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                        STATEMENT OF

Re:  AMFM  Radio Licenses, L.L.C., Licensee  of Station 
WWDC(FM),  Washington, DC;  Clear Channel  Broadcasting 
Licenses, Inc., Licensee of Station WRXL(FM), Richmond, 
Virginia; Capstar  TX Limited Partnership,  Licensee of 
Station  WOSC(FM), Bethany  Beach, Delaware;  Notice of 
Apparent Liability for Forfeiture

     I  support this  Notice of  Apparent Liability  for the 
broadcast of indecent  material at a time  when children may 
be in the audience.  By issuing  this NAL, we step up to our 
responsibility   to   enforce   statutory   and   regulatory 
provisions restricting broadcast  indecency.  Once again, we 
impose statutory maximum fines  and remind broadcasters that 
the  Commission can  and will  avail  itself of  a range  of 
enforcement  sanctions, including  acting  on each  separate 
indecent  utterance, or  initiating  proceedings that  could 
result in  the revocation  of station licenses  for serious, 
repeated violations.  

     Since  I arrived  at  the Commission,  we have  greatly 
stepped up  our enforcement against indecent  broadcasts.  I 
expect   that  these   stepped-up   actions  will   convince 
broadcasters that they cannot ignore their responsibility to 
serve  the public  interest and  to avoid  the broadcast  of 
indecent material  over the public airwaves.   Indeed, Clear 
Channel has recently taken steps  to show that it is meeting 
this obligation,  including the payment of  an unprecedented 
fine without objection for a past indecency violation.