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                           Before the
                Federal Communications Commission
                     Washington, D.C. 20554

In the Matter of                  )
Americom Las Vegas Ltd.           )     Control  Nos. 9211721  and 
Partnership                       9311151
                                 )     NAL/Acct.  Nos.  318ed0031 
Former licensee of                and 418ed0007 
Station KFBI(FM), Pahrump, NV1    )
Facility ID # 2100                )

                      MEMORANDUM OPINION & ORDER

Adopted:  July 24, 2000                 Released:  July 26, 2000

By the Commission:

In this Memorandum Opinion & Order, we rescind two Notices of 
Apparent Liability for monetary forfeiture issued to Americom Las 
Vegas Ltd. Partnership (``Americom''), former licensee of Station 
KFBI(FM), Pahrump, NV, for the broadcast of indecent material on 
the ``Howard Stern Show'' on various dates beginning November 10, 
1992, and ending October 12, 1993, between approximately 6 a.m. 
and 11 a.m.  Americom Las Vegas Ltd. Partnership (KFBI(FM)), 8 
FCC Rcd 6790 (1993) and Americom Las Vegas Ltd. Partnership 
(KFBI(FM)), 9 FCC Rcd 1753 (1994) (hereinafter collectively 
referred to as ``NALs'').

The Commission issued the NALs on August 12, 1993, and February 
1, 1994.  The licensee filed responses on October 15, 1993, and 
April 4, 1994, respectively.  A significant amount of time has 
elapsed since the issuance of the NALs and since the 1992 and 
1993 broadcasts of the material at issue.  Moreover, Station 
KFBI(FM) has been assigned and is no longer licensed to Americom.  
Under these circumstances, we have determined not to issue 
forfeiture orders.  However, our decision today in no way 
condones the broadcast of the material at issue in these NALs. 

ACCORDINGLY, IT IS ORDERED that the above-referenced NALs issued 
to Americom Las Vegas Ltd. Partnership are hereby RESCINDED and 
the pending responses to such NALs are DISMISSED AS MOOT.

                         Magalie Roman Salas

1 The station's call letters have since changed to KXTE(FM) and 
the station is currently licensed to CBS Radio License, Inc.