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RE: Revision of the Commission's Rules To Ensure Compatibility with Enhanced 911 Emergency Calling Systems; Non-Initialized Phones (CC Docket No. 94-102).

I support today's Report and Order because it will improve 911 emergency services related to non-service-initialized wireless telephones. Requiring all such phones to be programmed with the "123-456-7890" code will alert emergency responders to the fact than the incoming call they are receiving does not have call-back capability. In addition, the labeling requirement and education programs will help to inform callers of the limitations of their phones.

I am also pleased that the Commission will conduct a separate proceeding on the issue of E911 compliance for the increasing number of wireless services that consumers may use for emergency calls, but that are not traditional wireless phones. These include "911-only" phones and disposable phones. Not only must we address the responsibilities of providers of these phones to provide public safety functionalities, but we also must address the challenges some of these services create for the public safety community. I am particularly concerned with the problem of mistaken or frivolous 911 calls that can not be identified because they originate from non-service-initialized phones. I hope that our future proceeding will confront these issues.