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                               ENFORCEMENT BUREAU

                              SOUTH CENTRAL REGION

                                 Norfolk Office

                       1457 Mount Pleasant Road Suite 113

                              Chesapeake VA 23322

                                November 8, 2007

   Pinnacle Towers LLC

   Attention To: Regulatory Department

   200 Corporate Drive

   Canonsburg PA 15317

                         NOTICE OF UNLICENSED OPERATION

                                                    Case Number: EB-07-NF-042

                                               Document Number: W200832640001

   The Norfolk Office received information that United States Coast Guard
   (USCG) was receiving interference in the area around Edenton, North
   Carolina on a frequency of 157.100 MHz. On June 6, 2007, an agent from
   this office confirmed by direction finding techniques that transmissions
   from a 46.68 MHz transmitter produced spurious emissions on 157.10 MHz and
   several other frequencies. The transmitter was located at the base of
   antenna structure # 1002358 located at 133 Ashland Church Road, Merry
   Hill, North Carolina. You admitted that you own this antenna structure and
   the surrounding property and suggested deactivating the transmitter
   because your technicians could not readily visit the site. When a USCG
   technician deactivated the transmitter, the interference and spurious
   emissions vanished. The Commission's records show that no license was
   issued to you for operation of a radio station on 46.68 MHz at this
   location in Merry Hill.

   Radio stations must be licensed by the FCC pursuant to 47 U.S.C. S: 301.
   The only exception to this licensing requirement is for certain
   transmitters using or operating at a power level that complies with the
   standards established in Part 15 of the Commission's rules, 47 C.F.R.
   S:S:  15.1 et seq. The expired authorization for transmissions on 46.48
   MHz permitted a transmitter output power of 150 Watts, which exceeds the
   limits established in Part 15. In addition, the agents observed that the
   transmitter was not certified for use as a Part 15 device and was
   connected to an external antenna. Thus, transmissions on 46.68MHz from 133
   Ashland Church Road violated 47 U.S.C. S: 301.

   You are hereby warned that transmitting without a valid radio station
   authorization constitutes a violation of the Federal laws cited above and
   could subject the operator of this illegal operation to severe penalties,
   including, but not limited to, substantial monetary forfeitures, in rem
   arrest action against the offending radio equipment, and criminal
   sanctions including imprisonment. (See 47 U.S.C. S:S: 401, 501, 503 and

   Unlicensed transmissions were discontinued on June 6, 2007, but must not
   resume without authorization.

   You have ten (10) days from the date of this notice to respond with any
   evidence that your operation of the subject transmitter complies with FCC
   Rules or describe the actions you have taken to insure that unauthorized
   transmissions from transmitters abandoned on your property will be
   prevented. Your response should be sent to the address in the letterhead
   and reference the listed case and document number. Under the Privacy Act
   of 1974, 5 U.S.C. S: 552a(e)(3), we are informing you that the
   Commission's staff will use all relevant material information before it to
   determine what, if any, enforcement action is required to ensure your
   compliance with FCC Rules. This will include any information that you
   disclose in your reply.

   You may contact this office if you have any questions.

   Joseph P. Husnay

   Resident Agent

   Norfolk Office

   South Central Region

   Enforcement Bureau

   A previous tower owner had a license to operate on 46.68 MHz from antenna
   structure # 1002358, however, this license expired in 2003.