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   August 17, 2009

   Mr. David M. McClanahan, CEO

   Center Point Energy, Inc.

   (address withheld)

   Houston, TX 77002

   Re: Warning Notice


   Dear Mr. McClanahan:

   On April 29, 2009, the Federal Communications Commission notified Center
   Point Energy, Inc. that it had received complaints from (name withheld)
   that equipment operated by your utility might be causing harmful radio
   interference to his amateur radio equipment. (name withheld)'s contact
   information is as follows:

   (name withheld)

   (address withheld)

   Spring, TX 77373

   Tel: (number withheld)

   The April 29, 2009 letter advised Center Point Energy, Inc. that the
   interference, if unresolved, could be a violation of Commission rules. For
   this reason, we encouraged Center Point Energy, Inc. to voluntarily
   resolve the matter without Commission intervention. The letter
   specifically stated, however, that if it became necessary for the
   Commission to facilitate a resolution, the Commission might investigate
   possible rule violations and address appropriate remedies, including
   monetary forfeitures. Commission records indicate that we did not receive
   a response from Center Point Energy, Inc. to the April 29, 2009 letter.
   Likewise, (name withheld) reports that there has been no reduction in the
   radio frequency interference.

   Quite often in preparing a response to these letters, a utility will
   indicate that they have spent countless hours locating and correcting
   "noise" in and around the residence of the amateur. Unfortunately, those
   sources of "noise" are not the noise that is causing interference to the
   amateur. It is not the Commission's intent that the utility should correct
   all sources of "noise" in and around the amateur's residence; rather, it
   is our intent that you locate and eliminate the specific noise causing
   radio frequency interference to (name withheld). In order to correctly
   identify and then eliminate the source of (name withheld)'s specific radio
   interference, staff from Center Point Energy, Inc. will need to visit
   (name withheld)'s residence and listen to the noise on his amateur
   equipment. Once your staff has heard (name withheld)'s specific "noise,"
   they will be better equipped to locate and correct the specific source of
   his radio interference.

   In order to avoid enforcement action on this matter, you have thirty (30)
   days from the date of receipt of this warning to respond to this office at
   the following address: 1270 Fairfield Road, Gettysburg, PA 17325. The
   response must contain a statement of when you visited (name withheld)'s
   residence and after that visit, the specific action(s) taken to identify
   and eliminate the source(s) of (name withheld)'s radio interference. If
   you have any questions about this matter, please contact me at


   Laura L. Smith, Esq.

   Special Counsel

   Enforcement Bureau

   cc: Dallas Field Office

   South Central Regional Director

   Fines normally range from $7,500 to $10,000.