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                    SEPARATE STATEMENT OF

Re:  Clear Channel Broadcasting Licenses, Inc., Licensee of 
Station WPLA(FM), Callahan, Florida; WCKT(FM), Port 
Charlotte, Florida (Formerly Station WRLR(FM)); Citicasters 
Licenses, L.P., Licensee of Station WXTB(FM), Clearwater, 
Florida; Capstar TX Limited Partnership, Licensee of Station 
WRLX(FM), West Palm Beach, Florida.

     Seven broadcasts, twenty-six indecency violations, four 
public file violations and fines equaling $755,000.  By 
today's action, we provide yet another example of this 
Commission's commitment to enforce its rules and 
regulations¾especially as it relates to indecent programming 
engulfing our broadcast airwaves.

     As the Commission with the strongest enforcement record 
in decades, it should come as little surprise that this 
Commission's indecency enforcement has dwarfed its 
predecessors.  I am proud of the fact that over the past 
three years, we have proposed nearly twice the dollar amount 
of indecency fines than the previous two Commissions 
combined (over seven years) and ten times the amount of 
fines proposed by the last Commission.

     Now is not, however, a time to rest on our laurels and 
no broadcaster should believe that we will.  Indeed, due to 
the leadership on this issue from Commissioner Martin, the 
Commission will soon begin considering fines for each 
separate utterance found indecent in a broadcast.  In 
addition, we will continue to look to Congress to 
dramatically increase the enforcement penalties available to 
us to prosecute clear indecency violations.  I applaud 
Chairman Upton, Chairman Tauzin, Congressmen Dingell and 
Markey, Chairman McCain, Senator Hollings and the many 
others on both sides of the aisle in Congress for providing 
vital leadership on this issue.  

     As the Commission continues the challenging task of 
balancing the protections of the First Amendment with the 
need to protect our young, these increased enforcement 
actions will allow the Commission to turn what is now a 
``cost of doing business'' into a significant ``cost for 
doing indecent business.''