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   April 1, 2009

   Mr. Gary Long, CEO

   Public Service Company of New Hampshire

   780 North Commercial Street

   Manchester, NH 03104

   Re: EB-09-GB-0028

   Mr. Long:

   The Federal Communications Commission contacted your company by letter
   dated May 12, 2003, indicating that it had received complaints of harmful
   radio interference possibly caused by power line equipment maintained by
   your company. The interference was reported by:

   (name withheld)

   (address withheld)

   Lebanon, ME 04027-9715

   Phone: (withheld)

   Email: (withheld)

   Following that letter, representatives of PSNH came out, located several
   noise sources, and began work with the complainant to resolve the
   situation. During 2004 and into 2005, the licensee continued to experience
   interference and continued to contact PSNH to correct the problems. PSNH
   did continue to contact the licensee, and worked with him to locate and
   correct several instances of noise. By 2007, however, progress on
   resolution of the remaining instances of noise was at a virtual
   stand-still. During the summer of 2007, representatives of PSNH would come
   out, but were unable to satisfactorily locate and resolve the outstanding
   instances of interference.

   Given the fact this case has been ongoing for quite some time without
   resolution and PSNH has had ample time to locate the instances of
   interference and make the necessary repairs, you are directed to respond
   to the undersigned within 60 days of receipt of this letter detailing what
   steps you have taken to resolve the remaining instances of interference
   that are reported as being caused by PSNH equipment. Should the remaining
   interference problems not be resolved within those 60 days, PSNH will be
   required to provide the undersigned with a status update every two (2)
   weeks going forward as to what progress, if any, has been made to resolve
   the matter.

   If you have any questions about this matter, please contact me at


   Laura L. Smith

   Special Counsel


   Northeast Regional Director

   A copy of that letter is enclosed for your convenience.