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                           Before the
                Federal Communications Commission
                     Washington, D.C. 20554

In the Matter of                 )
Community Broadcasting, Inc.     )    File Number EB-03-KC-021
Licensee of Radio Station KCRL-  )    NAL/Acct. No. 200332560019
FM in                            )
Sunrise Beach, Missouri          )    FRN 0005-0141-62
Overland Park, Kansas            )

                        FORFEITURE ORDER

   Adopted:  November 9, 2004           Released:  November 15, 

By the Assistant Chief, Enforcement Bureau:


     1.   In this Forfeiture Order (``Order''), we impose a 
forfeiture of two thousand dollars ($2,000) on Community 
Broadcasting, Inc. (``Community'') licensee of Radio Station 
KCRL-FM (``Station KCRL''), in Sunrise Beach, Missouri, for 
willful and repeated violation of Section 73.3526(a)(2) of the 
Commission's Rules (``Rules'').1  The violations involve 
Community's failure to maintain all required items in the public 
inspection file (``public file'').  

     2.   On March 11, 2003, the District Director of the 
Commission's Kansas City, Missouri Field Office (``Kansas City 
Office'') issued a Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture 
(``NAL'') in the amount of twenty five hundred dollars ($2,500) 
to Community for the noted violations.2  Community filed a 
response to the NAL on April 10, 2003.

II.          BACKGROUND  

     3.   On January 29, 2003, an agent of the FCC's Kansas City 
Office inspected the public file for radio station KCRL-FM, 
Sunrise Beach, Missouri.  The agent twice inspected each item, 
page by page, in station KCRL's public file and found it did not 
contain either a contour map or the current ownership report in 
violation of Sections 73.3526(e)(4) and 73.3526(e)(5).3  The 
agent contacted Mr. Eben Fowler, KCRL's Director of Broadcasting 
Operations and was informed that the current ownership report was 
on Mr. Fowler's desk in Overland Park, Kansas.  No explanation 
was given for the missing contour report.  Mr. Fowler promised to 
quickly rectify the problems. 

     4.   Community's response requested dismissal of the 
proposed forfeiture on multiple grounds: the contour map always 
was in the public file, but, the agent missed it in his search;4 
the current ownership report (2001) was in the public file and 
its early filing of the February 1, 2003 ownership report did not 
make the early filed report the report of record,5 thus, no 
violation of  73.3526(e)(5) occurred;  no inspection of KCRL's 
public file should have occurred because the  Commission had been 
notified of the date of its scheduled mock inspection by the 
Missouri Broadcasters Association (``MBA''); a subsequent mock 
inspection by the MBA confirmed that the public file was in 
order; the contour map was attached to the construction 
application for the station at Exhibit 5 and need not have been 
in a separate folder; and Community has no history of violation 
of the Commission's Rules.  In further support of a reduction or 
cancellation of its forfeiture, Community cited a series of 
Enforcement Bureau cases.6


     5.   The District Director assessed the proposed forfeiture 
amount in this case in accordance with Section 503(b) of the 
Communications Act of 1934, as amended (``Act''),7  Section 1.80 
of the Rules,8 and The Commission's Forfeiture Policy Statement 
and Amendments of Section 1.80 of the Rules to Incorporate the 
Forfeiture Guidelines (``Policy Statement'').9  In examining 
Community's response, Section 503(b) of the Act requires that the 
Commission take into account the nature, circumstances, extent 
and gravity of the violation and, with respect to the violator, 
the degree of culpability, and any history of prior offenses, 
ability to pay, and such other matters as justice may require.10

     6.   Section 73.3526(a)(2) of the Rules requires every 
permittee or licensee of an AM, FM, TV or Class A TV station in 
the commercial broadcast services to maintain a public inspection 
file (``public file''), containing in its public file the 
material described in Sections 73.3526(e)(1) through (e)(10).11  
The purpose of the public file is to provide the public with 
timely information at regular intervals throughout the license 

     7.     Specifically Section 73.3526(e)(4) of the Rules13 
requires that copies of any service contour map reflecting 
accurate station information be kept in the station's public 
inspection file.14  The agent's January 29, 2003 inspection 
failed to reveal any contour map in Community's public file.  
Nothing in Community's response or its accompanying affidavits 
causes us to overturn the agent's observations.  

     8.   Subsequent reviews of Community's public file by Mr. 
Douglas and the MBA on February 12, 2003 and February 26, 2003, 
respectively, cannot establish that the contour map which was not 
found by the FCC agent on January 29, 2003 was actually in the 
file on that date. All the information supplied by Community 
regarding the missing contour map relates to later dates and 
substantiates only that the map was subsequently in the file. We 
note that the agent searched the file twice on January 29, 2003, 
and did not find the contour map.  

     9.   Section 73.3526(e)(5) of the Rules specifically 
requires retention of the most recent ownership report ``... 
until a new, complete ownership report is filed with the FCC, at 
which time a copy of the new report ... shall be placed in the 
file.''   Community admits that its January 8, 2003 ownership 
report was not in the public file on January 29, 2003.  Community 
contends that the January 2001 ownership report remains the new 
ownership report until February 1, 2003, (the date by which the 
new ownership report must be filed), notwithstanding its January 
8, 2003 filing with the Commission of a new ownership report.  We 
disagree.  Community misconstrues the Rule as the Rule requires 
the new report, (i.e. the January 8, 2003 ownership report), to 
be placed in the public file and nothing in the Rules 
contemplates or permits a delay in placing the report in the 
public file if the ownership report is filed early with the 

     10.    Nor can Community's scheduled inspection by MBA under 
the Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program Agreement 
(``agreement'') between the FCC and the MBA suffice to prevent 
the Commission from performing its statutory duties.15  Community 
concedes this in its response and the operative agreement 
confirms it.  The agreement halts inspections by the FCC only 
upon certification and FCC notification of the certification by 
the MBA.16  Neither event occurred in this instance.  The MBA 
inspection was requested prior to September 4, 2002, but was not 
conducted until February 26, 2003, which was after the January 
29, 2003 inspection by the Commission.  Accordingly, we determine 
that Community willfully17 and repeatedly18 violated Section 
73.3526(a)(2) based on the agent's review of the file and the 
absence of any contour map within the file at the time of his 
inspection and Community's admission that the new ownership 
report was not in the public file. Commission precedent supports 
imposition of a forfeiture for these public file violations.19  
After considering all the circumstances, we believe that 
Community's lack of prior violations warrants a reduction of the 
forfeiture to two thousand dollars.  Accordingly, we reduce the 
forfeiture from twenty five hundred dollars to two thousand 


     11.  Accordingly, IT IS ORDERED that, pursuant to Section 
503(b) of the Act, and Sections 0.111, 0.311 and 1.80(f)(4) of 
the Rules,20 Community Broadcasting, Inc., IS LIABLE FOR A 
MONETARY FORFEITURE in the amount of two thousand dollars 
($2,000) for its willful and repeated violation of Section 
73.3526(a)(2) of the Rules at station KCRL-FM.

     12.  Payment of the forfeiture shall be made in the manner 
provided for in Section 1.80 of the Rules within 30 days of the 
release of this Order.  If the forfeiture is not paid within the 
period specified, the case may be referred to the Department of 
Justice for collection pursuant to Section 504(a) of the Act.21  
Payment may be made by credit card through the Commission's 
Credit and Debt Management Center at (202) 418-1995 or by mailing 
a check or similar instrument payable to the order of the Federal 
Communications Commission, to the Federal Communications 
Commission, P.O. Box 73482, Chicago, Illinois 60673-7482.  
Payment by overnight mail may be sent to Bank One/LB 73482, 525 
West Monroe, 8TH Floor Mailroom, Chicago, Illinois 60661.  
Payment by wire transfer may be made to ABA Number 071000013, 
receiving bank Bank One, and account number 1165259.  The payment 
must include the FCC Registration Number (FRN) and the NAL/Acct. 
No. referenced in the caption.  Requests for full payment under 
an installment plan should be sent to: Chief, Credit and Debt 
Management Center, 445 12th Street, S.W., Washington, D.C. 

     13.  The Commission will not consider reducing or canceling 
a forfeiture in response to a claim of inability to pay unless 
the petitioner submits: (1) federal tax returns for the most 
recent three-year period; (2) financial statements prepared 
according to generally accepted accounting practices (``GAAP''); 
or (3) some other reliable and objective documentation that 
accurately reflects the petitioner's current financial status.  
Any claim of inability to pay must specifically identify the 
basis for the claim by reference to the financial documentation 
     14.  IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this Forfeiture 
Order shall be sent by First Class and Certified Mail, Return 
Receipt Requested to Community Broadcasting, Inc., 3405 Shady 
Bend Drive, Independence, Missouri 64052, attn: Mr. Richard P. 
Bott and its Counsel, Harry C. Martin, Esq.,  Fletcher, Heald & 
Hildreth PLC, 1300 North 17th Street, 11th Floor, Arlington, 
Virginia 22209.

                    FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION             
                         George R. Dillon
                         Assistant Chief, Enforcement Bureau


1 47 C.F.R.  3526(a)(2).
2 Community Broadcasting, Inc., NAL/Acct. No. 200332560019  (Enf. 
Bur. Kansas City Office rel. March 11, 2003).
3 47 C.F.R.  73.3526(e)(4), 73.3526(e)(5).
4 Affidavits by Community employees familiar with KCRL, Richard 
P. Bott, II (Vice President) Eric Douglas (broadband engineer) 
believe that the contour map was in the public file attached to 
an application at the time of inspection.  Douglas believes that 
the ownership report dated January 16, 2001 and not the report 
dated January 8, 2003 is the operative ownership report as of 
January 29, 2003, the date of the inspection. 
5 Community chose the Commission's February 1 reporting date for 
Nebraska stations as the reporting date for its multiple 
stations, including KCRL.  Accordingly, Community contends that 
its January 8, 2003 ownership report did not become the operative 
ownership report until Feb. 1, 2003 and need not have been filed 
until such date.  Thus, Community contends that the operative 
ownership report was in the file on January 29, 2003.
6 South Central Communications Corp., 18 FCC Rcd 700 (EB. 2003); 
BanJo Communications Group, Inc., 17 FCC Rcd 26101 (EB. 2002); 
Radio One Licenses, Inc. 17 FCC Rcd 18242 (EB. 2002); and Alpine 
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resulted in forfeiture reduction for a history of no prior 
violations of the Rules. 
7 47 U.S.C.  503(b).
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11 The additional requirements  in Section 73.3526(a)(2) are  not 
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Program of the Missouri Broadcasters Association and the Kansas 
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by the MBA.  The agreement sets forth specific preconditions for 
applicability: ``The MBA will notify the FCC's Kansas City office 
and the subject station of the station's compliance by forwarding 
a certification of station compliance to both locations.  Upon 
receipt of this certification, the FCC will promise not to 
perform a random, routine inspection for a period of three (3) 
years from the date of certification.  The FCC will only inspect 
a station during this period on the basis of an external 
requirement, such as a complaint or targeted compliance program.  
The FCC also agrees to abort any attempted inspection upon 
showing that 1) a station inspection was conducted within the 
last sixty (60) days, or 2) an inspection was conducted within 
the last sixty (60) days and deficiencies have yet to be 
corrected.''  We note that the agreement was superceded by a new 
Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program dated August 15, 2003.
16 Id.
17 Section 503(b) of the Act provides that ``[t]he term 
`willful', when used with reference to the Commission or omission 
of any act, means the conscious and deliberate commission or 
omission of such act, irrespective of any intent to violate any 
provision of this Act or any rule or regulation of the Commission 
authorized by this Act....''  See Southern California 
Broadcasting Co., 6 FCC Rcd 4387 (1991) (finding the term 
``willful'' simply requires that the violator knew it was taking 
the action in question, irrespective of any intent to violate the 
18 The term ``repeated'' means the commission or omission of an 
act more than once.  47 U.S.C.  312(f)(2).  
19 See KLDT-TV 55, Inc., 10 FCC Rcd 3198 (1995) (forfeiture 
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