Process for State Regulatory Commissions

to Obtain State-Specific FCC Form 477 Data


The Commission’s Wireline Competition Bureau may share complete, state-specific Form 477 data with state regulatory commissions, subject to certain conditions, which have been implemented in a Form 477 data-sharing agreement.  This webpage describes the procedures a state commission must follow to obtain access to the data – including, in particular, data for the December 31, 2008 and subsequent semi-annual data-collection periods, which include census tract level broadband subscribership information.  These data will only be available by download from a secure, on-line system, which requires a User name and Password that the Wireline Competition Bureau will provide. 


·         State commissions with Form 477 data-sharing agreements are being contacted with User name, Password, and instructions for accessing the secure, on-line system. 


·         Commissions that do not have a Form 477 data-sharing agreement, but wish to execute one for access to December 31, 2008 and subsequent Form 477 data, should send the following information to

  1. Name, title, and complete contact information of the person who will sign the data-sharing agreement on behalf of the state commission;
  2. If a different person, the name, title, and complete contact information of the commission staff member designated to receive system User name, Password, and instructions;
  3. A statement of the provisions in state law that afford procedural and substantive protections equal to or greater than Federal confidentiality statutes and rules (see sample data-sharing agreement); and
  4. If state law does not have provisions affording such protection or affords less protection than the Federal standard, a statement of which particular order or authority will allow the commission to utilize the Federal standard in this instance.


After reviewing this information, the Wireline Competition Bureau will prepare a data-sharing agreement, sign it on behalf of the Commission, and deliver it for signature on behalf of the state commission.  The state commission must return the fully-signed agreement to the Wireline Competition Bureau, which may be done by sending a scanned copy to or a fax to (202) 418-0520.  Wireline Competition Bureau staff will then arrange to deliver User name, Password, and instructions to access the secure, on-line system.


State commissions may send questions about these procedures to  Separately, the Commission has resolved terms of access to Form 477 data by entities – including state commissions – that are eligible for mapping grants under the Broadband Data Improvement Act (BDIA), and these entities also may use this mailbox for procedural questions.  All other parties should direct Form 477 questions to or (202) 418-0940.