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            Section 271 Compliance Review Program
                       SBC: California
      Commission Identified Compliance Review Subjects1

I.   Checklist Item 2:  Unbundled Network Elements
     I.A.      Access to Operations Support Systems 
          I.A.1.    Pre-Ordering (See Order, paragraphs 81-
          I.A.2.    Ordering and Provisioning (See Order, 
          paragraphs 84-85)
          I.A.3.    Maintenance and Repair (See Order, 
          paragraphs 86-87)
          I.A.4.    Billing (See Order, paragraphs 88-95)
             I.A.5. Change Management and Technical 
             Assistance (See Order, paragraphs 96-101)

II.  Checklist Item 4:  Unbundled Local Loops
     II.A.     Voice Grade Loops (See Order, paragraphs 126-
     II.B.     High-Capacity Loops (See Order, paragraphs 

III.      Checklist Item 11:  Local Number Portability (See 
     Order, paragraphs 104-09)

IV.  Checklist Item 14: Resale (See Order, paragraphs 110-

V.   Section 272 Compliance: (See Order, paragraphs 145-46)

VI.  Public Interest Analysis
        VI.A.  Other Issues identified by the California 
        Commission (See Order, paragraphs 165-76)

1    As indicated in the letter to which this attachment is 
appended, the Bureau may, for enforcement purposes, monitor 
and evaluate SBC's performance in other subject matter areas 
and/or with other performance measures not expressly noted 
by the Commission in its Order.