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DA 01-619
March 7, 2001


Broadcast Auction 37 FM Rescheduled from May 9, 2001

Freeze on FM Minor Change Applications Lifted

Report No. AUC-00-37-G (Auction No. 37)

By this Public Notice, the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau and the Mass Media Bureau (collectively referred to as the "Bureaus") announce that the upcoming auction of vacant non- reserved band allotments in the FM broadcast service, scheduled to begin on May 9, 2001, is postponed until December 5, 2001, for reasons of administrative convenience. Except for the dates listed below, the information provided in previous public notices remains unchanged.1 The new schedule is as follows:

Start Date for Submission of FCC Form 175 September 24, 2001
FCC Form 175 Filing Deadline October 5, 2001
Upfront Payments November 5, 2001
Mock Auction December 3, 2001
Auction Begins December 5, 2001

As a result of the action taken herein, the FM Minor Change Application Freeze, announced on January 19, 2001,2 and scheduled to be effective from March 7, 2001 to March 19, 2001, is no longer necessary, and is hereby lifted. The temporary freeze on minor change applications was designed to ensure that conflicts do not occur between minor change and preferred auction site proposals, a result that could add uncertainty and delay to the auction process. This freeze also applied to reserved band minor change applications because conflicts between such applications and preferred site coordinates are also possible.

For further information concerning this proceeding, contact Kathy Garland, Auctions and Industry Analysis Division, Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, at (717) 338-2888; Kenneth Burnley, Legal Branch, Auctions and Industry Analysis Division, Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, at (202) 418-0660; or Lisa Scanlan, Audio Services Division, Mass Media Bureau at (202) 418-2700.

1. See, e.g., "Auction Notice and Filing Requirements for FM Broadcast Construction Permits; Auction Rescheduled from February 21, 2001 to May 9, 2001; Minimum Opening Bids and Other Procedural Issues," Public Notice, DA 01-119 (released January 19, 2001) ("Auction 37 Announcing Public Notice").

2. See "FM Minor Change Application Freeze" Public Notice, DA 01-118 (released January 19, 2001) ("FM Minor Change Freeze Public Notice").