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July 1, 1999

Press Statement
Commissioner Susan Ness

I am deeply honored to have been selected by President Clinton to serve another term at the Federal Communications Commission. I look forward to working with the leadership and members of the Senate in the confirmation process.

It is a great honor to serve at the Federal Communications Commission. My colleagues and I, together with our exceptionally able and dedicated staff, are working hard to promote economic growth, competition, innovation, and benefits to consumers.

I am proud to have spent the last five years working to improve children's educational television, promote universal telephone service, connect classrooms and libraries to the Internet, roll out digital television service, introduce new wireless services, expand telephone and video competition, promote efficient spectrum management, open overseas markets, and eliminate unnecessary regulations. If the Senate approves, I will welcome the opportunity to continue these efforts for the benefit of all Americans.

Great progress has been made as a country in the past several years, and I look forward to building on those achievements in the years to come.