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Released: June 10, 1999

Prepared by the Office of the Secretary

Ex Parte Presentations - Table of Docket Numbers with Descriptors

Word97 Version Document

For the public's convenience and reference, the Office of the Secretary has developed the attached Table of Docket numbers with brief descriptors. This table describes the common or popular name of the dockets that are most frequently listed in the ex parte notices for permit-but-disclose proceedings; the official subject matter is recorded in the docket history file. The docket numbers in the table are grouped by Bureau or Office, in sequential order. This table will be updated twice yearly and is available from the Office of the Secretary (Room TW-B204), or the Public Service Division (Room CY-A651), 445 12th St. SW, Washington, DC from 8am to 5:30pm, and from the FCC's Internet web site at www.fcc.gov/Bureaus/Miscellaneous/Public_Notices/Exparte/1999. For further information, contact Shirley Suggs at (202) 418-0310.

CC 80-286 Establishment of Joint Board CC 95-116

Telephone Number Portability

CC 97-100

Preemption of Arkansas Telecom Reform Act of 1997

CC 85-229

Rates for Competitive Common Carrier Bureau

CC 95-155

Toll Free Service Access Codes

CC 97-121

InterLATA Services in Oklahoma

CC 90-623

Computer III Remand Proceeding

CC 95-185

Interconnection between LECs and CMRS Providers

CC 97-137

InterLATA Services in Michigan

CC 91-141

Expanded Interconnection - Special Access

CC 96-45

Universal Service

CC 97-160

Universal Service - Cost Support

CC 91-213

Transport Rate Structure and Pricing

CC 96-61

Interexchange, Interstate Marketplace

CC 97-172

Petition for Forbearance - US West

CC 92-77

Billed Party Preference

CC 96-98

Local Competition - Telecommunications Act of 1996

CC 97-208

InterLATA Services in South Carolina

CC 92-237

North American Numbering Plan

CC 96-115

Consumer Proprietary Network Information

CC 97-211

Transfer of Control of MCI Licenses and Authorizations

CC 93-162

Expanded Interconnection - Local Telephone Co.

CC 96-128

Pay Telephone Reclassification

CC 97-213

Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act

CC 94-1

Price Cap Performance

CC 96-149

Non-Accounting Safeguards

CC 97-217

Multipoint Distribution and Instructional TV Fixed Service Licenses

CC 94-54

Commercial Mobile Radio Services

CC 96-150

Accounting Safeguards

CC 97-231

InterLATA Services in Louisiana

CC 94-102

Emergency Calling System

CC 96-238

Procedures for Formal Complaints - Common Carriers

CC 97-250

Tariffs Implementing Access Charge Reform

CC 94-129

Unauthorized Changes of Consumers' Long Distance Carriers

CC 96-262

Access Reform Changes

CC 98-1

Access to State Freeway Rights-of-Way

CC 95-20

Computer III Remand

CC 97-21

Changes to NECA's Board of Directors

CC 98-5

Petition for Declaratory Ruling - Long Distance Markets

CC 98-11

Petition for Relief - Advanced Telecommunications Services

CC 99-1

Petition of US West - High Capacity Services

ET 95-18

Mobile-Satellite Service

CC 98-14

Number Portability Query Services

CC 99-35

Long-Term Telephone Number Portability Tariff

ET 95-183

37.0-38.6 and 38.6-40.0 GHz Bands

CC 98-24

Application for Transfer of Control of Teleport

CC 99-117

Property Records Audit

ET 97-99

Digital Electronic Message Service

CC 98-56

Performance Measurements and Reporting Requirements

CS 95-184

Telecommunications Services - Inside Wiring

ET 97-206

Technical Requirements - Blocking of Video Programming

CC 98-67

Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) Proceeding

CS 96-46

Open Video Systems

ET 98-42

1998 Biennial Regulatory Review

CC 98-79

GTE Telephone Operating Companies

CS 96-83

Reception Devices

FO 91-301

Technical Improvements - EBS

CC 98-121

Provision of In-Region, InterLATA Services in Louisiana

CS 97-55

Proposal for Rating Video Programming

FO 91-171

Emergency Broadcast System

CC 98-141

Joint Request for Transfer of Control

CS 97-151

Pole Attachments

GC 92-52

Reexamination of Policy - Comparative Broadcast Hearings

CC 98-146

Deployment of Advanced Telecommunications Capability

CS 98-120

Carriage of the Transmissions of Digital Television Broadcast Stations

GEN 90-7

Washington, DC Metro Area Public Safety Plan

CC 98-147

Deployment of Advanced Telecommunications Services

CS 98-178

Consent to the Transfer of Control of Licenses - Tele-Communications, Inc./AT&T

GEN 90-264

Reform Comparative Hearing Process

CC 98-168

Bell Atlantic Telephone Cos. Tariff No. 1 Transmittal No. 1076

CS 98-201

Satellite Home Viewer Art

GN 96-245

MCI/British Telecommunicaitons PLC - Merger

CC 98-170

Truth-in-Billing and Billing Format

ET 93-62

Radiofrequency Radiation

IB 95-59

Preemption of Local Zoning Regulation

CC 98-184

Joint Request for Approval of a Proposed Transfer of Control - GTE/Bell Atlantic

ET 94-124

New Radio Applications

IB 96-111

Non-U.S. Licensed Space Stations

IB 97-142

Rules and Policies on Foreign Participation

MM 97-247

Fees for Ancilliary Use of Digital TV Spectrum

WT 96-86

Development of Operational, Technical and Spectrum Requirements

IB 98-172

17.7-20.2 GHz and 27.5-30.0 GHz Frequency Bands

MM 98-35

1998 Biennial Regulatory Review - Broadcast Ownership Rules

WT 96-198

Access to Telecommunications Services and Equipment by Persons with Disabilities

MM 87-8

TV Satellite Stations

MM 98-203

Use of Digital TV by Non Commercial Licensee

WT 97-81

Multiple Address Systems

MM 87-268

Advanced TV Systems

MM 98-204

Review of the Commission's Broadcast and Cable Equal Employment Opportunity Rules and Policies

WT 97-82

Competitive Bidding

MM 91-221

TV Broadcasting

MM 99-25
Creation of a Low Power Radio Service
WT 97-192

Procedures for Reviewing Requests for Relief from State/Local Regulations

MM 92-260

Cable Home Wiring

PP 93-253

Competitive Bidding

WT 97-207

Calling Party Pays

MM 92-266

Cable TV-Rate Regulation

PR 89-552

Use of 220-222 MHz

WT 98-20

Biennial Regulatory Review - Parts 0, 1, 2, 13, 22, 24, 26, 27, 80, 87, 90, 95, 97, and 101

MM 93-25

Direct Broadcast Satellite Service Obligations

PR 92-235

Private Land Mobile Refarming

WT 98-143

1998 Biennial Regulatory Review - Part 97

MM 94-150

Attribution - Mass Media Interests

PR 93-61

Automatic Vehicle Monitoring System

MM 95-176

Video Programming

PR 93-144

SMR Systems

MM 96-16

Streamlining Broadcast EEO Rule and Policies

WT 95-157

Microwave Relocation

MM 97-182

Preemption of State and Local Zoning

WT 96-6

Flexible Offering of CMRS

MM 97-234

Competitive Bidding - Commercial and TV Fixed Service Licenses

WT 96-18

Paging Systems