Federal Communications Commission
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Chairman's Message to FCC employees on the
FCC's Reinventing Government Appraisal Task Force Final Report

Attached is a copy of the FCC Reinventing Government Appraisal Task Force's Report on the employee appraisal process at the FCC.

This report is the result of your efforts, as members of Focus Groups and respondents to the survey questionnaires that were sent out, and those of the Appraisal Task Force.

I would like to recognize the members of the Appraisal Task Force for their contributions in bringing this project to a successful conclusion.

They are:
Gary McLean - Personnel Specialist, Personnel Resources Division, Office of the Managing Director

Allen Myers - Communications Analyst, Mass Media Bureau; President, NTEU Chapter 209

Kent Nilsson - Deputy Chief - Policy, Network Services Division, Common Carrier Bureau

Nancy Plon - Special Assistant for Management, Analysis, Enforcement Division, Common Carrier Bureau

Glenna Werking - Director, Resources Group, Compliance and Information Bureau