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                                                           DA 01- 
                                                      May 2, 2001


This Public Notice announces an Initial Meeting related to all 
informal complaints alleging improper assessment of end user 
common line (``EUCL'') charges on independent payphone providers 
by certain local exchange carriers.1  In addition, this Notice 
provides key contact information that all parties should use to 
communicate with Commission staff involved in these proceedings.  

By this Public Notice, the Enforcement Bureau notifies all 
informal Complainants and Defendants that a multi-party Initial 
Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 23, 2001, at 10 a.m. The 
Initial Meeting will be conducted in Room 4-B516 (4th Floor- 
South Conference Room) at Commission Headquarters, 445 Twelfth 
Street, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20554, and is expected to last two 
hours.  Please arrive early to the Twelfth Street entrance in 
order to be processed through security.  After that, you will be 
directed to a location in the lobby to await an escort to the 
conference room. 

We strongly encourage in-person attendance at the Initial 
Meeting.  Requests for telephonic attendance will be granted upon 
a reasonable basis. Moreover, we encourage parties to notify 
others who they believe may be affected by this Notice. Prior to 
Wednesday, May 9, 2001, all parties must email Commission staff 
at the following address:  The following 
information should be provided:

     1.     Complainant's Or Defendant's Corporate Name And All 
     EUCL Informal Complaint File                                  
             Numbers That Correspond To That Complainant Or 

     2. Complainant's or Defendant's Corporate Or Legal 
        Representative Contact Name With Email Address And 
        Facsimile Number;

     3.     Number Of People Attending On Complainant's Or 
Defendant's Behalf; And,

     4.     Requests For Telephonic Attendance At Initial Meeting 
       (including reason for request).

The Initial Meeting's agenda will include, among other things, a 
discussion regarding the most
effective and efficient ways to resolve the EUCL informal 
complaints in the public interest.  By this Notice, the Bureau 
invites parties to submit proposals on this subject. These must 
be emailed to: by Monday, May 14, 2001.  

Proposals for agenda items that are not submitted via email will 
not be distributed prior to the Initial Meeting.  On May 16, 
2001, Commission staff will distribute via email all proposals 
submitted by email on or prior to May 14, 2001. Distribution will 
be made only to those parties who replied to the ``EUCLMTG'' 
email address listed earlier in this Notice.  

Given the volume of existing informal EUCL complaints and the 
time remaining before the Initial Meeting, the Bureau strongly 
encourages parties to communicate with Commission staff using 
only the email addresses provided in this Notice.  The Bureau 
will promptly provide email responses to ministerial questions 
regarding the Initial Meeting wherever possible.  Please direct 
your questions to: 

To determine whether existing informal complainants are eligible 
to file a timely formal complaint under the Commission's rules, 
we encourage parties to become familiar with the determinations 
in the Common Carrier Bureau's Waiver Order2 and the Enforcement 
Bureau's Reinstatement Order.3

Because this Public Notice establishes a variety of dates and 
specific contact procedures relevant to the Initial Meeting, a 
list of these dates and email addresses is provided below.

     1.   By Wednesday, May 9, 2001: Parties Need To Submit The 
       Attendance Information Described In Paragraph Three Of 
       This Notice, Including Requests for Telephonic Attendance 

     2.   By Monday, May 14, 2001: Parties Need To Submit Agenda 
       Item Proposals (please include brief description) To:

     3.   By Wednesday, May 16, 2001: Commission Staff Will Email 
       Parties' Proposals To All Those Who Submitted Their Name 
       To The Attendance Email Address Described In Item One.

     4.   Prior To Wednesday, May 23, 2001: Commission Staff Will 
       Address Parties' Ministerial Questions Regarding The 
       Initial Meeting. Direct Questions To:

By the Deputy Chief, MDRD, Enforcement Bureau.

                              - FCC -


1  The Bureau recently consolidated all outstanding formal 
complaints for a hearing on monetary damages before an 
administrative law judge.  See C.F.Communications Corp. et al. v. 
Century Telephone of Wisconsin, Inc., et al., DA 01-1044, (E.B. 
released April 24, 2001); see also C.F.Communications Corp. et 
al. v. Century Telephone of Wisconsin, Inc., et al., Memorandum 
Opinion and Order on Remand, 15 FCC Rcd 8759 (2000) (``Liability 
Order'') (discussing the improper assessment of EUCL charges on 
independent payphone providers); C.F. Communications Corp., et 
al. v. Century Telephone of Wisconsin, Inc., et. al., Order on 
Reconsideration, 15 FCC Rcd 22906 (2000) (``Reconsideration 
Order'').  The Liability Order is currently under appeal.  See 
Bell Atlantic Telephone Companies, et al. v.  FCC, No. 00-1207 
(D.C. Cir. filed May 15, 2000).

2  Informal Complaints Filed By Independent Payphone Service 
Providers Against Various Local Exchange Carriers Seeking Refunds 
of End User Common Line Charges, File No. 89-170, DA 99-1858, 
Order, Common Carrier Bureau (C.C.B. rel. Sept. 10, 1999) 
(``Waiver Order'').

3  Southern California Pay Phone Co. v. Pacific Bell Telephone 
Co. and GTE California, Inc., et al., Memorandum Opinion and 
Order, 15 FCC Rcd 7877 (E.B. 2000).