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January 7, 1998


Re: Amendment of the Commission's Rules Regarding Installment Payment Financing for Personal Communications Services (PCS) Licensees (WT Docket No. 97-82)

I support this Order extending the election date for C block licensees to choose from the options adopted in the Commission's September 25, 1997, Second Report and Order and Further Notice of Proposed Rule Making ("Second Report and Order"), WT Docket No. 97- 82, FCC 97-342 (released October 16, 1997). I do so because I believe it is critical that we complete our reconsideration of this important matter prior to the parties making their election. It would be unwise for anyone to read into this extension a willingness by this new Commission to vary significantly from the Commission's original Second Report and Order in response to the pending petitions for reconsideration, and I caution parties and the financial markets not to do so.