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October 27, 2000

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Washington, DC - The Federal Communications Commission's Wireless Telecommunications Bureau has granted the applications underlying the proposed merger of TeleCorp Wireless, Inc. ("TeleCorp") and Tritel, Inc. ("Tritel"). The applications involved licenses for Personal Communications Services ("PCS") and Local Multipoint Distribution Service ("LMDS") spectrum. The Bureau denied a petition to deny filed by Nextel Communications, Inc. with respect to TeleCorp's and Tritel's qualifications to hold C and F block PCS licenses.

Grant of the applications is conditioned on compliance with the Commission's CMRS spectrum aggregation limit, which will require divestitures of spectrum in Bowling Green-Glasgow, Kentucky and in Daviess County, Kentucky. The grant is further conditioned on payment of unjust enrichment owed with respect to TeleCorp's acquisition of certain of Tritel's licenses and compliance with the Commission's requirements to assign installment payment agreements.

Also included in the grant are several related applications seeking approval for license cross- assignments between affiliates of TeleCorp, affiliates of PolyCell, Inc., and AT&T Wireless PCS, LLC. Finally, the Bureau also granted a number of pending transfer or assignment applications that had been filed by affiliates of TeleCorp to acquire additional licenses through entities other than TeleCorp. These related applications involved transfers or assignments (1) from Zuma PCS, L.L.C. to Royal Wireless, L.L.C. ("Royal"), a TeleCorp affiliate, (2) from affiliates of Poka Lambro Ventures, Inc. to Southwest Wireless, L.L.C. ("Southwest"), a TeleCorp affiliate, and (3) from Denton County Electric Cooperative, Inc. to Southwest. The Bureau denied petitions to deny filed against these applications by Leaco Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc. and Comanche County Telephone Company, Inc., arguing that Royal and Southwest are not qualified to hold C and F block PCS licenses.

TeleCorp, a publicly traded Delaware corporation headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, indirectly holds A, B, C, D, E, and F block PCS licenses, LMDS licenses, and common carrier point-to-point microwave licenses. Tritel, a publicly traded Delaware corporation headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi, currently holds, through its subsidiaries, A, B, C, and F block PCS licenses. The companies claim that consumers will benefit from the merger of two contiguous footprints in terms of enhanced in-network coverage and the creation of additional competition to national industry players such as Cingular, Verizon Wireless, and Sprint PCS.

Action by the Chief, Wireless Telecommunications Bureau on October 27, 2000 by Memorandum Opinion and Order (DA 00-2443).

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