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DA 00-1921 GENERAL ACTION August 29, 2000


For Year 2000 the FCC is providing two Internet programs to assist in payment of Fiscal Year 2000 Regulatory Fees: FeeFiler 2000 and FeeFiler 2000/ACH. These programs offer alternative filing mechanisms which may be used in lieu of manual filing. Use of the fee filers is optional; you may submit hardcopy Form 159s (with continuation sheets for additional callsigns) if you prefer. Please note that the FCC will no longer accept filing a hardcopy listing of call signs attached to the FCC Form 159. These filings will be rejected and returned to the filer. Failure to resubmit the filing in a timely manner will result in a late payment penalty.

These programs provide the opportunity to submit and pay for filings using an electronic payment. FeeFiler 2000 and 2000/ACH will be available to any FCC client with access to the Internet and a Netscape Navigator 4.05 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 or higher version browser with 128-bit encryption, SSL and JavaScript enabled.

Fee Filing for Fiscal Year 2000
Starting September 1, 2000, FeeFiler 2000 will be available through the FCC On-Line Regulatory Fee Filing for Year 2000 Web Page http://www.fcc.gov/fees/feefiler. Starting September 11, 2000, Fee Filer 2000/ACH will be activated at the same site.

The FeeFiler 2000/ACH is a pilot program for filers who wish to make payment to the FCC through the use of the customer initiated Automated ClearingHouse (ACH) method. Please visit the above referenced web page for more information about this option.

When a filer selects either the FeeFiler 2000 or FeeFiler 2000/ACH, they will be prompted to login to the application using their FCC Registration Number (FRN) and password. Filers should have obtained a FRN previously from the Commission Registration System (CORES). CORES is a web-based, password-protected, registration system that assigns the 10-digit FRN. Use of the FRN is essential to protect the privacy of filers using the FeeFiler programs. Once inside the program, the filer will provide their FCC regulatory fee payment details by completing the easy-to-use data entry screens.

Filers interested in importing certain text files saved in prior year software or formats should use the FeeFiler 2000 option as a starting point for the Fiscal Year 2000 regulatory fee process. The filer may then modify the imported data as necessary to meet Fiscal Year 2000 regulatory fee filing requirements.

On-line help is included for each function. Once the call sign and associated payment- type-code is complete, the application will provide a list of all payment details created for the filing. A report of this detailed information may be printed locally by the filer.

Available Payment Method Options

Filers wishing to use on-line credit card as their method of payment should elect the FeeFiler 2000 option.

Filers wishing to use the customer-initiated ACH debit program method should use the FeeFiler 2000/ACH option.

FeeFiler 2000 users who wish to make payment by check must complete and sign the hard-copy (printed) version of the FCC Form 159 produced from FeeFiler 2000 to certify the accuracy of the data. The hard copy FCC Form 159 and required remittance should then be mailed to:

Federal Communications Commission
Regulatory Fees
P.O. Box 358835
Pittsburgh, PA 15251-5835
All Fiscal Year 2000 Regulatory Fee Payments must be date stamped as received at Mellon Bank by 11:59PM EST, September 20, 2000, in order to avoid incurring a mandatory 25% late payment penalty. Electronic payments will be automatically date stamped immediately on authorization.

For Further Assistance
A telephone HELP LINE for On-line Fee Filing will be staffed from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (EST) at (202) 418-1975 beginning September 1, 2000. This HELP LINE service will end at 5:00 p.m. on September 20, 2000.