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                               ENFORCEMENT BUREAU

                                NORTHEAST REGION

                                New York Office

                               201 Varick Street

                              New York, NY, 10014

                                  May 18, 2010

   Anoy Wray

   Carteret, New Jersey

                         NOTICE OF UNLICENSED OPERATION

   Case Number: EB-10-NY-0062

   Document Number: W201032380068

   The New York Office received information that interference was being
   caused to critical GPS navigation signals in the restricted 1453 - 1626.5
   MHz band. On April 29, 2010, agents from this office confirmed by
   direction finding techniques that radio signals were emanating from a
   radio transmitting device apparently designed to jam Global Positioning
   System ("GPS") transmissions that was located in Anoy Wray's Chevrolet
   Uplander on the New Jersey Turnpike in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The signal
   emanating from Anoy Wray's vehicle was interfering with critical GPS
   navigation signals on 1575.42 MHz. The use of a GPS jammer is strictly

   Persons operating or using radio transmitters must be licensed or
   authorized by the FCC, pursuant to Section 301 of the Communications Act
   of 1934, as amended. In addition, radio transmitting equipment must comply
   with FCC rules.  GPS jammers are intentional radiators and operate in
   frequency bands used for GPS, which are within the restricted frequency
   bands listed in Section 15.205(a) of the Rules. The purpose of GPS jammers
   is to block or interfere with radio communications that are conveying
   navigation information. Such use is prohibited by Section 333 of the Act,
   which states that "[n]o person shall willfully or maliciously interfere
   with or cause interference to any radio communications of any station
   licensed or authorized by or under this Act or operated by the United
   States Government." A GPS jammer operates in restricted frequency bands,
   intentionally interferes with radio communications, is not eligible for
   FCC certification, and use of a GPS jammer is strictly prohibited.

   The operation of a  GPS jammer by Anoy Wray constitutes a violation of
   Sections 333 and 301 of the Act, as described above,  and may subject Anoy
   Wray  to substantial monetary forfeitures, in rem arrest action against
   the offending radio equipment, and criminal sanctions including
   imprisonment. Because unauthorized operation creates a danger of
   interference to important radio communications services, and may subject
   the operator to severe penalties, this warning emphasizes the importance
   of complying strictly with these legal requirements.


   Within ten (10) days from the date of this warning, you are asked to
   provide information regarding the entity from whom you purchased the
   device, including copies of any receipts or invoices, and information
   about the device, including make, model, serial number and any other
   relevant information in your possession. You also may respond with any
   other information you believe relevant to this warning. Your response
   should be sent to the address in the letterhead and reference the listed
   case number. Under the Privacy Act of 1974, we are informing you that the
   Commission's staff will use all relevant material information before it to
   determine what, if any, enforcement action is required to ensure your
   compliance with the Communications Act and FCC Rules. This will include
   any information that you disclose in your reply.

   Be advised that this warning does not preclude this office from pursuing
   additional sanctions based upon our investigation of this incident.

   Daniel W. Noel

   District Director

   New York Office

   47 C.F.R. Part 2, Subpart J.

   47 C.F.R. S: 15.205(a). Section 15.205(a) of the Rules allows intentional
   radiators to transmit only spurious emissions in the restricted frequency
   bands. This section permits only very low level spurious emissions in
   restricted bands, from transmitters operating outside the restricted

   47 U.S.C. S: 333.

   47 U.S.C. S:S: 301, 302a(b), 333.

   See 47 U.S.C. S:S: 401, 501, 503, 510.

   5 U.S.C. S: 552a(e)(3).