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Released: February 29, 2000 DA 00-415


The Enforcement Bureau procedures for the processing of requests for due diligence checks relating to investigations and complaints pending in the Enforcement Bureau are set out below. This Public Notice does not affect procedures regarding due diligence checks for matters pending in other Bureaus and offices.

Law firms, financial institutions, and licensees, among others, frequently request information from the Enforcement Bureau about pending enforcement-related investigations and complaints that might adversely affect planned mergers, acquisitions, public offerings, etc. This Public Notice explains the procedures for properly requesting the performance of due diligence searches by the Enforcement Bureau staff of matters pending in the Enforcement Bureau.

All requests for due diligence checks of enforcement-related matters pending in the Enforcement Bureau should be directed to:

Robin Peltzman
Federal Communications Commission
Enforcement Bureau
Investigations and Hearings Division
445 12th Street, S.W., Room 3-B443
Washington, D.C. 20554
It is strongly recommended that requests for due diligence checks be submitted to the Enforcement Bureau, Investigations and Hearings Division, Attn: Robin Peltzman via facsimile (202-418-2080) or by hand-delivery in the Office of the Secretary (Room TW-B204). Due diligence checks submitted by mail, while permissible, may result in processing delays. Requests for due diligence checks submitted via telephone are discouraged.

Action will be taken more quickly on requests for due diligence checks that contain the following information: (1) licensee name; (2) present call sign (and any other call sign by which the station recently has been identified); (3) community of license; (4) radio service (e.g., AM, TV, PCS, etc.); (5) reason for the due diligence request (e.g., pending merger, refinancing, etc.); and (6) the name, address, and telephone number of a contact person on whose behalf the request is made.

Persons requesting due diligence checks will ordinarily be notified of the results via telephone within five business days of receipt of the request.

For further information, please contact Robin Peltzman at 202-418-1420.

By the Chief, Investigations and Hearings Division, Enforcement Bureau.

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