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                                   Before the

                       Federal Communications Commission

                             Washington, D.C. 20554

     In the Matter of                               File No. See Appendix I  
     Annual CPNI Certification                      NAL/Acct. No. See        
                                                )   Appendix I               
     Omnibus Notice of Apparent Liability for                                
     Forfeiture                                 )   FRN: See Appendix I      


   Adopted: February 24, 2009 Released: February 24, 2009

   By the Chief, Enforcement Bureau:


    1. In this Omnibus Notice of Apparent Liability For Forfeiture ("NAL"),
       we find that the companies listed in Appendix I of this Order ("the
       Companies"), by failing to submit an annual customer proprietary
       network information ("CPNI") compliance certificate, have apparently
       willfully or repeatedly violated section 222 of the Communications Act
       of 1934, as amended (the "Act"), section 64.2009(e) of the
       Commission's rules and the Commission's EPIC CPNI Order. Protection of
       CPNI is a fundamental obligation of all telecommunications carriers as
       provided by section 222 of the Act. Based upon our review of the facts
       and circumstances surrounding these apparent violations, we find that
       the Companies are each apparently liable for a monetary forfeiture in
       the amount of twenty thousand dollars ($20,000). The Companies will
       have the opportunity to submit further evidence and arguments in
       response to this NAL to show that no forfeiture should be imposed or
       that some lesser amount should be assessed.


    2. Section 222 imposes the general duty on all telecommunications
       carriers to protect the confidentiality of their subscribers'
       proprietary information. The Commission has issued rules implementing
       section 222 of the Act. The Commission required carriers to establish
       and maintain a system designed to ensure that carriers adequately
       protected their subscribers' CPNI. Section 64.2009(e) is one such

    3. In 2006, some companies, known as "data brokers," advertised the
       availability of records of wireless subscribers' incoming and outgoing
       telephone calls for a fee. Data brokers also advertised the
       availability of certain landline toll calls. On April 2, 2007, the
       Commission strengthened its privacy rules with the release of the EPIC
       CPNI Order,  which adopted additional safeguards to protect CPNI
       against unauthorized access and disclosure. The EPIC CPNI Order was
       directly responsive to the actions of databrokers, or pretexters, to
       obtain unauthorized access to CPNI. The EPIC CPNI Order  requires that
       all companies subject to the CPNI rules file annually, on or before
       March 1, a certification with the Commission pursuant to amended rule
       47 C.F.R. S: 64.2009(e). Additionally, companies must now provide,
       with their certification, "an explanation of any actions taken against
       data brokers and a summary of all customer complaints received in the
       past year concerning the unauthorized release of CPNI."


    4. The Companies failed to comply with the annual certification filing
       requirement and did not file compliance certifications on or before
       March 1, 2008, for the 2007 calendar year. The Bureau sent Letters of
       Inquiry ("LOIs") to the Companies asking them to provide copies and
       evidence of their annual CPNI certification filings. Each of the
       Companies failed to submit satisfactory evidence of their timely
       filing of their annual CPNI certifications. The Bureau has determined
       that as a result of the Companies' failures to file annual CPNI
       certifications, the Companies are in apparent violation of section 222
       of the Act, section 64.2009(e) of the Commission's rules, and the
       Commission's EPIC CPNI Order. For these apparent violations, we
       propose a forfeiture in the amount of twenty thousand dollars
       ($20,000) for each of the Companies.


    5. Section 503(b) of the Communications Act authorizes the Commission to
       assess a forfeiture of up to $130,000 for each violation of the Act or
       of any rule, regulation, or order issued by the Commission under the
       Act. The Commission may assess this penalty if it determines that the
       carrier's noncompliance is "willful or repeated." For a violation to
       be willful, it need not be intentional. In exercising our forfeiture
       authority, we are required to take into account "the nature,
       circumstances, extent, and gravity of the violation and, with respect
       to the violator, the degree of culpability, any history of prior
       offenses, ability to pay, and such other matters as justice may
       require." In addition, the Commission has established guidelines for
       forfeiture amounts and, where there is no specific base amount for a
       violation, retained discretion to set an amount on a case-by-case

    6. The Commission's forfeiture guidelines do not address the specific
       violation at issue in this proceeding. In determining the proper
       forfeiture amount in this case; however, we are guided by the
       principle that protection of subscribers' proprietary information is
       an important carrier obligation. Consumers are understandably
       concerned about the security of their sensitive, personal data that
       they must entrust to their various service providers, whether they are
       financial institutions or telephone companies. Given consumers'
       continued concern about the security of this data, and evidence that
       the data appears to be available to third parties, we must take
       aggressive, substantial steps to ensure that carriers implement
       necessary and adequate measures to protect their subscribers' CPNI, as
       required by the Commission's existing CPNI rules.

    7. In prior actions in 2006, the Commission issued Notices of Apparent
       Liability for Forfeiture proposing forfeitures in the amount of
       $100,000 against carriers for violations of the Commission's CPNI
       rules. Under the rules operative at that time, carriers were not
       required to file the annual certification with the Commission but
       instead were required to make the certificate available to the
       Commission upon request. The Commission's investigations demonstrated
       that some companies appeared to pay little heed to rules which placed
       a duty upon them to maintain certifications and make the
       representations therein that processes were in place to protect CPNI
       without the further scrutiny of the Commission. Accordingly, a
       substantial forfeiture was proposed.

    8. As explained above, the Commission strengthened the CPNI rules in
       2007, in part, as a response to earlier investigations, and imposed,
       among other things, the requirement that carriers submit the annual
       certifications to the Commission rather than rely solely on non-filed
       carrier certifications and representations of  compliance with the
       rules, without further scrutiny. We have conducted an extensive review
       of the certifications filed with the Commission to satisfy the March
       1, 2008, filing deadline, as well as examined failures to satisfy the
       filing requirement all together. Informed by this analysis and our
       earlier investigations, we revise our forfeiture approach and adopt a
       proposed forfeiture of $20,000 for the failure to comply with the with
       the annual CPNI certification filing requirement of section
       64.2009(e). This revised proposed forfeiture is based on a number of
       factors. Specifically, we have considered compliance overall based on
       our review of the annual submissions; the expanded scope of the new
       rule to require additional types of information to be produced; and,
       the amount of forfeiture necessary to have the intended deterrent
       effect. With respect to this latter factor, we note that the vast
       majority of the companies affected are smaller companies. Given this
       fact, and that this is the first year of the filing requirement, we
       believe that the goal of deterring future non-compliance will be met
       by issuing forfeitures consistent with the proposed amount. We take
       noncompliance with our CPNI rules very seriously. To the extent that
       we determine that the proposed forfeiture adopted herein does not have
       the intended deterrent effect, future noncompliance will face more
       severe penalties.

    9. The Companies herein have apparently failed to comply with section 222
       of the Act, the EPIC CPNI Order, and the Commission's rules by failing
       to file with the Commission as required an annual CPNI certification.
       Based on all the facts and circumstances present in this case, we
       believe a proposed forfeiture of $20,000 for each of the Companies is

   10. The Companies will have the opportunity to submit further evidence and
       arguments in response to this NAL to show that no forfeiture should be
       imposed or that some lesser amount should be assessed. For example,
       any of the Companies may present evidence that it has compelling,
       financial arguments to reduce the proposed forfeiture or that it has
       maintained a history of overall compliance. The Commission will fully
       consider any such arguments made by any of the Companies in its
       response to this NAL.

   V. CONCLUSION AND ordering clauses

   11. We have determined that the Companies set forth in Appendix I of this
       Order, by failing to submit an annual compliance certificate, have
       apparently willfully or repeatedly violated Section 222 of the Act,
       section 64.2009(e) of the Commission's rules and the Commission's EPIC
       CPNI Order. We find each of the Companies apparently liable for a
       forfeiture of twenty thousand dollars ($20,000).

   12. ACCORDINGLY, IT IS ORDERED THAT, pursuant to section 503(b) of the
       Act, section 1.80(f)(4) of the Commission's rules, and authority
       delegated by sections 0.111 and 0.311 of the Commission's rules, each
       of the Companies listed in Appendix I of this Order are hereby LIABLE
       FOR A MONETARY FORFEITURE in the amount of twenty thousand dollars
       ($20,000) each for willfully or repeatedly violating section 222 of
       the Act, section 64.2009(e) of the Commission's rules and the
       Commission's EPIC CPNI Order by failing to submit annual compliance

   13. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED THAT, pursuant to section 1.80 of the
       Commission's rules, within thirty (30) days of the release date of
       this Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture, each of the
       Companies listed in Appendix I of this Order SHALL PAY the full amount
       of the proposed forfeiture or SHALL FILE a written statement seeking
       reduction or cancellation of the proposed forfeiture.

   14. Payment of the forfeiture must be made by check or similar instrument,
       payable to the order of the Federal Communications Commission. The
       payment must include the NAL/Account Number and FRN Number referenced
       in Attachment I. Payment by check or money order may be mailed to
       Federal Communications Commission, P.O. Box 979088, St. Louis, MO
       63197-9000. Payment by overnight mail may be sent to U.S. Bank -
       Government Lockbox #979088, SL-MO-C2-GL, 1005 Convention Plaza, St.
       Louis, MO 63101. Payment by wire transfer may be made to ABA Number
       021030004, receiving bank TREAS/NYC, and account number 27000001. For
       payment by credit card, an FCC Form 159 (Remittance Advice) must be
       submitted.  When completing the FCC Form 159, enter the NAL/Account
       number in block number 23A (call sign/other ID), and enter the letters
       "FORF" in block number 24A (payment type code). The Companies will
       also send electronic notification on the date said payment is made to Requests for full payment under an installment
       plan should be sent to:  Chief Financial Officer -- Financial
       Operations, 445 12th Street, S.W., Room 1-A625, Washington, D.C. 
       20554.   Please contact the Financial Operations Group Help Desk at
       1-877-480-3201 or Email: with any questions
       regarding payment procedures.

   15. The response, if any, must be mailed both to the Office of the
       Secretary, Federal Communications Commission, 445 12th Street, SW,
       Washington, DC 20554, ATTN: Enforcement Bureau - Telecommunications
       Consumers Division, and to Marcy Greene, Deputy Chief,
       Telecommunications Consumers Division, Enforcement Bureau, Federal
       Communications Commission, 445 12th Street, SW, Washington, DC 20554,
       and must include the NAL/Acct. No. referenced in Attachment I.

   16. The Commission will not consider reducing or canceling a forfeiture in
       response to a claim of inability to pay unless the petitioner submits:
       (1) federal tax returns for the most recent three-year period; (2)
       financial statements prepared according to generally accepted
       accounting practices; or (3) some other reliable and objective
       documentation that accurately reflects the petitioner's current
       financial status. Any claim of inability to pay must specifically
       identify the basis for the claim by reference to the financial
       documentation submitted.

   17. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this Notice of Apparent Liability
       for Forfeiture shall be sent by Certified Mail Return Receipt
       Requested and First Class Mail to the Companies' addresses of record.


   Kris Anne Monteith

   Chief, Enforcement Bureau


     Company Name             DBA             EB File       FRN       NAL Acct   
                                              Number                   Number    

 Fionda VOIP, LLC     Fon Vantage          EB-08-TC-3883 0015321961 200932170387 

 Fibernet, Inc.       Fibernet, Inc.       EB-08-TC-3880 0018525907 200932170386 

 FiberComm, L.C.      FiberComm, LC        EB-08-TC-3877 0004338307 200932170385 

 HUB Communications,  HUB Communications,  EB-08-TC-4104 0001836600 200932170436 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 HOS Interest         HOS Interest         EB-08-TC-4103 0006711139 200932170435 

 HITEC Group          HITEC Communications EB-08-TC-4102 0007827017 200932170434 
 International, Inc.  Group                                                      

 GeoTel Communication GeoTel Communication EB-08-TC-3975 0013463179 200932170416 
 Services, Inc.       Services, Inc.                                             

 Econotel Corp.       Econotel Corp.       EB-08-TC-3803 0008774820 200932170361 

 GeoNet               GeoNet                                                     
 Communications       Communications       EB-08-TC-3973 0014042311 200932170938 
 Group, Inc.          Group, Inc.                                                

 Firstview            Firstview            EB-08-TC-3893 0018023929 200932170389 
 Communications, LLC  Communications, LLC                                        

 General Telecard,    General Telecard,    EB-08-TC-3968 0017446857 200932170411 
 LLC.                 LLC.                                                       

 General              General                                                    
 Dynamics-Satellite   Dynamics-Satellite   EB-08-TC-3967 0006780308 200932170410 
 Communications       Communications                                             
 Services             Services                                                   

 Falcon Broadband,    Falcon Broadband,    EB-08-TC-3861 0014128862 200932170381 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Faircall Corporation 1-800 Faircall       EB-08-TC-3860 0016339814 200932170380 

 Ezequiel Guido       D/B/A E Marketing    EB-08-TC-3849 0015321391 200932170379 

 Extreme Media        Extreme Media        EB-08-TC-3847 0015708985 200932170378 
 Technologies, Inc.   Technologies, Inc.                                         

 Exelon, LLC                                                                     
 (Janaslani           Exelon, LLC          EB-08-TC-3842 0014175939 200932170377 

 Evertek, Inc.        Evertek, Inc.        EB-08-TC-3840 0002578482 200932170376 

 GeoStar              GeoStar              EB-08-TC-3974 0011399128 200932170413 
 Communications, LLC  Communications, LLC                                        

 LGT - Latin Global   LGT - Latin Global   EB-08-TC-4420 0013736251 200932170519 
 Telecom, LLC.        Telecom, LLC.                                              

 Lectronics, Inc.     Lectronics, Inc.     EB-08-TC-4448 0004380341 200932170529 

 Latino               Latino               EB-08-TC-4443 0016408494 200932170527 
 Communications Corp. Communications Corp.                                       

 Lancaster Radio      Access                                                     
 Paging, Inc.         Telecommunications   EB-08-TC-4434 0004334868 200932170526 

 Lamar County         Lamar County         EB-08-TC-4433 0007260862 200932170525 
 Cellular, Inc.       Cellular, Inc.                                             

 Lakeview Cable Inc.  Lakeview Cable Inc.  EB-08-TC-4432 0003790656 200932170524 

 LaVergne's           LaVergne's           EB-08-TC-4426 0006417885 200932170523 
 TeleMessaging, Inc.  TeleMessaging, Inc.                                        

 LTS of Rocky Mount,  LTS of Rocky Mount,  EB-08-TC-4425 0014174320 200932170522 
 LLC.                 LLC.                                                       

 Holt & Co.           First Phone          EB-08-TC-4137 0010308468 200932170444 

 LITECALL, Inc.       LITECALL, Inc.       EB-08-TC-4423 0014348312 200932170520 

 Manchester-Hartland  Manchester-Hartland  EB-08-TC-4555 0004327961 200932170542 
 Tel. Co.             Telephone Company                                          

 Kouso                Kouso Communications EB-08-TC-4412 0006721898 200932170510 
 Communications, LLC.                                                            

 Kotana               Kotana               EB-08-TC-4411 0002471274 200932170509 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Korea Telecom        Korea Telecom        EB-08-TC-4408 0004305652 200932170507 
 America, Inc.        America, Inc.                                              

 KeyArt Comm., Inc.   KeyArt Comm., Inc.   EB-08-TC-4397 0003771516 200932170505 

 Kelley's             Kelley's                                                   
 Tele-Communications, Tele-Communications, EB-08-TC-4387 0001576396 200932170504 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 RF Pocketcom         RF Pocketcom         EB-08-TC-4378 0006295307 200932170502 

 RCC, Inc.            Radio-Comm Co.       EB-08-TC-4375 0002536019 200932170501 

 R.T.O                R.T.O                EB-08-TC-4370 0016343220 200932170500 
 Communications, LLC  Communications, LLC                                        

 LMK Communications   LMK Communications   EB-08-TC-4424 0005051891 200932170521 
 LLC                  LLC                                                        

 Lucky                Lucky                EB-08-TC-4500 0005027065 200932170514 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Andina Corporation   Andina Corporation   EB-08-TC-2748 0013479878 200932170156 

 Magellan Hill        Magellan Hill        EB-08-TC-4550 0014687982 200932170930 
 Technologies, LLC    Technologies, LLC                                          

 Madera Radio         Madera Radio         EB-08-TC-4546 0004380804 200932170541 
 Dispatch, Inc.       Dispatch, Inc.                                             

 MTC Communications,  MTC Communications,  EB-08-TC-4539 0003750171 200932170539 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 MFG Services, Inc.   MFG Services, Inc.   EB-08-TC-4522 0017123985 200932170538 

 METCOMM.NET, LLC.    METCOMM.NET, LLC.    EB-08-TC-4521 0012085841 200932170537 

 MConnect, Inc.       MConnect             EB-08-TC-4520 0015322142 200932170536 

 M.R.K.S., Inc.       In Touch             EB-08-TC-4511 0010169910 200932170516 

 Lexcom Telephone     Lexcom Cable         EB-08-TC-4457 0001959758 200932170530 
 Company              Service, LLC.                                              

 Lunex Telecom, Inc.  Lunex Telecom, Inc.  EB-08-TC-4503 0012190294 200932170960 

 LightSpeed Networks, LS Networks          EB-08-TC-4464 0014973705 200932170532 

 Lonsdale Tel. Co.    Lonsdale Telephone   EB-08-TC-4497 0003742046 200932170513 
 Inc.                 Company                                                    

 Lloyd Hoff Holding   Black Bear Paging    EB-08-TC-4485 0017024613 200932170512 

 Live Wire Networks,  Live Wire Net        EB-08-TC-4484 0005030200 200932170511 

 Ligtel               Ligtel               EB-08-TC-4469 0007770084 200932170534 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Lightspeed Telecom,  Lightspeed Telecom,  EB-08-TC-4467 0009873167 200932170533 
 LLC                  LLC                                                        

 Mobilpage, Inc.      Mobilpage, Inc.      EB-08-TC-4677 0002538171 200932170579 

 Map Masters, Inc.    Map Masters, Inc.    EB-08-TC-4559 0004982484 200932170937 

 Next Gen Phone       Next Gen Phone       EB-08-TC-4346 0008650806 200932170497 
 Systems, Inc.        Systems, Inc.                                              

 Lyca Tel, LLC.       Lyca Tel, LLC.       EB-08-TC-4504 0014210983 200932170515 

 ISI Telemanagement   ISI Telemanagement   EB-08-TC-4191 0015921000 200932170460 
 Sourcing, LLC.       Sourcing, LLC.                                             

 Quick-Tel, Inc.      Quick-Tel, Inc.      EB-08-TC-4360 0004339339 200932170499 

 InterLinx            InterLinx            EB-08-TC-4253 0014279798 200932170469 
 Communications, LLC. Communications                                             

 Intelletrace, Inc.   Intelletrace         EB-08-TC-4247 0014085062 200932170468 

 Telemanagement       OMNICOM              EB-08-TC-4240 0018525915 200932170467 
 Services, Inc.                                                                  

 Innovative           Innovative                                                 
 Processing           Processing           EB-08-TC-4230 0015501596 200932170441 
 Solutions, LLC       Solutions, LLC                                             

 ImOn Communications, ImOn Communications, EB-08-TC-4207 0015683816 200932170465 
 LLC.                 LLC.                                                       

 Iformata, LLC.       Iformata, LLC.       EB-08-TC-4199 0013504584 200932170464 

 Ideacom Mid-America, Ideacom Mid-America, EB-08-TC-4197 0008686917 200932170463 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 International        International                                              
 Communication        Communication        EB-08-TC-4259 0004344644 200932170472 
 Services, Inc.       Services, Inc.                                             

 ITC International    ITC International                                          
 Telecommunications   Telecommunications   EB-08-TC-4193 0017806977 200932170461 
 Corporation          Corporation                                                

 International        International        EB-08-TC-4260 0011197902 200932170473 
 Connection, Inc.     Connection, Inc.                                           

 IPacket Networks,    IPacket Networks,    EB-08-TC-4189 0016724494 200932170459 
 LLC.                 LLC.                                                       

 IPC Network          IPC Network          EB-08-TC-4185 0018509224 200932170458 
 Services, Inc.       Services, Inc.                                             

 IP-Com, Inc.         IP-Com, Inc.         EB-08-TC-4184 0005792114 200932170457 

 IP Telcom Group,     IP Telcom Group,     EB-08-TC-4180 0016763146 200932170455 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 INDCO.Net, LLC.      INDCO.Net, LLC.      EB-08-TC-4175 0018509208 200932170453 

 Huntleigh            Huntleigh                                                  
 Telecommunications   Telecommunications   EB-08-TC-4157 0004345880 200932170450 
 Group, Inc.          Group, Inc.                                                

 Huffman              Huffman              EB-08-TC-4153 0005777685 200932170448 
 Communications       Communications                                             

 Horizon Technology   Horizon Long         EB-08-TC-4146 0010546984 200932170447 

 Icon Telecom, Inc.   Icon Telecom         EB-08-TC-4195 0008496192 200932170462 

 JK Telecom, LLC.     JK Telecom, LLC.     EB-08-TC-4309 0016399271 200932170486 

 Davidson Telecom,    Davidson Telecom     EB-08-TC-3675 0014343156 200932170347 

 NexGen Networks      NexGen Networks      EB-08-TC-4339 0017589458 200932170496 
 Corporation          Corporation                                                

 NexGen Integrated    NexGen Integrated                                          
 Communications,      Communications,      EB-08-TC-4338 0004383022 200932170495 
 L.L.C.               L.L.C.                                                     

 New York Telsave,    New York Telsave     EB-08-TC-4336 0006291603 200932170494 

 New York             New York Telecon/    EB-08-TC-4335 0011152782 200932170493 
 Teleconference, Inc. Global 9                                                   

 KTNT Communications, KTNT Communications  EB-08-TC-4333 0008670069 200932170492 

 KK Communications,   Autophone of Laredo, EB-08-TC-4330 0007965502 200932170491 
 L.P.                 LTD                                                        

 Janaslani            Janaslani            EB-08-TC-4318 0013951249 200932170489 
 Enterprises, LLC     Enterprises, LLC                                           

 International        International        EB-08-TC-4258 0011308327 200932170471 
 Access, Inc.         Access, Inc.                                               

 JPJ Electronic       JPJ Electronic       EB-08-TC-4312 0011040409 200932170487 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Nexus Systems, Inc.  Nexus Systems, Inc.  EB-08-TC-4353 0010005379 200932170498 

 J & K                J & K                EB-08-TC-4294 0006147078 200932170483 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Iscom, Inc.          Iscom, Inc.          EB-08-TC-4289 0010931467 200932170482 

 Inventive            Inventive            EB-08-TC-4279 0004359352 200932170480 
 Technology, Ltd.     Technology, Ltd.                                           

 Intouch America,     Intouch America,     EB-08-TC-4277 0018536961 200932170479 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Internet &           Internet &           EB-08-TC-4271 0007484389 200932170478 
 Telephone, LLC       Telephone, LLC                                             

 International        International        EB-08-TC-4270 0017989740 200932170477 
 Telnet, Inc.         Telnet, Inc.                                               

 International        International        EB-08-TC-4268 0004984100 200932170476 
 Telecom, Inc.        Telecom, Inc.                                              

 GBT Communications,  GBT Communications,  EB-08-TC-3939 0012141842 200932170400 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Global Information   Global Information   EB-08-TC-4005 0007350226 200932170419 
 Technologies         Technologies                                               

 Global Connect       Global Connect                                             
 Telecommunications,  Telecommunications,  EB-08-TC-3991 0010736478 200932170939 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Glenwood Long        Glenwood Long                                              
 Distance             Distance, a division EB-08-TC-3984 0018509182 200932170418 
                      of Glenwood Tel                                            

 Giles-Craig          Giles-Craig          EB-08-TC-3982 0003788569 200932170417 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Gateway Wireless     Gateway Wireless     EB-08-TC-3962 0002319267 200932170408 
 Services, L.C.       Services, L.C.                                             

 Gatevox              Gatevox              EB-08-TC-3961 0016490773 200932170407 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Galesburg            Galesburg            EB-08-TC-3955 0002808806 200932170406 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Home Long Distance,  Home Long Distance   EB-08-TC-4139 0000012708 200932170445 

 GS Miami, Inc.       GS Miami, Inc.       EB-08-TC-3944 0018509166 200932170402 

 Global Respondez,    One Touch India      EB-08-TC-4014 0011203866 200932170422 

 G2 Solutions, LLC    G2 Solutions, LLC    EB-08-TC-3936 0009854050 200932170399 

 G & G                G & G                EB-08-TC-3930 0003303807 200932170398 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Futurum          EB-08-TC-3928 0015991805 200932170397 
 Communications Corp.                                                            

 Telecommunications   Fusion               EB-08-TC-3923 0004383337 200932170395 
 International, Inc.                                                             

 Fulltel, Inc.        Fulltel, Inc.        EB-08-TC-3921 0006798847 200932170394 

 Freedom              Freedom                                                    
 Telecommunications,  Telecommunications,  EB-08-TC-3906 0016943573 200932170393 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Franz, Inc.          Telelight, Inc.      EB-08-TC-3904 0008339004 200932170392 

 Fort Mojave          Fort Mojave          EB-08-TC-3900 0015534886 200932170391 
 Television, Inc.     Television, Inc.                                           

 GSC                  GSC                                                        
 Telecommunications,  Telecommunications,  EB-08-TC-3945 0008590440 200932170403 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                , Inc., Inc.     EB-08-TC-4034 0006986160 200932170430 

 Martel               Martel               EB-08-TC-4567 0014789812 200932170544 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 HiMark               HiMark               EB-08-TC-4126 0014406490 200932170443 
 Communications LLC.  Communications                                             

 Impact Network       Impact Long Distance EB-08-TC-4210 0006721732 200932170466 
 Solutions, Inc.                                                                 

 Imagine              Imagine                                                    
 Telecommunications,  Telecommunications,  EB-08-TC-4208 0010954220 200932170946 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Hello Pager Company, Hello, Inc.          EB-08-TC-4120 0006454920 200932170440 

 Hamilton County Long Hamilton County Long EB-08-TC-4107 0004323473 200932170437 
 Distance, Inc.       Distance, Inc.                                             

 Great Lakes Comnet,  Great Lakes Comnet,  EB-08-TC-4085 0003726270 200932170415 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Grandview Mutual     The Grandview Mutual EB-08-TC-4079 0004327136 200932170414 
 Tel. Co.             Telephone Co.                                              

 Global One Touch,    Global One Touch,    EB-08-TC-4011 0018509190 200932170420 
 LLC.                 LLC.                                                       

 Goodlette Pine       Premier Executive    EB-08-TC-4044 0010629558 200932170431 
 Ridge, LLC           Center                                                     

 Global Phone         Global Phone         EB-08-TC-4012 0006789812 200932170421 
 International, LTD.  International, LTD.                                        

 Go Solo Technologies Go Solo Technologies EB-08-TC-4033 0007914773 200932170429 

 Globalcom Wireless,  Globalcom Wireless   EB-08-TC-4030 0009222456 200932170428 

 GlobalTel LD, Inc.   American Roaming     EB-08-TC-4029 0015258486 200932170427 

 GlobalPhone Corp.    GlobalPhone Corp.    EB-08-TC-4028 0008718231 200932170426 

 GlobalNova, Inc.     GlobalNova, Inc.     EB-08-TC-4027 0013724026 200932170425 

 Global Telecom       GTS                  EB-08-TC-4020 0010381085 200932170424 
 Solutions, Inc.                                                                 

 Global Tech          Global Tech                                                
 Telecommunications,  Telecommunications,  EB-08-TC-4018 0010043487 200932170423 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 First                First                EB-08-TC-3887 0017443219 200932170388 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Juice Marketing Inc. JMI Telecom          EB-08-TC-4071 0015824303 200932170432 

 E-Rosh Corp.         Phone-Id             EB-08-TC-3755 0008308736 200932170366 

 Fones West Digital   Lynx Wireless        EB-08-TC-3898 0004373122 200932170390 
 Systems, Inc.                                                                   

 Echo Labs LLC.       Echo Labs LLC.       EB-08-TC-3800 0015342090 200932170360 

 Easytel, Inc.        Easytel, Inc.        EB-08-TC-3799 0016659377 200932170373 

 Easton Utilities     Easton Cable         EB-08-TC-3795 0010546547 200932170372 

 Eagle                Eagle                EB-08-TC-3781 0004294823 200932170370 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Fascination          Fascination          EB-08-TC-3868 0009573080 200932170384 
 Communications       Communications                                             

 Family Tel of        Family Tel of        EB-08-TC-3863 0012072047 200932170383 
 Oklahoma, Inc.       Oklahoma, Inc.                                             

 Falcon1, Inc.        Falcon1, Inc.        EB-08-TC-3862 0014206858 200932170382 

 Eran Viner Company,  EVC, Inc.            EB-08-TC-3832 0010177590 200932170374 

 E. Ritter            Ritter               EB-08-TC-3760 0007864895 200932170367 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Essen Communications Essen Communications EB-08-TC-3834 0003768975 200932170375 
 Corporation          Corporation                                                

 Dixie Net            Dixie Net            EB-08-TC-3731 0013171673 200932170359 
 Communications       Communications                                             

 Discount Utilities,  Indiana Telephone    EB-08-TC-3726 0007754179 200932170357 
 LLC                  Network                                                    

 Direct LD, LLC.      Direct LD, LLC.      EB-08-TC-3723 0016906315 200932170356 

 Digitglobal          Digitglobal          EB-08-TC-3718 0008394728 200932170355 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Digital Network                                                                 
 Access               DNA Communications   EB-08-TC-3713 0013501689 200932170354 
 Communications, Inc.                                                            

 Diamond Phone Card,  Diamond Phone Card,  EB-08-TC-3704 0009886268 200932170352 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 DialToneServices,    DialToneServices,    EB-08-TC-3701 0014004576 200932170351 
 L.P.                 L.P.                                                       

 Detroit Phone Card   Detroit Phone Card   EB-08-TC-3692 0015880511 200932170940 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 E. Ritter Telephone  E. Ritter Telephone  EB-08-TC-3761 0004325403 200932170368 
 Company              Company                                                    

 Geo-Group            Geo-Group            EB-08-TC-3971 0010942688 200932170412 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Hood Canal           Hood Canal                                                 
 Communications Long  Communications Long  EB-08-TC-4143 0006327159 200932170446 
 Distance, Inc.       Distance                                                   

 International        International                                              
 Satellite Services,  Satellite Services,  EB-08-TC-4265 0005022793 200932170474 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Jaina Systems        Jaina Systems        EB-08-TC-4315 0010726628 200932170488 
 Network, Inc.        Network, Inc.                                              

 Aspireworks, Inc     INVIVNI              EB-08-TC-2987 0015321748 200932170944 

 B.B.G.               B.B.G.               EB-08-TC-3025 0007808546 200932170224 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 B W Telcom Long      B W Telcom Long      EB-08-TC-3024 0004330999 200932170223 
 Distance             Distance                                                   

 Asia Communications  Asia Communications  EB-08-TC-3009 0006195846 200932170222 
 International, Inc.  International, Inc.                                        

 Aroostook Paging,    Aroostook Paging,    EB-08-TC-3002 0003687068 200932170220 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Arkadin Inc.         Arkadin Inc.         EB-08-TC-2999 0018133439 200932170219 

 Atlantic Telecom,    Atlantic Telecom,    EB-08-TC-2997 0003802204 200932170197 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Atlantech Online,    Atlantech Online,    EB-08-TC-2995 0015136435 200932170196 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Delta Telecom, Inc.  Delta Telecom, Inc.  EB-08-TC-3687 0015307416 200932170349 

 Association          Association          EB-08-TC-2989 0004337101 200932170217 
 Administrators, Inc. Administrators, Inc.                                       

 BestWeb Corporation  BestWeb Corporation  EB-08-TC-3071 0013875935 200932170236 

 Aspire Telecom, Inc. Aspire Telecom, Inc. EB-08-TC-2986 0016754087 200932170216 

                      Asiatone/ Hudson                                           
 Asiatone, LLC        Telecom/Gorilla      EB-08-TC-2982 0000011478 200932170214 

 Applied Technology   Applied Technology   EB-08-TC-2972 0016835258 200932170213 
 Solutions, Inc.      Solutions, Inc.                                            

 Americell PA3, LP    Indigo Wireless      EB-08-TC-2960 0006013759 200932170212 
 dba Indigo Wireless                                                             

 American Network,    American Network,    EB-08-TC-2954 0004294856 200932170926 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 American Fiber       American Fiber       EB-08-TC-2950 0006801583 200932170211 
 Network, Inc.        Network, Inc                                               

 C & C Communications C&C Communications   EB-08-TC-3166 0011975158 200932170253 

 BusinessNet Telecom, BusinessNet Telecom, EB-08-TC-3164 0004967501 200932170252 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 ASTAC Long Distance  Astac Long Distance  EB-08-TC-2990 0003776663 200932170218 

 Backbone             Backbone             EB-08-TC-3134 0005029194 200932170231 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 CMC Telecom, Inc.    CMC Telecom, Inc.    EB-08-TC-3198 0009881301 200932170258 

 Central              Central                                                    
 Communications       Communications       EB-08-TC-3281 0008913840 200932170274 
 Services Co.         Services Co.                                               

 Centracom            Centracom            EB-08-TC-3279 0006518922 200932170273 

 Centel               Centel               EB-08-TC-3278 0008101750 200932170272 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 CenCom, Inc.         NNTC Long Distance   EB-08-TC-3277 0005025101 200932170271 

 CCI Network          CCI Network          EB-08-TC-3186 0009871096 200932170257 
 Services, LLC        Services, LLC                                              

 CBB Carrier          Expedient            EB-08-TC-3181 0018525857 200932170256 
 Services, Inc.                                                                  

 C3IP Communications, C3IP Communications  EB-08-TC-3177 0015337439 200932170254 
 LLC                  LLC                                                        

 Telecommunications   Belphone             EB-08-TC-3054 0014920680 200932170234 
 Company, LLC                                                                    

 Broadband Telecom,   Broadband Telecom,   EB-08-TC-3145 0013446471 200932170249 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 BendTel              Bend Data Center     EB-08-TC-3064 0010522530 200932170235 

 B & C Mobile         Colorado Mobile      EB-08-TC-3127 0001614015 200932170230 
 Communications, Inc.                                                            

 B & B Communications Butler-Bremer        EB-08-TC-3125 0004373544 200932170229 
 Network, Inc.        Communications                                             

 Axxis                Axxis                EB-08-TC-3121 0008884637 200932170228 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 BlueRiver            Blue River           EB-08-TC-3091 0007913569 200932170240 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Blue Casa            Blue Casa            EB-08-TC-3089 0009051731 200932170239 
 Communications       Communications, LLC                                        

 Bingo Consulting,    Bingo Consulting,    EB-08-TC-3079 0015922412 200932170238 
 LLC.                 LLC.                                                       

 Biddeford Internet   Great Works Internet EB-08-TC-3073 0011119633 200932170237 

 Alpha Message        Alpha Message        EB-08-TC-2928 0003732013 200932170210 
 Center, Inc.         Center, Inc.                                               

 Bryan 800            Bryan 800            EB-08-TC-3154 0001682707 200932170250 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 @Communications,     @Communications,     EB-08-TC-2782 0005013699 200932170168 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Baystar              Bay Star Satellite   EB-08-TC-3044 0017774415 200932170232 
 Communications, Inc. Paging                                                     

 AZLE Communications  Breakthrough         EB-08-TC-2849 0004084695 200932170181 
 Solutions, LLC       Communications                                             

 ATMC, Inc.           ATMC, Inc.           EB-08-TC-2844 0005081948 200932170180 

 ATL Communications   Sunriver Telecom     EB-08-TC-2843 0004963633 200932170179 

 ARC, Inc.            ARC, Inc.            EB-08-TC-2841 0018525832 200932170177 

 AP&T Wireless        AP&T Wireless        EB-08-TC-2839 0003800117 200932170176 

 ALTUS Communications ALTUS Communications EB-08-TC-2833 0017130790 200932170174 
 Group, Inc.          Group, Inc.                                                

 A.M.S. Voicecom,     A.M.S. Voicecom,     EB-08-TC-2792 0006684443 200932170171 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 AccessCom, Inc.      AccessCom, Inc.      EB-08-TC-2859 0009771171 200932170184 

 A & W                A & W                EB-08-TC-2785 0003746518 200932170169 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Accutel of Texas, LP 1-800-4-Aphone       EB-08-TC-2861 0010728970 200932170185 

 88 Telecom Corp.     prepaid phone card   EB-08-TC-2780 0013372263 200932170167 

 3U Telecom, Inc.     3U Telecom, Inc.     EB-08-TC-2773 0007331515 200932170165 

 01 Communications,   01 Communications,   EB-08-TC-2760 0004312138 200932170162 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Apollo-USA, LLC.     Apollo-USA, LLC.     EB-08-TC-2758 0016195851 200932170161 

 Answerphone          Direct Page          EB-08-TC-2753 0003399706 200932170160 
 Services, Inc.       Communications                                             

 Answer, Inc.         Answer, Inc.         EB-08-TC-2752 0001683101 200932170159 

 Answer Fort Smith,   Answer Fort Smith,   EB-08-TC-2751 0003733425 200932170158 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Call American, Inc.  Call America         EB-08-TC-2749 0006833461 200932170157 

 A-1 Paging, Inc.     A-1 Paging, Inc.     EB-08-TC-2788 0018508671 200932170170 

 Aircall, Inc.        Aircall, Inc.        EB-08-TC-2900 0004255840 200932170200 

 Cordia Corp.         CORDIAIP Corp.       EB-08-TC-3206 0014066526 200932170261 

 Allis Communications Allis Communications                                       
 Operating            Operating            EB-08-TC-2922 0004982427 200932170209 
 Associates, LP       Associates, LP                                             

 Allendale            Allendale Long       EB-08-TC-2918 0010632859 200932170208 
 Communications       Distance                                                   

 Allcomm Wireless,    Allcomm Wireless,    EB-08-TC-2915 0001753490 200932170207 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Allcom               Allcom               EB-08-TC-2914 0004328829 200932170206 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Alianza Global       Alianza Global                                             
 Communications       Communications       EB-08-TC-2911 0013937586 200932170205 
 Services LLC         Services LLC.                                              

 Alexander's Group    ASG Telecom          EB-08-TC-2910 0005047535 200932170204 

 Alaska Telecom, Inc. Alaska Telecom, Inc. EB-08-TC-2909 0001570548 200932170203 

 Access Media 3, Inc. Access Media 3, Inc. EB-08-TC-2857 0016338535 200932170183 

 Airdis, LLC          Airdis Telecom       EB-08-TC-2901 0013492129 200932170201 

 Basin Communications Basin Communications EB-08-TC-3041 0001670652 200932170226 
 Systems, Inc.        Systems, Inc.                                              

 Affordable Voice     Affordable Voice     EB-08-TC-2897 0003725082 200932170198 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Advantage Wireless   Almar Communications                                       
 Communications, Inc. & Blackhawk          EB-08-TC-2889 0018508697 200932170193 

 Advanced Tel, Inc.   ATI                  EB-08-TC-2884 0006815898 200932170192 

 Advanced Paging &    Advanced Paging &    EB-08-TC-2881 0008927873 200932170191 
 Telemessaging, Inc.  Telemessaging, Inc.                                        

 Advanced Metrocomm,  Advanced Metrocomm,  EB-08-TC-2880 0013902283 200932170190 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Advanced Corporate   Advanced Corporate   EB-08-TC-2877 0008307910 200932170189 
 Networking, Inc.     Networking, Inc.                                           

 Advanced             Advanced                                                   
 Communications of    Communications of    EB-08-TC-2876 0004588224 200932170188 
 Rome, Inc.           Rome, Inc.                                                 

 Advanced Business    Advanced Business                                          
 Integration Network  Integration Network  EB-08-TC-2872 0011577830 200932170187 

 Airwaves             Airwaves             EB-08-TC-2905 0001658434 200932170202 
 Communications Inc.  Communications, Inc.                                       

 DukeNet              DukeNet              EB-08-TC-3747 0007736853 200932170363 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Com-Nav, Inc.        Radio Telephone of   EB-08-TC-3471 0003777778 200932170303 

 Consumer Cellular,   Consumer Cellular,   EB-08-TC-3577 0017078262 200932170318 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Comteck of Indiana,  Comteck of Indiana,  EB-08-TC-3551 0003781200 200932170316 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Comspan              ComSpanUSA           EB-08-TC-3549 0007799125 200932170315 
 Communications, Inc.                                                            

 ComputerPro, Inc.    CP Telcom            EB-08-TC-3547 0018509117 200932170298 

 Computer Experts,    Computer Experts,    EB-08-TC-3544 0010933612 200932170297 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Complete Networking  CNS                  EB-08-TC-3543 0018525865 200932170296 

 Comoretel Holdings   Comoretel Holdings   EB-08-TC-3540 0009521352 200932170295 
 Ltd.                 Ltd.                                                       

 Cook Telecom, Inc.   Cook Telecom, Inc.   EB-08-TC-3591 0001724590 200932170321 

 Dunnell Tel. Co.     Dunnell Telephone    EB-08-TC-3749 0004323556 200932170364 

 Cottonwood Holdings  Beep West Radio      EB-08-TC-3603 0001621523 200932170322 
 Corporation          Paging                                                     

 Crystal Clear        Crystal Clear        EB-08-TC-3621 0008393167 200932170333 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Communications       Communications       EB-08-TC-3532 0002756831 200932170314 
 Specialists, Inc.    Specialists, Inc.                                          

 Communications       Communications       EB-08-TC-3528 0016305435 200932170313 
 Masters, Inc.        Masters, Inc.                                              

 ComTech21, LLC       ComTech21, LLC       EB-08-TC-3479 0005878897 200932170308 

 ComTech Solutions,   ComTech Solutions,   EB-08-TC-3478 0004339495 200932170307 
 LLC                  LLC                                                        

 ComSouth             ComSouth             EB-08-TC-3477 0004357216 200932170306 
 Teleservices, Inc.   Teleservices, Inc.                                         

 ComSouth Telenet,    ComSouth Telenet,    EB-08-TC-3476 0010112571 200932170305 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 CMOLS, LLC           CMOLS, LLC           EB-08-TC-3199 0009359308 200932170259 

 E&E Enterprises      E&E Enterprises      EB-08-TC-3751 0009479981 200932170365 
 Global, Inc.         Global, Inc.                                               

 Crocker              Crocker                                                    
 Telecommunications,  Telecommunications,  EB-08-TC-3617 0013772066 200932170330 
 LLC.                 LLC.                                                       

 Matthews Answering   Matthews Answering   EB-08-TC-4575 0018509240 200932170545 
 Service, Inc.        Service, Inc.                                              

 David L. English     Communications       EB-08-TC-3673 0003733631 200932170346 

 Datalytix, LLC.      Datalytix, LLC.      EB-08-TC-3667 0016183063 200932170344 

 DataTel Services,    DataTel Services,    EB-08-TC-3666 0017121898 200932170343 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 DTC Cable, Inc.      DTC Cable, Inc.      EB-08-TC-3653 0005015607 200932170342 

 CyberNet             CyberNet             EB-08-TC-3635 0017130436 200932170337 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Cyber Mesa Computer  Cyber Mesa Computer  EB-08-TC-3634 0009611385 200932170336 
 Systems, Inc.        Systems, Inc.                                              

 Custom Tel, LLC.     Custom Tel, LLC.     EB-08-TC-3632 0016518557 200932170335 

 Convergent Telesis,  Hamptons Telephone   EB-08-TC-3589 0008418147 200932170320 

 Cross Stream         Cross Stream         EB-08-TC-3618 0004332250 200932170331 
 Communications       Communications                                             

 Color Phone, Inc.    Color Phone, Inc.    EB-08-TC-3465 0015277726 200932170302 

 Cristel Telecom,     Cristel Telecom,     EB-08-TC-3616 0008600124 200932170329 
 LLC.                 LLC.                                                       

 Crest Point Telecom  Crest Point Telecom  EB-08-TC-3615 0016243297 200932170328 
 Group, LLC.          Group, LLC.                                                

 Crescomm Services,   Crescent             EB-08-TC-3614 0001567767 200932170327 
 Inc.                 Communications Co.                                         

 Craw-Kan             Craw-Kan                                                   
 Communication        Communication        EB-08-TC-3611 0003744299 200932170326 
 Systems, Inc.        Systems, Inc.                                              

 Covoda, LLC          Covoda, LLC          EB-08-TC-3608 0010701175 200932170325 

 Covenant             Covenant             EB-08-TC-3606 0010834562 200932170932 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Courtesy             Courtesy             EB-08-TC-3605 0004122289 200932170324 
 Communications       Communications, Inc.                                       

 Country Cablevision, Country Cablevision, EB-08-TC-3604 0005039144 200932170323 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 CrossConnection,     CrossConnection, Inc EB-08-TC-3619 0016244733 200932170332 

 Carolina Mobile      Carolina Mobile      EB-08-TC-3258 0001942358 200932170243 
 Communications, Ltd. Communications, Ltd.                                       

 ComProducts, Inc.    B & C Communications EB-08-TC-3475 0004861498 200932170304 

 Clarksville Mutual   Clarksville Mutual   EB-08-TC-3348 0006063770 200932170283 
 Tel. Co.             Telephone Company                                          

 Clarks Telecom Long  Clarks Telecom Long  EB-08-TC-3347 0004942223 200932170282 
 Distance             Distance                                                   

 Clark                Clark                EB-08-TC-3346 0001634724 200932170281 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Cellular Mobile      Cellular Mobile                                            
 Systems & Paging of  Systems & Paging of  EB-08-TC-3273 0008815789 200932170248 
 KS, Inc.             KS, Inc.                                                   

 Cellular Abroad,     Cellular Abroad,     EB-08-TC-3272 0016516411 200932170942 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Cedar-Wapsie         Cedar-Wapsie         EB-08-TC-3270 0011431269 200932170247 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Cartronix, Inc.      Cartronix, Inc.      EB-08-TC-3266 0004841086 200932170246 

 Clear Voice, LLC.    Clear Voice, LLC.    EB-08-TC-3353 0017604844 200932170285 

 Carolina Mountain    Carolina Mountain    EB-08-TC-3259 0008635526 200932170244 
 Cablevision, Inc.    Cablevision, Inc.                                          

 Clearcom, Inc.       Clearcom, Inc.       EB-08-TC-3356 0004329264 200932170286 

 CapCom, Inc.         CapCom, Inc.         EB-08-TC-3249 0009098179 200932170242 

 Calmtel USA, Inc.    Calmtel USA, Inc.    EB-08-TC-3240 0006772602 200932170270 

 Call-O-Call, Inc.    Call-O-Call, Inc.    EB-08-TC-3234 0011577855 200932170269 

 Californina Alliance Californina Alliance EB-08-TC-3229 0016787475 200932170266 
 Telecard, Inc.       Telecard, Inc.                                             

 CTI Long Distance    CTI Long Distance    EB-08-TC-3215 0003754926 200932170265 

 CSM Wireless, LLC.   Revol                EB-08-TC-3210 0012198206 200932170264 

 CRSC Holdings, Inc.  CRSC Holdings, Inc.  EB-08-TC-3208 0002066066 200932170263 

 Davis Electronics    Davis Electronics    EB-08-TC-3676 0001793314 200932170348 
 Company, Inc.        Company, Inc.                                              

 Carr Communications, Carr Communications, EB-08-TC-3261 0006777809 200932170245 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 ChimeNet, Inc.       ChimeNet, Inc.       EB-08-TC-3407 0012076170 200932170277 

 Coin Phones, Inc.    Indicom              EB-08-TC-3455 0003754702 200932170301 

 Coast To Coast       Coast To Coast       EB-08-TC-3445 0016251100 200932170300 
 Cellular, Inc.       Cellular, Inc.                                             

 City of Naperville   City of Naperville   EB-08-TC-3439 0002831873 200932170299 

 Communications 1     Communications 1     EB-08-TC-3521 0018509158 200932170312 
 Wireless, Inc.       Wireless, Inc.                                             

 Comlink, LLC.        Comlink, LLC.        EB-08-TC-3498 0016097826 200932170310 

 Comedia              Comedia              EB-08-TC-3495 0015540156 200932170309 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Citizens             Citizens                                                   
 Communications       Communications       EB-08-TC-3423 0008245938 200932170294 
 Corporation          Corporation                                                

 Circle Telephone     Circle Telephone Co. EB-08-TC-3421 0005068135 200932170293 

 Clay County          Clay County          EB-08-TC-3350 0015491459 200932170284 
 Communications, LLC. Communications, LLC.                                       

 China Unicom USA     Wholesale Voice,                                           
 Corporation          Traffic, IPLC, &     EB-08-TC-3408 0007392244 200932170278 
                      Data Services                                              

 CNY, Inc.            CNY, Inc.            EB-08-TC-3203 0004815346 200932170260 

 Chapin Long          Chapin Long          EB-08-TC-3391 0010674711 200932170276 
 Distance, Inc.       Distance, Inc.                                             

 Champion Broadband   Champion Broadband   EB-08-TC-3389 0011332939 200932170931 
 California, LLC      California, LLC                                            

 Fluent Inc.          Fluent Inc.          EB-08-TC-3372 0017248915 200932170292 

 Flower City Paging,  Flower City Paging,  EB-08-TC-3371 0003398690 200932170291 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Cordova Telephone    Cordova Wireless     EB-08-TC-3363 0004333589 200932170290 
 Cooperative, Inc.    Communications, Inc.                                       

 Coast International  Coast International, EB-08-TC-3361 0007557317 200932170289 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 CloseCall America,   CloseCall America    EB-08-TC-3358 0005036892 200932170288 

 Clon Communications, Clon Communications, EB-08-TC-3357 0015307804 200932170287 
 LLC.                 LLC.                                                       

 ChitChat             ChitChat             EB-08-TC-3409 0013753884 200932170279 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Teleplex, Inc.       Alert Communications EB-08-TC-5627 0004334298 200932170808 

 Telintel LTD.        Telintel LTD.        EB-08-TC-5645 0005042478 200932170813 

 VOICE Pulse, Inc.    VoicePulse           EB-08-TC-5871 0015312903 200932170870 

 VITC, LLC            VITC, LLC            EB-08-TC-5867 0004964078 200932170869 

 VIP Communications,  VIP Communications,  EB-08-TC-5865 0005094974 200932170868 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 VA-KY Communications Dial Communications  EB-08-TC-5860 0005050471 200932170867 

 Tower Associates,    Tower Phones &       EB-08-TC-5738 0006273031 200932170835 
 Inc.                 Paging                                                     

 Touch-Tel USA, LLC   Touch-Tel USA, LLC   EB-08-TC-5737 0018234609 200932170941 

 Total Communication  Total Communication  EB-08-TC-5728 0003708179 200932170832 
 Systems, Inc.        Systems, Inc.                                              

 Telescan, Inc.       Telescan             EB-08-TC-5631 0003783180 200932170809 

 Terral Telephone     Terral Telephone     EB-08-TC-5660 0004320412 200932170816 
 Company, Inc.        Company, Inc.                                              

 Telephone Answering  Telephone Answering  EB-08-TC-5616 0011637642 200932170779 
 Service Inc.         Service, Inc.                                              

 Telephone & Two-Way, Telephone & Two-Way, EB-08-TC-5615 0002931608 200932170778 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Telemanagement       Telemanagement       EB-08-TC-5612 0007106982 200932170777 
 Systems Inc.         Systems, Inc.                                              

 Telegration, Inc.    Telegration, Inc.    EB-08-TC-5609 0010958312 200932170776 

 Telecom Consultants, Telecom Consultants, EB-08-TC-5594 0009600552 200932170807 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Telecom Argentina    Telecom Argentina    EB-08-TC-5592 0011259744 200932170806 
 USA, Inc.            USA                                                        

 Telebeep, Inc.       Telebeep, Inc.       EB-08-TC-5584 0005881131 200932170805 

 TeleWise, LLC        TeleWise             EB-08-TC-5582 0012404448 200932170804 

 Teleserve            Teleserve            EB-08-TC-5632 0008411951 200932170810 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 The Contact Network, INLINE               EB-08-TC-5685 0011476033 200932170822 

 Marcus Spectrum      Marcus Spectrum      EB-08-TC-4562 0005009691 200932170543 
 Holdings, LLC        Holdings, LLC                                              

 Toly Digital         Toly Digital         EB-08-TC-5721 0004344990 200932170830 
 Network, Inc.        Network, Inc.                                              

 Toledo Telenet Long  Toledo Telenet Long  EB-08-TC-5720 0006241921 200932170829 
 Distance Company     Distance Company                                           

 Tim Ron Enterprises, Tim Ron Enterprises, EB-08-TC-5715 0010198877 200932170828 
 LLC                  LLC                                                        

 Tierzero             Tierzero             EB-08-TC-5713 0016889396 200932170827 

 Think 12 Corporation HELLO DEPOT          EB-08-TC-5708 0010729283 200932170826 

 The Telephone        The Telephone        EB-08-TC-5703 0010103497 200932170825 
 Company, Inc.        Company, Inc.                                              

 The T1 Company, LLC  The T1 Company, LLC  EB-08-TC-5702 0008797995 200932170824 

 Telnet Worldwide,    Telnet Worldwide,    EB-08-TC-5646 0008229783 200932170814 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 The Hinton Telephone Hinton Telephone                                           
 Company of Hinton,   Company              EB-08-TC-5693 0004365334 200932170823 
 Oklahoma, Inc.                                                                  

 Telstar              Telstar              EB-08-TC-5653 0007679954 200932170815 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 The City of Daytona  The City of Daytona  EB-08-TC-5682 0001804590 200932170821 
 Beach                Beach                                                      

 The Beeper People,   AirPage              EB-08-TC-5680 0003457165 200932170820 

 Texas State          Texas State          EB-08-TC-5674 0007936313 200932170819 
 Technical College    Technical College                                          

 Texas License        Texas License        EB-08-TC-5668 0005034251 200932170948 
 Consultants          Consultants                                                

 Texas Communications Texas Communications EB-08-TC-5667 0005859004 200932170818 
 of Brownwood, Inc    of Brownwood, Inc.                                         

 Texapage N.E., Inc.  Texapage             EB-08-TC-5665 0003779717 200932170817 

 Teton Communications Teton Communications EB-08-TC-5662 0001622380 200932170934 

 Tele-One             Tele-One             EB-08-TC-5570 0003731072 200932170800 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 The Money Store, LP  The Money Box        EB-08-TC-5696 0010368454 200932170936 

 Standard Electronics ALLPAGE              EB-08-TC-5436 0015991763 200932170766 
 West, Inc.                                                                      

 TelePlus             TelePlus                                                   
 Telecommunications,  Telecommunications,  EB-08-TC-5577 0016928624 200932170803 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Suncoast Technology, Suncoast Technology, EB-08-TC-5467 0015957566 200932170745 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Sun Star Telecom     Sun Star Telecom     EB-08-TC-5465 0017761255 200932170744 
 Corp.                Corp.                                                      

 Sun Microwave, Inc.  Sun Microwave, Inc.  EB-08-TC-5463 0013605241 200932170743 

 Sumrada              Sumrada                                                    
 Communications       Communications       EB-08-TC-5460 0003784105 200932170742 
 Service, Inc.        Service, Inc.                                              

 Stratos Mobile       Stratos Mobile       EB-08-TC-5455 0008262784 200932170741 
 Networks, Inc.       Networks, Inc.                                             

 Straightel, Inc.         EB-08-TC-5453 0010491223 200932170740 

 Start Wireless       Page Plus Cellular   EB-08-TC-5444 0016871113 200932170770 
 Group, Inc.                                                                     

 Swetland Internet,   Swetland             EB-08-TC-5485 0011555919 200932170774 
 Inc.                 Communications                                             

 Stanton Long         Stanton Long         EB-08-TC-5437 0008680365 200932170767 
 Distance, LLC        Distance, LLC                                              

 Synchronized Assets, Synchronized Assets, EB-08-TC-5493 0017078155 200932170775 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 St. Olaf College     St. Olaf College     EB-08-TC-5433 0014544316 200932170765 

 Springcom, Inc.      Springcom, Inc.      EB-08-TC-5430 0004981171 200932170764 

 Southwest Texas Long Southwest Texas Long EB-08-TC-5417 0003787934 200932170762 
 Distance Company     Distance Company                                           

 Southwest Oklahoma   Southwest Oklahoma                                         
 Telecommunications,  Telecommunications,  EB-08-TC-5414 0012602728 200932170761 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Southwest            Southwest            EB-08-TC-5413 0005079967 200932170760 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Southeastern         Southeastern         EB-08-TC-5400 0008844250 200932170758 
 Cellular, Inc.       Cellular, Inc.                                             

 Sound of Tri-State   Sound of Tri-State   EB-08-TC-5377 0008883068 200932170756 

 Smoothstone IP       Smoothstone IP       EB-08-TC-5371 0015480288 200932170754 
 Communications       Communications                                             

 StarTouch Broadband  StarTouch Inc.       EB-08-TC-5442 0014694327 200932170768 

 TRI-M                TRI-M                EB-08-TC-5523 0004337879 200932170791 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Total Communications Telephone                                                  
 Systems & Solutions, Communications Sales EB-08-TC-5729 0008685737 200932170833 
 Inc                  & Service, Inc.                                            

 Tele Uno, Inc.       Tele Uno, Inc.       EB-08-TC-5568 0012913331 200932170799 

 Tele Circuit Network Tele Circuit         EB-08-TC-5565 0008800690 200932170798 

 Telcom Supply, Inc.  Livingston           EB-08-TC-5562 0004974598 200932170797 

 Tel-Star             Tel-Star             EB-08-TC-5555 0014864854 200932170796 
 Cablevision, Inc.    Cablevision, Inc.                                          

 Tel Tec, Inc.        Tel Tec, Inc.        EB-08-TC-5549 0009747114 200932170795 

 Team Electronics,    Team Electronics,    EB-08-TC-5540 0003785342 200932170794 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Tanager              Tanager                                                    
 Telecommunications,  Telecommunications,  EB-08-TC-5538 0012856563 200932170933 
 LLC.                 LLC.                                                       

 Sweetser Rural       Sweetser Rural                                             
 Telephone Company    Telephone Company,   EB-08-TC-5483 0018509778 200932170772 

 TSC Communications,  TSC Communications,  EB-08-TC-5526 0018120832 200932170792 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 TeleDias             TeleDias             EB-08-TC-5574 0007513815 200932170802 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 TLeMAZ, LLC.         TLeMAZ               EB-08-TC-5517 0014493480 200932170788 

 TLS.Net, Inc.        TLS                  EB-08-TC-5516 0015321888 200932170787 

 TELE-BEEP PAGING CO. TELE-BEEP PAGING CO. EB-08-TC-5512 0006464564 200932170786 

 TDPC Co. Inc.        TDPC                 EB-08-TC-5511 0018509768 200932170785 

 TCS Telecom, Inc.    TCS Telecom, Inc.    EB-08-TC-5508 0009930827 200932170784 

 TCO Network, Inc.    TCO Network          EB-08-TC-5507 0005024641 200932170783 

 T/A Apartment        Off Campus                                                 
 Services, Inc.       Telecommunications,  EB-08-TC-5503 0000010827 200932170781 

 Systema Networks,    Systema Networks,    EB-08-TC-5496 0017616053 200932170780 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 TTI Comm Corp.       TTI Comm Corp.       EB-08-TC-5528 0011664158 200932170943 

 Web Fire             Web Fire             EB-08-TC-5999 0008188633 200932170907 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Wildstar Business    Wildstar Business    EB-08-TC-6033 0015488778 200932170891 
 Solutions            Solutions                                                  

 White Cloud          White Cloud          EB-08-TC-6028 0005072764 200932170890 
 Communications, LLC  Communication, Inc.                                        

 Westside Paging,     Westside             EB-08-TC-6025 0001586635 200932170888 
 Inc.                 Communications                                             

 Westphalia           Westphalia           EB-08-TC-6024 0004985123 200932170887 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Westgate             Westgate                                                   
 Communications, LLC  Communications, LLC  EB-08-TC-6022 0003785300 200932170886 
 dba WeavTel                                                                     

 Western              Western              EB-08-TC-6018 0002429686 200932170885 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Western              Western                                                    
 Communications       Communications       EB-08-TC-6017 0003731320 200932170884 
 Services, Inc.       Services, Inc.                                             

 Topsham              Topsham              EB-08-TC-5726 0016569485 200932170831 
 Communications, LLC. Communications, LLC.                                       

 Westar               KPL Paging           EB-08-TC-6014 0013962840 200932170882 
 Communications, Inc.                                                            

 World                World                EB-08-TC-6065 0004373973 200932170911 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Warner               Warner                                                     
 Communications       Communications       EB-08-TC-5992 0003764313 200932170906 
 Corporation          Corporation                                                

 Volocall, LLC.       Volocall, LLC.       EB-08-TC-5965 0015878093 200932170900 

 Voip Alliance, LLC.  Voip Alliance        EB-08-TC-5961 0015179807 200932170898 

 VoiceINC.Com         VoiceINC.Com         EB-08-TC-5955 0016967507 200932170897 
 Corporation          Corporation                                                

 VoiceGlobal, Inc.    VoiceGlobal, Inc.    EB-08-TC-5954 0014969273 200932170896 

 Voice Solutions, LLC DCI Voice Solutions  EB-08-TC-5950 0016947301 200932170895 

 VisionQuest          VisionQuest          EB-08-TC-5941 0018509802 200932170892 
 Technology, LLC.     Technology, LLC.                                           

 Vinakom, Inc.        Vinakom              EB-08-TC-5933 0014488282 200932170879 

 Westel, Inc.         Westel, Inc.         EB-08-TC-6016 0004359444 200932170883 

 airband              airband              EB-08-TC-6094 0011302841 200932170920 
 communications, inc. communications                                             

 Sotto Wireless, Inc. Sotto Wireless, Inc. EB-08-TC-2476 0016136152 200932170958 

 PR Wireless Inc.     OPEN Mobile          EB-08-TC-2483 0018509299 200932170957 

 PiperTel             PiperTel             EB-08-TC-2485 0011436904 200932170956 
 Communications, LLC  Communications, LLC                                        

 IPDataStream, LLC    IPDataStream, LLC    EB-08-TC-2465 0013803317 200932170955 

 ILDN, West, LLC      ILDN, West, LLC      EB-08-TC-2479 0015851561 200932170954 

 Broad River          Broad River          EB-08-TC-2487 0016930083 200932170953 
 Communication Corp.  Communication Corp.                                        

 Bluegrass Telephone  Bluegrass Telephone  EB-08-TC-2467 0012156352 200932170952 
 Company, Inc.        Company, Inc.                                              

 Applewood            Applewood            EB-08-TC-2484 0016639973 200932170951 
 Communications Corp. Communications Corp.                                       

 Wilson Communication Wilson Communication EB-08-TC-6040 0004321816 200932170908 
 Company, Inc.        Company, Inc.                                       , Inc.       EB-08-TC-6096 0009732728 200932170921 

 World Communication  World Communication  EB-08-TC-6062 0009763020 200932170910 
 Center, Inc.         Center, Inc.                                               

 Ztar Mobile, Inc.    Ztar Mobile, Inc.    EB-08-TC-6092 0010723591 200932170919 

 Zippy Tech Inc.      Zippy Tech Inc.      EB-08-TC-6089 0013915814 200932170918 

 Zed Telecom, LLC.    Zed Telecom, LLC.    EB-08-TC-6087 0016848996 200932170917 

 ZTG, Inc.            Teksmart             EB-08-TC-6085 0006242473 200932170915 

 Youghiogheny         Youghiogheny         EB-08-TC-6079 0016339087 200932170914 
 Services, LLC.       Services, LLC.                                             

 WorldNet             WorldNet                                                   
 Communication        Communication        EB-08-TC-6071 0003733789 200932170913 
 Services, Inc.       Services, Inc.                                             

 World Wide Telecom,  World Wide Telecom,  EB-08-TC-6068 0013770250 200932170912 
 LLC.                 LLC.                                                       

 Vertex Broadband     Townlink/ Reason to                                        
 Corp.                Switch/ Vertex       EB-08-TC-5919 0011383528 200932170876 
                      Broadband Corp.                                     , Inc., Inc.       EB-08-TC-6099 0015370570 200932170922 

 Tularosa             Tularosa             EB-08-TC-5784 0004371316 200932170844 
 Communications, Inc. Communications Inc                                         

 Vidia Communications Vidia Communications EB-08-TC-5931 0009573619 200932170878 

 Ultra Com, Inc.      Ultra Com, Inc.      EB-08-TC-5809 0004263307 200932170854 

 UTPHONE              UTPHONE              EB-08-TC-5806 0015408552 200932170853 

 USA Teleport, Inc.   USA Teleport, Inc.   EB-08-TC-5801 0003775566 200932170852 

 US Telesis, Inc.     US Telesis           EB-08-TC-5797 0016725343 200932170851 

 US Cable of          US Cable of          EB-08-TC-5795 0004453981 200932170849 
 Coastal-Texas, LP    Coastal-Texas, LP                                          

 U.S. Telestar        U.S. TeleStar                                              
 Communication Group, Communication Group, EB-08-TC-5794 0004346227 200932170848 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Two Way              Two Way              EB-08-TC-5788 0006128540 200932170847 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Unicom               Unicom               EB-08-TC-5813 0014994602 200932170856 
 Communications, LLC. Communications, LLC.                                       

 Twin Valley          Twin Valley          EB-08-TC-5786 0010059640 200932170845 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Unified              Unified              EB-08-TC-5816 0008851867 200932170857 
 Communications, LC   Communications, LC                                         

 Trinity              Trinity              EB-08-TC-5774 0007414725 200932170843 
 Communications, LLC. Communications, LLC.                                       

 Trillion Partners,   Trillion Partners,   EB-08-TC-5772 0009170929 200932170842 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Tricom USA, Inc.     Tricom USA, Inc.     EB-08-TC-5770 0005005236 200932170841 

 Tri-County Tel. Co.  Tri-County Telephone EB-08-TC-5763 0004325429 200932170839 
 Inc.                 Co., Inc.                                                  

 Tri-Caps, Inc.       Tri-Caps, Inc.       EB-08-TC-5760 0008957771 200932170838 

 Transglobal          Transglobal                                                
 Communication        Communication        EB-08-TC-5754 0017989765 200932170812 
 Enterprises, Inc.    Enterprises, Inc.                                          

 Transcendence, Inc.  Transcendence, Inc.  EB-08-TC-5753 0011790185 200932170811 

 Total                Total                                                      
 Telecommunications   Telecommunications   EB-08-TC-5734 0004335410 200932170834 
 Services, Inc.       Services, Inc.                                             

 Two Rivers           Two Rivers                                                 
 Teleconferencing,    Teleconferencing,    EB-08-TC-5787 0014377766 200932170846 
 LLC.                 LLC.                                                       

 Utilicom Network,    Utilicom Network,    EB-08-TC-5851 0014205660 200932170865 
 LLC.                 LLC.                                                       

 SkyStream Broadband  SkyStream Broadband                                        
 & Voice              & Voice              EB-08-TC-5356 0015336977 200932170749 
 Intergratoin, LLC.   Intergratoin, LLC.                                         

 Vernon               Vernon                                                     
 Communications &     Communications &     EB-08-TC-5915 0004338356 200932170875 
 T.V., Inc.           T.V., Inc.                                                 

 Verde                Verde Communications EB-08-TC-5898 0009227240 200932170874 
 Communications, Inc.                                                            

 WUE, Inc.            Wue Wireless         EB-08-TC-5983 0003801362 200932170904 

 WTC Communications,  WTC Communications,  EB-08-TC-5981 0003766680 200932170927 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 WCS Communications,  Western              EB-08-TC-5978 0001661552 200932170903 
 Inc.                 Communications                                             

 WAVE2WAVE Voip       WAVE2WAVE Voip       EB-08-TC-5977 0015579980 200932170902 
 Communications, LLC. Communications, LLC.                                       

 ValuTel              ValuTel              EB-08-TC-5883 0009463001 200932170873 
 Communications, Inc.                                                            

 Uni-Tel of           Uni-Tel              EB-08-TC-5811 0003762622 200932170855 
 Farmington, Inc                                                                 

 Utility Telephone,   Utility Telephone    EB-08-TC-5852 0017759713 200932170866 

 Vidafon, Inc.        Vidafon, Inc.        EB-08-TC-5927 0016408908 200932170877 

 User Centric         User Centric         EB-08-TC-5850 0007990690 200932170864 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Unitycomm, LLC       U4Com                EB-08-TC-5838 0013349584 200932170863 

 Unity Business       Unity Business       EB-08-TC-5837 0018439042 200932170862 
 Networks, LLC        Networks                                                   

 United World         United World Telecom EB-08-TC-5835 0010159515 200932170861 
 Telecom, LC                                                                     

 United Systems       United Systems       EB-08-TC-5831 0006318448 200932170860 
 Access Telecom, Inc. Access Telecom, Inc.                                       

 United               United               EB-08-TC-5823 0018525923 200932170859 
 Communications Co.   Communications Co.                                         

 Unitec Hospitality   Unitec Services      EB-08-TC-5821 0015389976 200932170935 
 Services, Inc.                                                                  

 Unite Private        Unite Private        EB-08-TC-5820 0014817357 200932170858 
 Networks, LLC.       Networks, LLC.                                             

 Communications of    Telenoves            EB-08-TC-5879 0009112889 200932170872 
 Moses Lake, Inc.                                                                

 New Bridge           New Bridge           EB-08-TC-4805 0015470164 200932170603 
 Technologies         Technologies                                               

 NobelTel, LLC        NobelTel, LLC        EB-08-TC-4828 0008760928 200932170615 

 Nishty Corp.         Nishty Telecom       EB-08-TC-4826 0007123748 200932170613 

 New Start            New Start            EB-08-TC-4821 0016892333 200932170612 
 Communication Corp.  Communication Corp.                                        

 New Frontiers        New Frontiers                                              
 Telecommunications,  Telecommunications,  EB-08-TC-4812 0008195943 200932170611 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Phone Club           Phone Club           EB-08-TC-5037 0017551581 200932170666 
 Corporation          Corporation                                                

 Phoenix Holdings     Phoenix Holdings     EB-08-TC-5033 0015219959 200932170665 
 Management Corp.     Management Corp.                                           

 Phillips County      Phillips County      EB-08-TC-5031 0013350764 200932170664 
 Communications, LLc  Communications, LLc                                        

 Smithville Telecom,  Smithville Telecom,  EB-08-TC-5370 0004322913 200932170753 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Omnicom Paging Plus, Omnicom Paging Plus, EB-08-TC-4901 0001628064 200932170634 
 LLC                  LLC                                                        

 North Sight          North Sight          EB-08-TC-4845 0001729565 200932170619 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 NetSpan Corporation  Foremost             EB-08-TC-4788 0010601185 200932170598 

 NetLine              NetLine                                                    
 Communications,      Communications,      EB-08-TC-4785 0011554888 200932170574 
 Corp.                Corp.                                                      

 Net Tel, LLC.        Net Tel, LLC.        EB-08-TC-4783 0014717060 200932170573 

 Nebraska Supercomm,  Nebraska Supercomm,  EB-08-TC-4777 0014797765 200932170570 
 LLC                  LCC                                                        

 Nebraska Long        Pierce Long Distance                                       
 Distance Company,    Company              EB-08-TC-4776 0014021398 200932170569 

 Nebraska Central     NCTC Long Distance   EB-08-TC-4775 0004383170 200932170568 
 Telecom, Inc.                                                                   

 Nationwide Telecom,  Nationwide Telecom,  EB-08-TC-4772 0012405601 200932170567 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 NationsLine, Inc.    NationsLine          EB-08-TC-4770 0010872141 200932170566 

 OnSat Native                                                                    
 American Services,   Onasi, Inc.          EB-08-TC-4902 0012040804 200932170635 

 Nucentcom, Inc.      Nucentcom, Inc.      EB-08-TC-4871 0014224919 200932170628 

 Orange Auto Sound    Orange Auto Sound    EB-08-TC-4923 0016256448 200932170639 

 Openband of          Openband             EB-08-TC-4915 0004329876 200932170638 
 Virginia, LLC                                                                   

 Opcom, Inc.          WCS Telecom          EB-08-TC-4912 0007514847 200932170637 

 OneLink              OneLink              EB-08-TC-4910 0007539471 200932170636 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Ogden Long Distance  Ogden Long Distance  EB-08-TC-4886 0010951887 200932170928 
 Service, Inc.        Service, Inc.                                              

 ONSEnet America,     ONSEnet America,     EB-08-TC-4881 0008674780 200932170633 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 ONS-Telecom, LLC     ONS-Telecom, LLC     EB-08-TC-4880 0008729246 200932170632 

 OLS, Inc.            Georgia On-Line      EB-08-TC-4877 0003731254 200932170631 

 North Bell           North Bell           EB-08-TC-4838 0012173209 200932170617 
 Communications Corp. Communications Corp.                                       

 Nucom Technology,    Nucom Technology,    EB-08-TC-4872 0012478087 200932170629 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 North County         North County         EB-08-TC-4842 0008311763 200932170618 
 Communications Corp. Communications Corp.                                       

 NovoLink             NovoLink             EB-08-TC-4866 0007632375 200932170626 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Nova Cellular West,  San Diego Wireless   EB-08-TC-4864 0004340121 200932170625 
 Inc.                 Communications, Inc.                                       

 Northwest Telephone, Northwest Telephone, EB-08-TC-4862 0005710256 200932170624 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Northwest Minnesota  Northwest Minnesota  EB-08-TC-4860 0016379745 200932170623 
 Special Access       Special Access                                             

 Northwest            Northwest            EB-08-TC-4859 0006797971 200932170622 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Northeast            Northeast                                                  
 Competitive Access   Competitive Access   EB-08-TC-4849 0017600156 200932170621 
 Provider             Provider                                                   

 NorthEast Service    NorthEast Service    EB-08-TC-4847 0009233107 200932170620 
 Cooperative          Cooperative                                                

 NationsLine New      NationsLine New      EB-08-TC-4766 0011667250 200932170563 
 Jersey, Inc.         Jersey, Inc.                                               

 Nunn Communications, Nunn Communications, EB-08-TC-4873 0011236395 200932170630 
 LLC                  LLC                                                        

 One-Stop             One-Stop                                                   
 Communications of    Communications       EB-08-TC-4621 0018509331 200932170554 
 PA, Inc.                                                                        

 NationsLine          NationsLine          EB-08-TC-4769 0012275376 200932170565 
 Virginia, Inc.                                                                  

 Millennium Telecom,  Millennium Telecom,  EB-08-TC-4645 0009022161 200932170518 
 LLC                  LLC                                                        

 Milbank              Milbank              EB-08-TC-4642 0015852296 200932170517 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Telecommunications,  MTI                  EB-08-TC-4641 0007698707 200932170561 

 Midwest Management,  Midwest Management,  EB-08-TC-4638 0004376364 200932170560 
 Inc.- CONSOLIDATED   Inc.- CONSOLIDATED                                         

 Mid-America          Mid-America          EB-08-TC-4630 0018509281 200932170559 
 Investment Co.       Investment Co.                                             

 Microvoice           Microvoice           EB-08-TC-4628 0016707465 200932170558 
 Applications, Inc.   Applications, Inc.                                         

 Michigan Network     Michigan Network     EB-08-TC-4627 0016273716 200932170557 
 Services, LLC.       Services, LLC.                                             

 Mobile Phone of      Mobile Phone of      EB-08-TC-4670 0004989786 200932170576 
 Oklahoma             Oklahoma                                                   

 Michael A. Wolf DBA  WS Electronics LLC   EB-08-TC-4622 0002728806 200932170555 
 WS Electronics, LLC                                                             

 Mobile Radio         MobilFone            EB-08-TC-4672 0010739951 200932170577 
 Communications, Inc.                                                            

 Metropy Global       Metropy Global       EB-08-TC-4615 0015033657 200932170553 
 Networks, LLC.       Networks, LLC.                                             

 Metronet Telecom,    Metronet Long        EB-08-TC-4611 0008788820 200932170552 
 Inc.                 Distance Calling                                           

 Metro Communications Metro Communications EB-08-TC-4602 0016791683 200932170551 
 Company, Inc.        Company, Inc.                                              

 Metro Beeper, Inc.   Metro Beeper, Inc.   EB-08-TC-4601 0001727361 200932170550 

 Merrimac             Merrimac             EB-08-TC-4600 0010035186 200932170945 
 Communications, Ltd. Communications, Ltd.                                       

 Medcom, LLC.         Medcom, LLC.         EB-08-TC-4586 0015983646 200932170548 

 McBlue Telecom, Inc. McBlue Telecom and   EB-08-TC-4582 0004333787 200932170547 

 Maverick Media of    Page Call                                                  
 Eau Claire           Communications       EB-08-TC-4577 0008173478 200932170546 
 Communications, LLC                                                             

 Michigan Access,     Michigan Access      EB-08-TC-4625 0015497308 200932170556 

 NET/COMM Services    NET/COMM Services    EB-08-TC-4726 0010906980 200932170587 
 Corp.                Corp.                                                      

 Orlando Telephone    Orlando Telephone    EB-08-TC-4930 0008410102 200932170642 
 Company, Inc.        Company                                                    

 NationsLine District NationsLine          EB-08-TC-4763 0012391678 200932170597 
 of Columbia, Inc.                                                               

 NationsLine          NationsLine          EB-08-TC-4762 0012280632 200932170596 
 Delaware, Inc.                                                                  

 National Telephone   National Telephone   EB-08-TC-4760 0004330775 200932170595 
 Exchange, Inc.       Exchange, Inc.                                             

 National Comtel      National Comtel      EB-08-TC-4754 0006681514 200932170594 
 Network, Inc.        Network, Inc.                                              

 Nanotel, Inc.        Nanotel, Inc.        EB-08-TC-4747 0008956526 200932170593 

 NU ERA TELECOM, INC. Telefonica Latina    EB-08-TC-4741 0015989270 200932170592 

 NNTC Wireless, Inc.  NNTC Wireless, Inc.  EB-08-TC-4732 0016561649 200932170925 

 Mitchell             Mitchell             EB-08-TC-4663 0004167540 200932170575 
 Communications, Inc. Communications Inc.                                        

 NINETEL, Inc.        NINETEL, Inc.        EB-08-TC-4730 0014294979 200932170589 

 NationsLine North,   NationsLine          EB-08-TC-4768 0012467643 200932170564 

 Neutral Tandem       Neutral Tandem       EB-08-TC-4800 0011583671 200932170602 

 Network Services     Network Services     EB-08-TC-4798 0014290357 200932170601 
 Solutions, LLC.                                                                 

 Network Operator     Centris Information  EB-08-TC-4796 0003737855 200932170600 
 Services, Inc.       Services                                                   

 Mundo Telecom, Inc.  Mundo Telecom, Inc.  EB-08-TC-4709 0016623399 200932170586 

 Multi Voice, Inc.    Multi Voice, Inc.    EB-08-TC-4702 0014275036 200932170583 

 Mountain Paging      Mountain Paging      EB-08-TC-4693 0007229925 200932170582 
 Network, Inc.        Network, Inc.                                              

 Mountain             Mountain                                                   
 Communications and   Communications and   EB-08-TC-4690 0004535118 200932170581 
 Electronics, Inc.    Electronics, Inc.                                          

 Mobilephone of       Mobilephone/Power    EB-08-TC-4676 0001547041 200932170578 
 Humbolt, Inc.        Page                                                       

 NMRSA6-III           NMRSA6-III           EB-08-TC-4731 0003755956 200932170590 
 Partnership          Partnership                                                

 Reed Communications, Reed Communications, EB-08-TC-5202 0011434669 200932170703 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Yackie Telecom, Inc. Yackie Telecom       EB-08-TC-5166 0016718876 200932170698 

 Ring 9, Inc.         Ring 9, Inc.         EB-08-TC-5230 0015342959 200932170713 

 Revolution           Revolution                                                 
 Communications       Communications       EB-08-TC-5222 0014218226 200932170712 
 Company, LTD         Company, LTD                                               

 Reserve Telephone    Reserve Telephone    EB-08-TC-5220 0001714708 200932170711 
 Co., Inc.            Company, Inc.                                              

 Reserve Long         Reserve Long                                               
 Distance Company,    Distance Company,    EB-08-TC-5219 0009873712 200932170710 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Repeater Network,    Repeater Network,    EB-08-TC-5218 0005261516 200932170709 
 LLC.                 LLC.                                                       

 Repeater Network,    Repeater Network,    EB-08-TC-5217 0005261516 200932170708 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Relay Communications Relay Communications EB-08-TC-5208 0003767746 200932170707 
 Corporation          Corporation                                                

 Rio Communications,  Rio Communications,  EB-08-TC-5233 0008233710 200932170716 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Rees Communications  Rees Communications  EB-08-TC-5203 0002428860 200932170704 

 Rochester Telecom    RTS/Rochester                                              
 Systems, Inc.        Telecom Systems,     EB-08-TC-5246 0003732468 200932170717 

 Red Sky Global       Red Sky Global       EB-08-TC-5199 0017687062 200932170609 
 Consulting Inc.      Consulting Inc.                                            

 Reach2World, LLC.    Reach2World, LLC.    EB-08-TC-5193 0014883847 200932170607 

 Raycom Electronics,  Raycom Electronics,  EB-08-TC-5191 0004342937 200932170606 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Ray's Electronics,   Ray's Electronics,   EB-08-TC-5190 0009416488 200932170605 
 Inc                  Inc                                                        

 Range Corporation    Range                EB-08-TC-5187 0006148118 200932170702 

 Radio Communications FirstPage            EB-08-TC-5179 0004214698 200932170701 
 of Charleston, Inc.                                                             

 RTC Communications   RTC Communications   EB-08-TC-5173 0004332912 200932170700 
 Corp.                Corp.                                                      

 Oratel, Inc.         Oratel, Inc.         EB-08-TC-4924 0007390552 200932170640 

 Reinbeck Municipal   Reinbeck Municipal                                         
 Telecommunications   Telecommunications   EB-08-TC-5207 0018509695 200932170706 
 Utility              Utility                                                    

 Satteline            Satteline                                                  
 Communications,      Communications,      EB-08-TC-5303 0016728214 200932170730 
 Corp.                Corp.                                                      

 Vi Lata              Vi Lata              EB-08-TC-2468 0015575285 200932170959 
 Communications, LLC  Communications, LLC                                        

 Site Account         Site Account                                               
 Mangaement,          Mangaement           EB-08-TC-5352 0001648989 200932170747 

 Simplink Corporation Simplink Corporation EB-08-TC-5347 0006816292 200932170739 

 Signal               Signal                                                     
 Telecommunications,  Telecommunications,  EB-08-TC-5341 0012194122 200932170738 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Sierra               Sierra                                                     
 Communications       Communications       EB-08-TC-5335 0001610963 200932170737 
 Southwest, Inc.      Southwest, Inc.                                            

 Shorelink            Shorelink            EB-08-TC-5332 0010467256 200932170736 
 Communications Corp.                                                            

 Sherburne Long       Sherburne Long       EB-08-TC-5327 0008311078 200932170735 
 Distance, Inc.       Distance, Inc.                                             

 Sentinel             Sentinel             EB-08-TC-5316 0012467163 200932170734 
 Technologies, Inc.   Technologies, Inc.                                         

 Ring Connection,     Ring Connection,     EB-08-TC-5232 0009854084 200932170715 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 School Link, Inc.    School Link, Inc.    EB-08-TC-5307 0008804932 200932170732 

 X5 Solutions, Inc.   X5 Solutions, Inc.   EB-08-TC-5155 0011317278 200932170694 

 Sagir, Inc.          Indigo Wireless      EB-08-TC-5287 0001808179 200932170726 

 ST Paging, Inc.      ST Paging, Inc.      EB-08-TC-5281 0002324119 200932170725 

                      VCI Internet                                               
 Ruddata Corporation  Service; Vision      EB-08-TC-5260 0007864671 200932170724 

 Royal Phone Company, Royal Phone          EB-08-TC-5257 0007656317 200932170723 

 Royal Comtronics     Royal Comtronics     EB-08-TC-5256 0018509703 200932170722 

 Roggen Telephone     Roggen Telephone     EB-08-TC-5251 0014705602 200932170720 
 Enterprises, Inc.    Enterprises, Inc.                                          

 Rod Stalvey          Stalvey              EB-08-TC-5249 0004423208 200932170719 

 Rocktone, LLC        Rocktone, LLC        EB-08-TC-5248 0016740664 200932170718 

 Security-Master,     Pagecomm             EB-08-TC-5313 0008653099 200932170733 

 Parker FiberNet, LLC Parker FiberNet, LLC EB-08-TC-4992 0006073647 200932170653 

 RNI Communications,  RNI Communications,  EB-08-TC-5171 0007317415 200932170699 
 Corp.                Corp.                                                      

 PhoneBrasil          PhoneBrasil          EB-08-TC-5045 0016727984 200932170667 
 International, Inc.  International, Inc.                                        

 Pete's               Pete's               EB-08-TC-5027 0002629681 200932170663 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Personal Office,     Personal Office,     EB-08-TC-5025 0016281115 200932170662 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Personal Information Personal Information EB-08-TC-5024 0015302300 200932170661 
 Network, Inc.        Network, Inc.                                              

 American Page        American Page        EB-08-TC-5023 0004549366 200932170660 
 Network              Network                                                    

 PelTel               PelTel               EB-08-TC-5016 0003752797 200932170658 

 Peetz                Peetz                EB-08-TC-5015 0014699953 200932170657 
 Communications, LLC. Communications, LLC.                                       

 Pilgrim Telephone,   Pilgrim Telephone,   EB-08-TC-5051 0003739851 200932170604 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Parlant Technology,  Parlant Technology,  EB-08-TC-4993 0015555170 200932170654 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 RH Telecom, Inc.     RH Telecom, Inc.     EB-08-TC-5140 0016065492 200932170688 

 Panhandle Alarm &    Panhandle Alarm &    EB-08-TC-4986 0004321766 200932170651 
 Telephone Com., Inc. Telephone Com., Inc.                                       

 Page Plus, Inc.      Page Plus, Inc.      EB-08-TC-4979 0001701283 200932170650 

 Pacific-South        Pacific-South        EB-08-TC-4976 0011203403 200932170649 
 Telecom, Inc.        Telecom, Inc.                                              

 Pacific Telecom      Pacific Telecom      EB-08-TC-4975 0006910889 200932170648 
 Services, LLC        Services, LLC                                              

 Pacific Link         Pacific Link         EB-08-TC-4972 0008719478 200932170647 
 Telecom, Inc.        Telecom, Inc.                                              

 PaCLEC Corporation   PaCLEC Corporation   EB-08-TC-4962 0006644926 200932170646 

 Outfitter Satellite, Outfitter Satellite, EB-08-TC-4934 0008850224 200932170643 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Slappey Telephone    Slappey Telephone    EB-08-TC-5360 0011434420 200932170750 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Paxx Telecom, LLC    Paxx Telecom, LLC    EB-08-TC-4996 0007745730 200932170656 

 Preferred            Preferred            EB-08-TC-5077 0010837870 200932170676 
 Connections, Inc. NW Connections, Inc. NW                                       

 X5 SLC, LLC          X5 Solutions         EB-08-TC-5154 0008333072 200932170693 

 X5 PDX, LLC          X5 Solutions         EB-08-TC-5153 0008333056 200932170692 

 Quasar               Quasar                                                     
 Communications       Communications       EB-08-TC-5135 0009119124 200932170687 
 Corporation          Corporation                                                

 QualStar             QualStar             EB-08-TC-5124 0006761415 200932170686 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Public Service       Public Service       EB-08-TC-5112 0011083045 200932170682 
 Communications, Inc. Communications, Inc.                                       

 Professional         Professional                                               
 Answering Service,   Answering Service,   EB-08-TC-5101 0002502433 200932170681 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 ProPage, Inc.        ProPage, Inc.        EB-08-TC-5096 0001840347 200932170680 

 Prime Line           Prime Link Long      EB-08-TC-5088 0007679228 200932170679 
 Communications, Inc. Distance                                                   

 PhoneCo, LP          PhoneCo, LP          EB-08-TC-5046 0008843955 200932170668 

 Premier Paging, Inc. Premier Paging, Inc. EB-08-TC-5080 0012308516 200932170677 

 Oration              Oration Technologies EB-08-TC-4925 0006192553 200932170641 
 Technologies, Inc.                                                              

 Prairie Networks,    Prairie Networks,    EB-08-TC-5074 0016075335 200932170675 
 LLC.                 LLC.                                                       

 Plexcom Networks Inc Plexcom Networks     EB-08-TC-5066 0009794991 200932170674 

 PlatinumTel          Platinumtel Wireless EB-08-TC-5064 0013465190 200932170673 
 Communications, LLC.                                                            

 Plains Communication Plains Communication EB-08-TC-5062 0014642235 200932170672 
 Services, LLC.       Services, LLC.                                             

 Pioneer Telecom,     Pioneer Telecom,     EB-08-TC-5059 0004330858 200932170671 
 Inc.                 Inc.                                                       

 Pioneer              Pioneer Long         EB-08-TC-5058 0001563964 200932170670 
 Consolidated, Inc.   Distance                                                   

 X2Comm, Inc.         Direct Connect       EB-08-TC-5152 0004361473 200932170691 

 Visonary             Visonary             EB-08-TC-5142 0018092593 200932170689 
 Communication, Inc.  Communication, Inc.                                        

 Premiere             Premiere                                                   
 Communications       Communications       EB-08-TC-5084 0011089224 200932170678 
 Systems, Inc.        Systems, Inc.                                              

   47 U.S.C. S: 222.

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   confidentiality of proprietary information of, and relating to, other
   telecommunications carriers, equipment manufacturers, and customers,
   including telecommunication carriers reselling telecommunications services
   provided by a telecommunications carrier." Prior to the 1996 Act, the
   Commission had established CPNI requirements applicable to the enhanced
   services operations of AT&T, the Bell Operating Companies ("BOCs"), and
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   See, e.g.,

   See id.

   EPIC CPNI Order, 22 FCC Rcd 6927. Specifically, pursuant to section
   64.2009(e): A telecommunications carrier must have an officer, as an agent
   of the carrier, sign and file with the Commission a compliance certificate
   on an annual basis. The officer must state in the certification that he or
   she has personal knowledge that the company has established operating
   procedures that are adequate to ensure compliance with the rules in this
   subpart. The carrier must provide a statement accompanying the
   certification explaining how its operating procedures ensure that it is or
   is not in compliance with the rules in this subpart. In addition, the
   carrier must include an explanation of any actions taken against data
   brokers and a summary of all customer complaints received in the past year
   concerning the unauthorized release of CPNI. This filing must be made
   annually with the Enforcement Bureau on or before March 1 in EB Docket No.
   06-36, for data pertaining to the previous calendar year. 47 C.F.R. S:

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   See Appendix I.

   Section 503(b)(2)(B) provides for forfeitures against common carriers of
   up to $130,000 for each violation or each day of a continuing violation up
   to a maximum of $1,325,000 for each continuing violation.  47 U.S.C. S:
   503(b)(2)(B). See Amendment of Section 1.80 of the Commission's Rules and
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   (increasing maximum forfeiture amounts to account for inflation).

   47 U.S.C. S: 503(b)(1)(B) (the Commission has authority under this section
   of the Act to assess a forfeiture penalty against a common carrier if the
   Commission determines that the carrier has "willfully or repeatedly"
   failed to comply with the provisions of the Act or with any rule,
   regulation, or order issued by the Commission under the Act); see also 47
   U.S.C. S: 503(b)(4)(A) (providing that the Commission must assess such
   penalties through the use of a written notice of apparent liability or
   notice of opportunity for hearing). Here, as described above, the
   Companies actions were willful as they apparently failed to file the
   annual CPNI compliance certifications as required.

   Southern California Broadcasting Co., 6 FCC Rcd 4387 (1991).

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   Because the EPIC CPNI Order took effect on December 8, 2007, the new
   reporting requirements were only in effect from that date until the end of
   the calendar year.

   The Commission retains the discretion to impose a higher forfeiture in
   cases of future noncompliance.

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   Federal Communications Commission DA 09-426



   Federal Communications Commission DA 09-426