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April 2, 1997

Statement of FCC Commissioner Rachelle B. Chong

Regarding the Conclusion of the Digital Audio Radio Services Auction

I heartily congratulate American Mobile Radio Corporation and Satellite CD Radio,
Inc., the two winners of the Digital Audio Radio Services (DARS) auction that concluded
this morning. I have long been an advocate of this innovative technology. Having been
raised in a small town in central California, I understood early on that satellite DARS is a
technology that will bring many Americans, particularly those living in rural and remote
areas, a broad new menu of choices in audio services. I am delighted that we have at last
cleared the way for CD quality digital audio radio signals to be delivered from the sky.

I highlight that DARS also serves the important FCC goal of improving program
diversity in our nation. Groups with diverse programming interests -- such as those
interested in foreign language programming, or just those who like a particular music format,
for example, polka music -- will have a chance to receive niche programming geared
especially to them. In my view, this is the most exciting aspect of DARS -- its potential to
serve listener groups with diverse interests who may not be large enough in a traditional
broadcast community to support specialized programming by local broadcasters.

- FCC -