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  EB - Universal Service Fund Suspension and Debarment Actions

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View Universal Service Fund Suspension and Debarment Actions by Name HERE.

10-13-2015 Icon Telecom, Inc. (Notice of Debarment)
10-05-2015 Oscar Enrique Perez-Zumaeta, Oklahoma City, OK (Notice of Debarment)
09-28-2015 Wes Yui Chew (Notice of Debarment)
06-08-2015 Oscar Enrique Perez-Zumaeta (Notice of Suspension)
05-26-2015 Wes Yui Chew (Notice of Suspension)
05-26-2015 Icon Telecom, Inc. (Notice of Suspension)
12-18-2014 Marvin Mitch Freeman (Notice of Debarment)
12-18-2014 Gregory Paul Styles (Notice of Debarment)
12-18-2014 Donna P. English (Notice of Debarment)
08-26-2014 Marvin Mitch Freeman (Notice of Suspension)
08-26-2014 Gregory Paul Styles (Notice of Suspension)
08-26-2014 Donna P. English (Notice of Suspension)
07-15-2014 Bryan J. Cahoon (Notice of Debarment)
03-11-2014 Bryan J. Cahoon (Notice of Suspension [ERRATUM])
02-24-2014 Bryan J. Cahoon (Notice of Suspension)
02-08-2013 Denisa Babcock (Notice of Debarment)
11-29-2012 Willard Ross Lanham (Notice of Debarment)
10-10-2012 Denisa Babcock (Notice of Suspension)
09-10-2012 Jonathan M. Slaughter (Notice of Debarment)
07-27-2012 Willard Ross Lanham (Notice of Suspension)
07-20-2012 Gloria F. Harper (Notice of Debarment)
05-09-2012 Jonathan M. Slaughter (Notice of Suspension)
03-22-2012 Gloria F. Harper (Notice of Suspension)
03-15-2012 Dennis L. Bruno (Notice of Debarment)
02-14-2012 Jeremy R. Sheets (Notice of Debarment)
12-14-2011 Tyrone D. Pipkin (Notice of Debarment)
11-21-2011 Barrett C. White (Notice of Debarment)
11-18-2011 Dennis L. Bruno (Notice of Suspension)
10-18-2011 Jeremy R. Sheets (Notice of Suspension)
08-17-2011 Tyrone D. Pipkin (Notice of Suspension)
07-27-2011 Barrett C. White (Notice of Suspension)
06-23-2010 Jay H. Soled (Notice of Debarment)
06-23-2010 Benjamin Rowner (Notice of Debarment)
04-07-2010 Jay H. Soled (Notice of Suspension)
04-07-2010 Benjamin Rowner (Notice of Suspension)
03-30-2010 Leonard Douglas LaDuron (Notice of Debarment)
01-12-2010 Leonard Douglas LaDuron (Notice of Suspension)
09-11-2009 Steven Newton (Notice of Debarment)
09-11-2009 Andre J. Hornsby (Notice of Debarment)
09-01-2009 Douglas A. Benit (Notice of Debarment)
08-27-2009 Ruben B. Bohuchot (Notice of Debarment)
08-27-2009 Frankie Logyang Wong (Notice of Debarment)
07-14-2009 Steven Newton (Notice of Suspension)
07-14-2009 Andre J. Hornsby (Notice of Suspension)
06-17-2009 Douglas A. Benit (Notice of Suspension)
05-21-2009 Cynthia K. Ayer (Notice of Debarment)
05-12-2009 Judy Green (Notice of Debarment)
02-26-2009 Ruben B. Bohuchot (Notice of Suspension)
02-26-2009 Frankie Logyang Wong (Notice of Suspension)
02-26-2009 Cynthia K. Ayer (Notice of Suspension)
11-18-2008 Joseph E. Mello (Notice of Debarment)
09-04-2008 Joseph E. Mello (Notice of Suspension)
08-07-2008 William Holman (Notice of Debarment)
08-07-2008 George Marchelos (Notice of Debarment)
08-07-2008 Earl Nelson (Notice of Debarment)
08-07-2008 Allan Green (Notice of Debarment)
06-13-2008 Rafael G. Adame (Notice of Debarment)
05-19-2008 William Holman (Notice of Suspension)
05-19-2008 Judy Green (Notice of Suspension)
05-19-2008 George Marchelos (Notice of Suspension)
05-19-2008 Earl Nelson (Notice of Suspension)
05-19-2008 Allan Green (Notice of Suspension)
05-16-2008 Thomas J. Kennedy III (Notice of Debarment)
05-16-2008 Keith J. Madeiros (Notice of Debarment)
04-02-2008 Rafael G. Adame (Notice of Suspension)
02-06-2008 Thomas J. Kennedy III (Notice of Suspension)
01-18-2008 Keith J. Madeiros (Notice of Suspension)
01-09-2008 Evelyn Myers Scott (Notice of Debarment)
01-09-2008 Arthur R. Scott (Notice of Debarment)
11-28-2007 Richard E. Brown (Notice of Debarment)
10-18-2007 Evelyn Myers Scott (Notice of Suspension)
10-18-2007 Arthur R. Scott (Notice of Suspension)
09-25-2007 Richard E. Brown (Notice of Suspension)
09-24-2007 Scott A. Federowicz (Notice of Debarment)
06-27-2007 Scott A. Federowicz (Notice of Suspension)
01-22-2007 Premio, Inc. (Notice of Debarment)
01-22-2007 NextiraOne, LLC (Notice of Debarment & Order)
06-30-2006 NEC-Business Network Solutions, Inc. (Notice of Debarment)
06-30-2006 Inter-Tel Technologies, Inc. (Notice of Debarment)
04-28-2006 NextiraOne, LLC (Notice of Suspension)
02-28-2006 Premio, Inc. (Notice of Suspension)
08-30-2005 Ronald R. Morrett, Jr. (Notice of Debarment)
06-23-2005 Ronald R. Morrett, Jr. (Notice of Suspension)
06-23-2005 John Henry Weaver (Notice of Debarment)
06-23-2005 Haider Bokhari (Notice of Debarment)
06-23-2005 Qasim Bokhari (Notice of Debarment)
03-08-2005 John Henry Weaver (Notice of Suspension)
02-16-2005 Qasim Bokhari (Notice of Suspension)
02-16-2005 Haider Bokhari (Notice of Suspension)
01-19-2005 Inter-Tel Technologies, Inc. (Notice of Suspension)
12-06-2004 John Dotson (Notice of Debarment)
10-07-2004 John Dotson (Notice of Suspension)
12-23-2003 Oscar Alvarez (Notice of Debarment)
12-23-2003 John Angelides (Notice of Debarment)
12-23-2003 Duane Maynard (Notice of Debarment)
09-11-2003 Duane Maynard (Notice of Suspension)
08-21-2003 Oscar Alvarez (Notice of Suspension)
08-21-2003 John Angelides (Notice of Suspension)

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