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   August 9, 2010

   Mr. Jay M. Ignacio, P.E.


   Hawaiian Electric Light Company

   PO Box 1027

   Hilo, Hawaii, 96721-1027

   Re: EB-09-GB-0294

   Dear Mr. Ignacio:

   The Federal Communications Commission has previously notified you by
   letter on December 16, 2009, that it has received complaints of harmful
   radio interference possibly caused by equipment operated by your company.
   This interference has been reported by an operator in the Amateur Radio
   Service. The complainant is:

   Location of Complaint Complainant's Mailing Address

   (Name withheld) (Name withheld)

   (Address withheld (Address withheld)

   (Address withheld) (Address withheld)

   Tel: (Number withheld)

   In this letter, you were advised that this problem, if unresolved, could
   be a violation of Commission rules and could result in a monetary
   forfeiture. For this reason, we encouraged the parties involved to
   voluntarily resolve this matter without Commission intervention. If
   however it became necessary to facilitate a resolution, the Commission
   might investigate possible rules violations and address appropriate
   remedies, including monetary forfeiture.

   You were further advised that the Commission expects that most cases can
   be resolved within 60 days of the time they are first reported to the
   utility company. In addition, if unable to resolve this matter by February
   19, 2010, you were advised to inform this office about the nature of the
   problem, the steps being taken to resolve it and the estimated time in
   which those steps can be accomplished. You responded to this office on
   January 26, 2010. In that letter you indicated that you were planning to
   replace or address all identified noise generating devices within a
   quarter mile radius of (name withheld's) home by the end of March, 2010.
   Included in your list of noise generating devices were lightning
   arresters, hot line clamps, and strain insulators. Although you responded
   to this office within the specified time period and came up with a
   detailed plan to attempt to locate and resolve the interference, (name
   withthel) reports that harmful interference to his station continues.

   We note that quite often in preparing a response to these letters, a
   utility will indicate that they have spent countless hours locating and
   correcting "noise" in and around the residence of the amateur.
   Unfortunately, those sources of "noise" are not the noise that is causing
   interference to the amateur. It is not the Commission's intent that the
   utility should correct all sources of "noise" in and around the amateur's
   residence; rather, it is our intent that you locate and eliminate the
   specific noise causing radio frequency interference to (name withheld).

   In order to correctly identify and then eliminate the source of (name
   withheld's) specific radio interference, staff from HELCO will need to
   visit (name withheld's) residence and listen to the noise on his amateur
   equipment. Once your staff has heard (name withheld's) specific "noise,"
   they will be better equipped to locate and correct the specific source of
   his radio interference. Most modern locating equipment, in fact, has the
   ability to observe and record noise signatures. Matching the unique
   signature or pattern of each offending noise source will help eliminate
   any unnecessary repairs, thus improving efficiency and reducing costs.

   You are directed to respond to the undersigned within sixty (60) days from
   the date of receipt of this letter providing a statement of when you
   visited (name withheld's) residence and after that visit, the specific
   action(s) taken to identify and eliminate the source(s) of (name
   withheld's) radio interference. If you have any questions about this
   matter, please contact me in writing at: 1270 Fairfield Road, Gettysburg,
   PA 17325 or via telephone at 717-338-2577.


   Laura L. Smith, Esq.

   Special Counsel

   Enforcement Bureau

   cc: Honolulu Resident Agent

   Western Regional Director