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"The Emergence of Convergence"

remarks as prepared for delivery

Deborah A. Lathen, Chief, Cable Services Bureau
Federal Communications Commission
Strategic Research Institute
July 22, 1999

Introduction and Context The Emergence of Convergence Broadband Broadband is in its Infancy Cable State of Affairs Role of the Regulator The Cable Bureau's Mandate Balancing Public Policy Interests This concludes my formal presentation. If time permits, I would be happy to update you on some of the pending matters that might be of interest to you.

I would like to thank the Strategic Research Institute and particularly your co-chairs Frank Lloyd and Stephanie Richards for inviting me here today

Hot Topics

There are at least three:

  1. Our approach to mergers under review;
  2. Horizontal Ownership and Attribution Rules; and
  3. Our concern about local legislative activities on broadband.
Mergers and Consolidation Horizontal Ownership and Attribution Rules Amicus Brief Apdtg/ AH 7-22-99