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                           Before the
                Federal Communications Commission
                     Washington, D.C. 20554

In the Matter of                )
Editorial Amendment of Part 0 of the)   
Commission's Rules              )


Adopted:  September 8, 2004             Released:  September 13, 

By the Managing Director:

  1.      In  this  Order,  we  amend  Section  0.121(b)  of  the 
Commission's  Rules  (``Rules'')   to  update  the   geographical 
coordinate  locations   of  the   Commission's  protected   field 
installations where  radio  spectrum  monitoring  operations  are 
conducted.1  Specifically,  this Order  deletes the  geographical 
coordinates of  the  Commission's  Anchorage,  Alaska  monitoring 
facility from the list of protected field installations set forth 
in  Section  0.121(b).2    These  locations  are  protected  from 
harmful  radio   frequency  interference   to  the   Commission's 
monitoring activities that could be produced by the proximity  of 
any nearby radio transmitting facilities.

  2.      Accordingly,  IT  IS  ORDERED  that,  pursuant  to  the 
authority contained in Sections 4(i) and 5 of the  Communications 
Act of 1934,  as amended,3  and Section 0.231(b)  of the  Rules,4 
Part 0 of the Rules IS AMENDED as set forth in Appendix A.

  3.      The rule amendment  adopted herein  pertains to  agency 
organization, procedure and  practice.  Consequently, the  notice 
and  comment  provision  of  the  Administrative  Procedure   Act 
contained in 5 U.S.C. § 553(b) is inapplicable.

  4.      IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the rule amendment set forth 
in Appendix  A  will become  effective  upon publication  in  the 
Federal Register.

  5.      For further  information, contact  the FCC  Enforcement 
Bureau, Spectrum  Enforcement Division,  445 12th  Street,  S.W., 
Washington, D.C.  20554, (202) 418-1160.


                         Andrew S. Fishel
                         Managing Director
                           APPENDIX A

Part 0 of Chapter 1 of Title 47 of the Code of Federal 
Regulations is amended as follows:


1.        The authority citation for Part 0 continues to read as 
     Authority:  Secs. 5, 48 Stat. 1068, as amended; 47 U.S.C. 
     2.   Section 0.121 of the Rules is amended by revising 
paragraph (b) to read as follows:
* * * * *

     (b)   Protected field offices are located at the following 
geographical coordinates (coordinates are referenced to North 
American Datum 1983 (NAD83)):

Allegan, Michigan
    42º36'20.1'' N. Latitude
    85º57'20.1'' W. Longitude
Belfast, Maine
    44º26'42.3'' N. Latitude
    69º04'56.1'' W. Longitude
Canandaigua, New York
    42º54'48.2'' N. Latitude
    77º15'57.9'' W. Longitude
Douglas, Arizona
    31º30'02.3'' N. Latitude
    109º39'14.3'' W. Longitude
Ferndale, Washington
    48º57'20.4'' N. Latitude
    122º33'17.6'' W. Longitude
Grand Island, Nebraska
    40º55'21.0'' N. Latitude
    98º25'43.2'' W. Longitude
Kenai, Alaska
    60º43'26.0'' N. Latitude
    151º20'15.0'' W. Longitude
Kingsville, Texas
    27º26'30.1'' N. Latitude
    97º53'01.0'' W. Longitude
Laurel, Maryland
    39º09'54.4'' N. Latitude
    76º49'15.9'' W. Longitude
Livermore, California
    37º43'29.7'' N. Latitude
    121º45'15.8'' W. Longitude
Powder Springs, Georgia
    33º51'44.4'' N. Latitude
    84º43'25.8'' W. Longitude
Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico
    18º00'18.9'' N. Latitude
    66º22'30.6'' W. Longitude
Vero Beach, Florida
    27º36'22.1'' N. Latitude
    80º38'05.2'' W. Longitude
Waipahu, Hawai
    21º22'33.6'' N. Latitude
    157º59'44.1'' W. Longitude


1 47 C.F.R. § 0.121(b)
 2 The Anchorage,  Alaska monitoring facility  was replaced by  a 
 new facility  located in  Kenai, Alaska.  See In  the Matter  of 
 Editorial Amendment of Part 0 of the Commission's Rules, 18  FCC 
 Rcd 19213 (Man. Dir. 2003). 
3 47 U.S.C. §§ 154(i) and 155.
4 47 C.F.R. § 0.231(b).