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DA # 03-2923
September 23, 2003


The FCC's Office of Engineering and Technology (``OET'') Laboratory has determined that certain vehicle battery chargers manufactured and distributed in the United States by Vector Products, Inc. d/b/a Vector Manufacturing, Ltd. (``Vector'') are not in compliance with the technical standards set forth in Part 15 of the FCC's Rules.

The Enforcement Bureau recently obtained six models of Vector SmartÔ Battery Chargers, Model Nos. VEC086, VEC087, VEC088, VEC090, VEC092 and VEC093, from several different retailers and submitted the devices to the OET Laboratory for testing to determine whether they comply with the Part 15 Rules. All of the devices were labeled as being in compliance with the Part 15 Rules. However, the OET Laboratory tested the devices and determined that all six models significantly exceed the emission limits set forth in Part 15. Because these devices significantly exceed the Part 15 emission limits, they present a serious potential for harmful interference to licensed radio services.

The Enforcement Bureau is considering appropriate enforcement action against Vector for importing and marketing radio frequency devices that do not comply with the FCC's technical standards in violation of Section 302(b) of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, and Section 2.803(a) of the Rules. This public notice is intended to warn retailers that continued marketing of the six models of Vector battery chargers referenced above will constitute a violation of Section 302(b) of the Act and Section 2.803(a) of the Rules and may result in sanctions, including monetary forfeitures.

For further information contact Suzanne Tetreault at 202-418-7450 or Kathy Berthot at 202-418-7454.

By the Chief, Enforcement Bureau.