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Re: Lockheed Martin Global Telecommunications, Comsat Corporation, and Comsat General Corporation, Assignor, and Telenor Satellite Mobile Services, Inc., and Telenor Satellite, Inc. Assignee, Order and Authorization, SES-ASG-20010504 00896, et al.

Although I vote in support of this item, the high level of foreign government ownership implicated in this transaction does give me some pause. I believe this decision is correct under our precedent, and I applaud the International Bureau for their hard work in analyzing these complex issues. I am concerned, however, that levels of foreign government ownership appear to be going in the wrong direction. History teaches us that when the regulator and operator are independent, competition is more robust, there is greater confidence in the market, higher levels of investment, increased incentive for technical innovation, and a more rapid expansion of network infrastructure and services. I am encouraged, generally, by the pace of privatization of the telecommunications industry worldwide. I look forward to working with the International Bureau and foreign regulators in pursuing pro-competitive policies and initiatives across the globe.