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Re: Memorandum Opinion and Order on Reconsideration, In the Matter of Creation of Low Power Radio Service (MM Docket No. 99-25)

I am very pleased that we have taken the next step in creating room on the dial for real community radio of, for, and by the people. By the end of the year, I am confident that Low Power FM Radio service will provide wonderful opportunities for schools, churches, and other local organizations to use the public airwaves to make their voices heard. We have already received close to 1200 LPFM radio applications from the first 20 states to file.

I have always been confident that LPFM can be implemented without disturbing the integrity of the existing FM service. In order to address the concerns raised by the operators of radio reading services that serve millions of blind and low vision listeners, the Commission changed the LPFM licensing scheme to refrain from licensing LPFM stations on frequencies third adjacent to radio reading services.

In response to the concerns of existing FM broadcasters, including National Public Radio, the Commission has established an enforcement procedure that will allow for the expedited resolution of any unexpected significant interference. Finally, we modified the rules to make certain student groups eligible for LPFM stations and to better serve the needs of public safety and transportation authorities.

These changes strengthen the LPFM service. Each of these radio services are important to America, and I believe that these services can co-exist and flourish to the benefit of American communities.