyn, New York
10-23-2018 NOUO Kenmil Arias, Brentwood, New York
10-23-2018 NOUO Louise Joseph, Brooklyn, New York
10-23-2018 NOUO Wayne Mitchel, Brooklyn, New York
10-25-2018 NOV The Vacation Channel, LLC, Branson, Missouri
10-30-2018 NOV Dunes 102FM LLC, Truro, Massachusetts
11-05-2018 NOUO Ibriham Genchel, Bronx, New York
11-05-2018 NOUO K & A Management LLC, Roslyn, New York
11-08-2018 NOUO Jean Pierre Lorelus, Homestead, Florida

last reviewed/updated on Fri Nov 9 13:26:05 EST 2018

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