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                                  STATEMENT OF


   Re: Recommendation of the Independent Panel Reviewing the Impact of
   Hurricane Katrina on Communications Networks, EB Docket No. 06-119

   When disaster strikes, our first reaction is to reach out to those we
   love. We call for help, we call loved ones to tell them we are okay, and
   we call to offer assistance to those in need. The Commission plays a
   critical role in ensuring the continuity of essential communications
   systems that are relied on for public safety, for public officials, for
   relief efforts, and for every single citizen touched by a disaster. The
   FCC is filled with engineers, economists, and attorneys with an intimate
   knowledge of the communications industry. These people are also parents
   and caring human beings who want to help in times of great need. This
   collective experience is a valuable resource for everyone involved in a
   disaster response, including first responders, state and local government,
   other federal agencies, and of course, the public. That is why I am
   pleased to support today's Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (Notice) because
   the comments we receive will be invaluable to the Commission, to the
   industries we regulate, and to the American people.

   Certainly, we all owe Nancy Victory a sincere debt of gratitude for her
   leadership of the independent panel reviewing the impact of Hurricane
   Katrina. To those members of the panel who suffered great personal loss,
   we particularly thank you for your efforts and continue our prayers for
   recovery and renewal.

   I encourage the industry to continue to develop and share their own
   thoughts, strategies, and ideas on disaster preparedness and emergency
   system interoperability in response to this Notice. The industry has
   already developed some extraordinary disaster recovery plans, and I have
   been able to see emergency response equipment set up by several companies,
   including AT&T's Disaster Recovery equipment. In addition, I hope that we
   can learn lessons from all types of businesses - from Home Depot to
   Wal-Mart and beyond - about how to better prepare and react to a crisis.

   I would also hope we recognize that not all disasters come in the form of
   hurricanes. The threat of bioterrorism or a pandemic flu will strain our
   resources in ways entirely different from wind and rain. We must not
   simply react to past disasters, but look ahead to future threats and be
   prepared to do our part to ensure the safety and security of all

   Federal Communications Commission FCC 06-83