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                                   Before the

                       Federal Communications Commission

                             Washington, D.C. 20554

     In the Matter of                       )                                
     Broadcast House of the Pacific, Inc.   )     File Number: EB-06-HL-074  
     Licensee of Station KNDI               )   NAL/Acct. No.: 200632860001  
     Honolulu, Hawaii                       )               FRN: 0003776671  
     Facility ID # 37065                    )                                

                                 CONSENT DECREE


    1. This Consent Decree is entered into by the Enforcement Bureau of the
       Federal Communications Commission and Broadcast House of the Pacific,


    2. For the Purposes of this Consent Decree, the following definitions
       will apply:

    a. "Act" means the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, 47 U.S.C.
       Section 151 et seq.;

    b. "BHP" means Broadcast House of the Pacific, Inc.;

    c. "Bureau" means the Enforcement Bureau of the Federal Communications

    d. "Commission" or "FCC" means the Federal Communications Commission;

    e. "Effective Date" means the date on which the Order is released;

    f. "Enforcement Proceeding" means the investigation of alleged Rule
       violations by BHP culminating in the Notice of Apparent Liability;

    g. "Licensee" means the holder of the License;

    h. "Licenses" means all authorizations, permits and licenses issued by
       the Commission in connection with the operation of the Station;

    i. "Non-Related Company" means a company or organization in which neither
       BHP nor its principals, individually or collectively, are an officer,
       director, partner, member, manager or holder (directly or indirectly)
       of an ownership interest;

    j. "Notice of Apparent Liability" means Broadcast House of the Pacific,
       Inc., NAL/Acct. No. 200632860001 (Enf. Bur., Western Region, Honolulu
       Resident Agent Office, rel. Aug. 9, 2006).

    k. "Order" means an order of the Bureau adopting this Consent Decree;

    l. "Parties" means the Bureau and BHP;

    m. "Rules" means the Commission's regulations set forth in Title 47 of
       the Code of Federal Regulations;

    n. "Station" means Station KNDI(AM), Honolulu, Hawaii (Facility ID No.


    3. On May 1, 2006, and June 1, 2006, agents of the Enforcement Bureau's
       Honolulu Office conducted off air monitoring of radio station KNDI on
       1270 kHz, in Honolulu, Hawaii. On both days, KNDI did not retransmit
       the required monthly test ("RMT") transmitted by the Hawaii State
       Civil Defense at approximately 11:15AM HST. On June 14, 2006, agents
       of the Commission's Honolulu Office conducted an inspection at the
       main studio of KNDI located at 1734 South King Street, Honolulu,
       Hawaii. EAS equipment was installed but was not operational at the
       time of inspection. The operator on duty was not able to successfully
       generate a manually-initiated Required Weekly Test ("RWT"). The EAS
       receiver was only able to receive an audio signal from one of the two
       assigned monitoring sources. A review of the EAS log and printouts
       generated by the EAS Encoder/Decoder indicated that from April through
       June 2006, there were no RWTs received on channel one of the EAS
       equipment. EAS logs also indicated that no RMTs were retransmitted in
       April and May 2006. No entries were made by KNDI staff in the EAS log
       to identify the causes of these failures or what steps were taken to
       remedy any failures. On June 15, 2006, a Honolulu agent spoke with the
       KNDI contract engineer. The engineer indicated that he inspected the
       KNDI EAS equipment earlier that day and acknowledged that he found
       problems with the equipment. Specifically, he indicated that the EAS
       equipment had a faulty relay which prevented the unit from
       transmitting any tests. Also, the power cord for a portable radio that
       provided the audio source for channel one of the EAS equipment was
       found unplugged inside the rack, which resulted in no reception of the
       channel one monitoring source.

    4. On August 9, 2006, the Honolulu Office issued a Notice of Apparent
       Liability to BHP in the amount of $8,000 for apparent violations of
       Section 11.35(a) for failing to ensure the operational readiness of
       KNDI's EAS equipment.


    5. BHP agrees that the Bureau, by delegated authority of the Commission,
       has jurisdiction over the matters contained in this Consent Decree,
       and the authority to enter into and adopt this Consent Decree.

    6. BHP and the Bureau agree to be legally bound by the terms and
       conditions of this Consent Decree. BHP represents and warrants that
       its signatory is duly authorized to enter into this Consent Decree on
       its behalf.

    7. The Parties agree that this Consent Decree will become effective on
       the Effective Date. Upon the Effective Date, the Order and the Consent
       Decree will have the same force and effect as any other order of the
       Bureau and any violation of the terms of this Consent Decree will
       constitute a separate violation of a Bureau order, entitling the
       Bureau to subject BHP to enforcement action for such violation.

    8. BHP and the Bureau agree that this Consent Decree does not constitute
       an adjudication of the merits, or any finding on the facts or law
       regarding any violations committed by BHP arising out of the
       Enforcement Proceeding, and that it is not to be construed as an
       admission of any violation by BHP.

    9. BHP agrees that within thirty (30) days of the release date of the
       Order, BHP will make a voluntary contribution to the U. S. Treasury in
       the amount of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00). Such payment will be
       made without further protest or recourse, by check or similar
       instrument, payable to the order of the Federal Communications
       Commission. Such payment will include the NAL/Acct. No. and FRN No.
       referenced in the Adopting Order. Such payment by check or money order
       may be mailed to Federal Communications Commission, P.O. Box 358340,
       Pittsburgh, PA 15251-8340. Such payment by overnight mail may be sent
       to Mellon Bank /LB 358340, 500 Ross Street, Room 1540670, Pittsburgh,
       PA 15251. Such payment by wire transfer may be made to ABA
       Number 043000261, receiving bank Mellon Bank, and account number

   10. As further conditions to this agreement, BHP also agrees that:

    a. Within thirty (30) days of the release date of this Order, BHP, in
       coordination with the Hawaii Department of Civil Defense, will
       initiate multi-language EAS announcements on KNDI(AM) in eleven ethnic
       Hawaiian languages.

    b. Within thirty (30) days of the release date of the Order, BHP will
       implement an EAS Compliance Plan to ensure that no further violation
       of the Commission's EAS Rules will occur. The Compliance Plan will
       include extensive training for all employees of KNDI(AM) concerning
       the activation, testing, and use of the KNDI(AM) EAS equipment.

   11. BHP and the Bureau acknowledge and agree that this Consent Decree
   shall constitute a final settlement between them.

   12. In express reliance upon the covenants and representations contained
   herein, the Bureau agrees to terminate the Enforcement Proceeding at such
   time as both parties sign this Consent Decree.

   13. BHP waives any and all rights it may have to seek administrative or
   judicial reconsideration, review, appeal or stay, or to otherwise
   challenge or contest the validity of this Consent Decree and the Order
   adopting this Consent Decree, provided the Order adopts the Consent Decree
   without modification.

   14. In the event that the Commission or its delegated authority find that
   BHP violates Section 11.35(a) of the Rules subsequent to the release of
   this Consent Decree and Order, BHP agrees that the Commission or its
   delegated authority may consider the violations documented in the
   Enforcement Proceeding when determining an appropriate sanction.

   15. BHP and the Bureau agree that the effectiveness of this Consent Decree
   is expressly contingent upon issuance of the Order, provided the Order
   adopts the Consent Decree without modification.

   16. This Consent Decree will be binding on BHP transferees, successors and
   assigns, provided that in the event of an assignment or transfer of the
   Licenses to a Non-Related Company, only the obligations of Paragraph 9
   will be binding on the assignee or transferee.

   17. BHP and the Bureau agree that, in the event any court of competent
   jurisdiction renders this Consent Decree invalid, the Consent Decree shall
   become null and void and may not be used in any manner in any legal

   18. BHP and the Bureau agree that, if the Commission, or the United States
   on behalf of the Commission, brings a judicial action to enforce the terms
   of the Order adopting this Consent Decree, neither BHP nor the Commission
   will contest the validity of the Consent Decree or Order, and BHP will
   waive any statutory right to a trial de novo with respect to the matter
   upon which the Order is based, and shall consent to a judgment
   incorporating the terms of this Consent Decree.

   19. BHP agrees to waive any claims it may otherwise have related to this
   matter under the Equal Access to Justice Act, 5 U.S.C. S 504 and 47 C.F.R.
   SS 1.1501 et seq.

   20. Any provision of this Consent Decree affected by or inconsistent with
   any subsequent rule or order adopted by the Commission will be superseded
   by such Commission rule or order.

   21. BHP and the Bureau agree that the terms and conditions of this Consent
   Decree shall remain in effect for a period of twenty-four (24) months,
   which shall begin on the release date of the Order.

   22. This Consent Decree may be signed in counterparts.


   By:  Date:

   Kris Anne Monteith

   Chief, Enforcement Bureau


   ___________________________________ Date: ____________________

   By: Leona Jona, President

   (...continued from previous page)


   Federal Communications Commission


   Federal Communications Commission