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                          Attachment A

                  BRONCO BROADCASTING CO., INC.


     Bronco Broadcasting  Co., Inc.  ("Bronco" or  "Company")  is 
committed to  full  and  complete  compliance  with  the  Federal 
Communications Commission's (``Commission'') Rules (``Rules'') in 
connection with the operation of standard broadcast Station KIRL, 
St. Charles,  Missouri.   In  order to  ensure  such  compliance, 
Bronco   will   implement   a   comprehensive   Compliance   Plan 
(``Compliance Plan'')  regarding  the  Rules.  The  Company  will 
incorporate this Compliance Plan into its operational  practices.  
The goal of this Compliance Plan  is to establish a routine  that 
will insure Bronco's compliance with the applicable Rules as they 
pertain to  Station  KIRL.   Thus, Bronco  will  conduct  monthly 
compliance checks  to insure  that appropriate  requirements  are 
being met.  The  monthly checks  will terminate  when Bronco  has 
completed twelve (12)  consecutive monthly  checks that  indicate 
complete compliance.  Thereafter, Bronco will continue to monitor 
compliance with random checks.  The primary objective of Bronco's 
Compliance Plan is to have an effective and meaningful  procedure 
in place to  detect, as  well as  to prevent,  violations of  the 
appropriate Rules pertaining  to the operation  of Station  KIRL.  
In addition, the Company will hold an annual training program for 
its  employees  to  review   the  Company's  standards  and   the 
applicable Rules governing the operation of Station KIRL.
     The Plan  will  be  administered  by  Mrs.  Virginia  White, 
assistant  General  Manager  and  Ms.  Sharon  Walters,   Station 
Administrator assistant, who will  report to the stockholders  of 
Bronco regularly about the results of the Compliance Plan.