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                                                        DA 06-256
                                                 February 3, 2006
                   AT THE NEXT MEETING OF THE 

Washington, D.C.:  This Public Notice serves as notice that the 
Federal Communications Commission's Independent Panel Reviewing 
the Impact of Hurricane Katrina on Communications Networks 
(``Independent Panel'' or ``Panel'') plans to hear oral 
presentations from interested parties at its next meeting.  The 
specific date, time and location of the Independent Panel's next 
meeting will be announced in a future Public Notice.  Members of 
the general public may attend the meeting.  

Consistent with the Panel's mission, the focus of the 
presentations should be:  (1) the impact of Hurricane Katrina on 
telecommunications and media infrastructure and public safety 
communications; (2) the sufficiency and effectiveness of the 
recovery effort with respect to this infrastructure; and (3) ways 
to improve disaster preparedness, network reliability and 
communications among first responders such as police, fire 
fighters, and emergency medical personnel.  The Panel seeks to 
hear a variety of viewpoints on these issues.  To ensure that the 
Panel receives as many presentations as possible, presenters will 
be allotted 5-10 minutes each.  To the extent there is an issue 
of particular interest to the Panel, it may solicit persons with 
expertise on the issue to provide presentations.

Interested persons who wish to provide oral presentations at the 
Independent Panel's next meeting should submit a request, in 
writing, to Lisa Fowlkes, Designated Federal Officer of the Panel 
by email at:  Requests should include:  (1) 
the name of the person who would give the oral presentation and 
the name of the company or organization the person is 
representing, if any; (2) a description of the nature of the 
presentation; and (3) if available, a bio of the presenter.  
Requests must be received by the Designated Federal Officer no 
later than February 17, 2006.  Persons selected to make 
presentations will be notified as soon as possible and provided 
additional information about the presentations.  

Interested persons may also submit written statements to the 
Panel at any time.  Written submissions should be sent to the 
Designated Federal Officer by email at or by 
U.S. Mail to:  Lisa M. Fowlkes, Hurricane Katrina Independent 
Panel, Federal Communications Commission, Room 7-C737, 445 12th 
Street, SW, Washington, DC 20554.  

Further information regarding the Independent Panel, including 
publicly available documents, may be found on the Panel's website 
at  In addition, publicly available 
documents related to the Panel are available for inspection and 
copying at the FCC's Public Reference Information Center,  445 
12th Street, S.W., Room CY-A257, Washington, D.C.  

Enforcement Bureau Contacts:  Lisa M. Fowlkes, Designated Federal 
Officer (202) 418-7452 or
Jean Ann Collins, Alternate Designated Federal Officer (202) 418-

News Media Contact:  Janice Wise (202) 418-8165