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Federal Communications Commission
1919 - M Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20554
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Released: February 2, 1999

FCC to Begin Issuing Frequent Visitor Pass
for Portals Building

The FCC will begin issuing a Frequent Visitor Pass for its new headquarters building at Portals. People who routinely visit the FCC are encouraged to obtain the brief form which needs to be completed in order to be issued this pass which will allow them to enter the building without having to stop at the Guard's Desk to sign in.

The application form is now available at the Guard's Desk at Portals and 1919 M Street. The Frequent Visitor Pass will allow the holder to have direct access to all of the public spaces in the building including the Commission Meeting Room, Reference Room, Library and the Chairman/Commissioner Reception area. In order to meet with employees, all visitors will need to schedule meetings in advance and, upon arrival on the floor, call the employee with whom they are meeting from the reception area located off of the elevator lobby. The visitor will then be escorted from the reception area to the office or conference room where the meeting is to take place. The above procedure will allow the FCC's visitors to easily meet with FCC employees despite the open design of the workspace in the new Portals building - a layout necessitated by the space efficiencies the FCC had to achieve in Portals II.

Any questions about obtaining or utilizing a Frequent Visitor Pass should be directed to the FCC Security Office at (202) 418-7884.

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