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   July 6, 2011

   Ms. Jody Noble, Esq.

   Duquesne Light Company

   Law Department

   411 Seventh Avenue

   Pittsburgh, PA 15219

   Re: EB-11-GB-0032

   Dear Ms. Noble:

   The Federal Communications Commission has received complaints that
   equipment operated by your utility may be causing harmful radio
   interference to an operator in the Amateur Radio Service. The complainant

   (Name withheld)

   (Address withheld)

   (Address withheld)

   (Name withheld) has attempted unsuccessfully to work through your usual
   complaint resolution process and as a result the matter has been referred
   to our office. The Commission expects that those responsible for the
   proper operation of power lines assume their responsibilities fairly. This
   means that your utility company should locate the source of any
   interference caused by its equipment and make necessary corrections within
   a reasonable time.

   As you are aware, the Commission contacted you on March 17, 2005 regarding
   (name withheld) complaint. You responded on April 26, 2005 and again on
   June 2, 2005 detailing the steps your company had taken to attempt to
   resolve the interference to (name withheld) amateur radio station. On July
   27, 2009, the Commission again contacted you regarding (name withheld)
   ongoing complaint and again re-iterated the need for Duquesne Light to
   address the issue. You responded to the Commission on November 12, 2009
   and later on February 11, 2011 again laying out the steps your company had
   taken to resolve the matter.

   Due to the lack of progress in resolving this matter, in May of 2011 the
   Commission sent out a field agent for an on-site investigation into the
   continuing problem. The FCC agent was joined by Mr. Mike Gruber of the
   ARRL and Mr. Mike Martin of RFI Services. This investigation located
   several significant sources of noise. The FCC field agent used a RF-240-A
   and a handheld antenna and located six (6) sources of noise within a few
   hours. The six (6) sources of noise are as follows:

   sB Pole #209273: The pole is located on Middle Road and is the pole with
   switches located at its top.

   sB Pole #206408: The pole is located on McNeal Road, just east of Woodland

   sB Pole #237106 and pole #2371707: These poles are located on McNeal Road
   and are adjacent to one another.

   sB Pole 357277: The pole is located in the rear of Market parking lot.

   sB Pole #43883: This pole is located on the intersection of Maine Road and
   Middle Road.

   sB The intersection of Woodland Circle and Route 8 has a number of power
   lines that seem to be exhibiting high noise levels.

   Given the fact this case has been ongoing for quite some time without
   resolution and Duquesne Light has had ample time to make the necessary
   repairs, you are directed to respond to the undersigned within 30 days of
   receipt of this letter detailing what steps you have taken to resolve the
   six (6) instances of interference listed above that are reported as being
   caused by Duquesne Light's equipment.

   Likewise, given the fact that the field investigation by the FCC field
   agent took place under time constraints and cannot be considered
   comprehensive, you are further directed to provide to the undersigned
   within 60 days of receipt of this letter a written report as to what steps
   Duquesne Light has undertaken to locate and identify additional sources of
   interference and what steps Duquesne Light intends to take to correct(name
   withheld) radio frequency interference. Should the remaining interference
   problems not be resolved within those 60 days, Duquesne Light will be
   required to provide the undersigned with a status update every two (2)
   weeks going forward as to what progress, if any, has been made to resolve
   the matter.

   If you have any questions about this matter, please contact me in writing
   at: 1270 Fairfield Road, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 17325 or via phone at


   Laura L. Smith, Esq.

   Special Counsel

   Enforcement Bureau

   cc: Philadelphia Field Office

   Northeastern Regional Director