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Partnerships with other governmental entities, with its regulated industries, and with certain trade associations are core to the FCC's Homeland Security initiatives; FCC representatives actively participate in over 50 organizations that are concerned with Homeland Security at the international, national, state, local, or tribal level. In addition, Bureaus and Offices throughout the Commission regularly initiate actions that promote Homeland Security objectives. These objectives include protecting and facilitating rapid restoration of the nation's communications infrastructure, promoting effective communications services for public safety, public health, and other emergency personnel, and enhancing the Commission's own emergency response capabilities. Select elements of the current action plan, which in many cases also involve our partnerships, are as follows.

1. OBJECTIVE: Strengthen measures for protecting the nation's communications infrastructure and facilitate rapid service restoration after disruption:

2. OBJECTIVE: Promote access to effective communications services by public safety, public health, and other emergency personnel:

July 2003