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November 9, 2000


Re: Service Quality Reporting Requirements

I enthusiastically support the notice of proposed rulemaking we adopt today. With this proceeding, we are taking a serious look at how the FCC can provide information to consumers that will empower them in choosing among competitive telecommunication providers.

This notice asks important questions regarding what types of information will be useful to consumers in selecting their telecommunications carriers. Such types of information may include the length of time customers wait on hold before speaking to a customer service representative and the number of complaints carriers receive directly from consumers. Additionally, we inquire into whether we should expand the types of services about which we collect service quality information. For example, we ask whether there is service quality information that will address consumer concerns regarding how time consuming it often is to initiate broadband services. In each of these areas we will need to consider the benefits of making such information publicly available and the burden of reporting such information. I strongly encourage consumer groups and state commissions that have experience with these consumer issues to participate fully in this proceeding.