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Released: September 11, 1997

Ex Parte Presentations and Post-Reply Comment Period Filings in Permit-But-Disclose Proceedings

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The following is a list of ex parte presentations and Post-Reply Comment Period Filings received by the Secretary of the Commission on or before September 5, 1997. Copies of these written presentations and memoranda reporting oral presentations, if they relate to docket proceedings, are available for inspection and copying in the appropriate docket in the FCC Reference Center (Room 239, 1919 M St., N.W., Washington, D.C.) which is open Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM; or, if they relate to non-docket proceedings, in the appropriate bureau. Also, the duplicating contractor, ITS, Inc., located in Room 246, as well as offices at 2100 M St., N.W. Suite 140, Telephone Number (202) 857-3800, will provide, for a fee, copies of these materials. For additional information, contact Barbara Lowe at (202) 418-0310.

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Date Received Oral Or Written

Presentation by:

Oral Or Written

Presentation to:

Docket No.

9/5 SBC Communications Inc. Common Carrier Bureau RM 9109
9/5 WebCel Communincations, Inc. Ofc. of Cmsr. Ness CC 92-297

Local Multipoint

Distribution Service


Southern Communications Services, Inc. Wireless Telecommunications Bureau PR 93-144

SMR Systems

GN 93-252

Regulatory Treatment of Mobile Services

PP 93-253

Competitive Bidding

9/5 ALA American Library

Association et al.

Common Carrier Bureau CC 96-45

Universal Service



Cellular Telecommuni-cations Industry Assn.


Chairman Hundt

Common Carrier Bureau

Federal-State Joint Board

CC 96-45

Universal Service

9/5 MCI Telecom-munications Corporation Common Carrier Bureau CC 96-98

Local Competition Provision in the Telecommunications Act of 1996

9/5 Ameritech Common Carrier Bureau CC 96-149

Implementation of Non-Accounting Safeguards

9/5 Leo One USA Corporation Ofc. of Cmsr. Ness

IB 96-220

Non-Geostationary Mobile Satellite Service

9/5 Willkie Farr & Gallagher Common Carrier Bureau CC 96-254

Implementation of Section 273




Cook Inlet Region, Inc.

Omnipoint Corporation

Nokia Telecom-munications, Inc.


Ofc. of Plans and Policy

Ofc. of Chairman Hundt

Ofc. of Cmsr. Chong

WT 97-82

Competitive Bidding



SBC Communications Inc.

Missouri Public Service Commission

Common Carrier Bureau

Ofc. of Chairman Hundt

Ofc. of Cmsr. Ness

Cmsr. Chong

Ofc. of General Counsel

Common Carrier Bureau

CC 97-166

MCI Petition

Nondocket Proceedings

9/5 AT&T Common Carrier Bureau CCBPol 96-14




International Bureau

Ofc. of Cmsr. Ness

ITC 97-127