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This is an unofficial announcement of Commission action. Release of the full text of a Commission order constitutes official action. See MCI v. FCC. 515 F 2d 385 (D.C. Circ 1974).

June 26, 2000


The following is a listing of current FCC Notices of Proposed Rulemaking and Notices of Inquiry open for public comment, except routine petitions to amend the Table of Allotments. This listing also includes pertinent Public Notices announcing comment subjects and dates. For additional information, contact Marilyn Abraham, Consumer Information Bureau at (202) 418-2374. Please note: as comment and reply comment periods expire, they are deleted from this listing. *Asterisk indicates comment period deadline is past, but reply comment period still is open.

* New Open Proceedings will be released July 17, 2000.


NPRM 5/18/00 (adopted 5/8/00); FCC 00-162

In the matter of 1998 Biennial Regulatory Review -- Streamlining of Cable Television Services Part 76 public file and notice requirements.

The Commission, on its own motion, commences this Order on Reconsideration and Further Notice of Proposed Rule Making in connection with the 1998 Biennial Regulatory Review -- Streamlining of Cable Television Services Part 76 Public File and Notice Requirements, Report and Order Pursuant to Sections 1.411 and 1.421 of the Commission's rules. Comments due: 21 days after Federal Register publications; replies due: 31 days after Federal Register publication.

NPRM 5/23/00 (adopted 5/11/00); FCC 00-165

Amendment of the Rules for implementation of the cable operations and licensing system to allow for electronic filing in the Cable Services Bureau.

The Commission is seeking comments on proposed rule changes to implement the Cable Services Bureau's electronic filing system. Comments due: 30 Days after Federal Register publication, Replies due: 45 days after Federal Register publication.

CS 00-96; NPRM 6/9/00 (adopted 5/31/00); FCC 00-195

Implementation of the Satellite Home Viewer Improvement Act of 1999, broadcast signal carriage issues.

The Commission seeks comment on the appropriate rules to implement this requirement. The SHVIA authorizes satellite carriers to offer more local and national broadcast programming to their viewers and makes that programming available to subscribers who previously have been prohibited from receiving broadcast programming via satellite under the compulsory licensing provisions of the copyright law. Comments due: July 7; replies due: July 28.


CC 96-45; PN 5/12/00; DA 00-1068

Common Carrier Bureau seeks comment on requests for confidential treatment of wire center line count data.

On April 6, 2000, the Commission denied to a limited extent requests by certain non-rural carriers for confidential treatment of quarterly line count data at the wire center level filed pursuant to sections 36.611 and 36.612 of the Commission's rules. Comments due: June 26; replies July 17. Contact: Katie King at (202) 418-7400.

PN 5/17/00; DA 00-1092

The Neoworld License Holdings, Inc., Hughes Electronics Corporation, and Wilmington Trust Company seek FCC consent for assignment of 900 MHZ specialized mobile radio licenses.

Neoworld License Holdings, Inc., Hughes Electronics Corporation, and Wilmington Trust Company, Liquidating Trustee have filed applications pursuant to Section 310(d) of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, 47 U.S.C. 310(d), seeking Commission consent to assign various 900 MHz Specialized Mobile Radio licenses and authorizations held by Hughes or Wilmington Trust to Neoworld. Comments due: June 16*; replies due: July 3. Contact: Lauren Kravetz or John Branscome at (202) 418-7240.

PN 5/18/00; DA 00-1094

Common Carrier Bureau seeks comments on the Oregon Public Utility Commission's petition for expedited delegation of authority to implement number conservation measures.

On March 7, 2000, the Oregon Public Utility Commission filed a petition requesting additional delegated authority to implement number conservation measures in the State of Oregon. Comments due: June 15*; replies June 30. Contact: Network Services Division: (202) 418-2320.

PN 05/18/00; DA 00-1119

Alltel Corporation filed a petition for waiver of Section 61.41 of the Commission's Rules Pleading Cycle Established, CCB/CPD NO. 99-1.

On May 17, 2000, ALLTEL/Aliant filed a petition requesting that the Commission grant it permission to convert 13 of the ALLTEL study areas to price cap regulation under section 61.4(a)(3) of the Commission's rules, 47 C.F.R. 61.41(a)(3) and waive, on a temporary basis, section 61.41(b) of the Commission's rules, 47 C.F.R. 61.41(b) to permit the continued regulation of its remaining study areas as rate-of-return companies. Comments due: July 3; replies due: July 24. Comments (Interim Waiver) due: June 1*; replies (Interim Waiver) due: June 8*.

Contact: Joi Roberson Nolen at (202) 418-1520.

CC 99-216; NPRM 05/22/00 (adopted 5/15/00); FCC 00-171

In the matter of 2000 Biennial Regulatory Review of Part 68 of the Commission's Rules and Regulations.

Proposed to streamline most elements of the process by which technical criteria are established for customer premises equipment or terminal equipment that local exchange carriers must allow to be connected to the public switched telephone network. Proposed to minimize Commission assessment of product compliance with technical criteria for such equipment . Comments due: June 23*; replies due: July 7.

PN 5/26/00; DA 00-1162

Comments invited on depreciation rate prescription proposed for GTE--Hawaii and GTE Northwest.

The Common Carrier Bureau invites comments on proposed depreciation rates for two GTE companies. GTE submitted studies to the Commission in support of its depreciation rates.

Comments due: June 19*; replies due: July 3. Contact: Rick Robinson at (202) 418-0824.

CC 96-45, CC 97-21; Order 5/31/00 (adopted 5/25/00); DA 00-1187

Franklin County Public Schools. Extended by 60 days from the original ninety-day deadline, to July 24, 2000 the time period for taking action on a Letter of Appeal filed by Franklin County Public Schools Franklin, County, Rocky Mount, Virginia seeking review of the Administrator's denial of Franklin County's application for discounted services under the universal service support mechanism for schools and libraries.

PN 6/5/00; DA 00-1231

The Common Carrier, Cable Services, International and Wireless Telecommunications Bureaus extend the deadline for CALEA Section 107(C) extension petitions until June 23, 2000.

On April 25, 2000, the Commission issued a Public Notice that provided instructions for telecommunications carriers on filing petitions for extensions of CALEA's capability requirements, pursuant to CALEA section 107(c). Contact: David Ward at (202) 418-2336, James Heimbach at (202) 418-0055, Karl Kensinger at (202) 418-0773 or John Spencer at (202) 418-1310.

PN 6/8/00; DA 00-1251

Bell Atlantic telephone companies file revisions to its coast allocation manual.

On June 1, 2000, the Bell Atlantic Telephone Companies (Bell Atlantic) filed revisions to their cost allocation manual (CAM). These revisions reflect numerous changes to the affiliate transaction section of the CAM and changes to the apportionment tables for Account 2124, general purpose computers. Comments due: July 10; replies due: July 26.

Contact: Thad Machcinski at (202) 418-0808.

PN 6/12/00; DA 00 1274

Panellos Corporation seeks Commission determination of "Exempt Telecommunications Company" status under the Public Utility Holding Company Act, NSD File No. ETC 00-20, Pleading Cycle Established.

On May 30, 2000, Pantellos Corporation pursuant to section 34(a)(1) of the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935, as added by section 103 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, Pub. L. No. 104-104 filed an application requesting a Commission determination that it is an exempt telecommunications company. Comments due: July 3; replies due: July 10. Contact: Al McCloud at (202) 418-2499 or Marty Schwimmer at (202) 418-2320.

PN 6/15/00; DA 00-1315

Centurytel of Washington Inc. File its Initial Cost Allocation Manual.

Comments due: July 18, replies due: August 2. Contact: Contact Debbie Weber 202-418-0812

CC 96-45; PN 6/15/00; DA 00-1310

Sully Buttes Telephone Cooperative, Inc. and US West Communications, Inc. seek a waiver of the definition of "Study Area" In Part 36 of FCC's Rules and certain sections of FCC's Price Cap Rules.

On June 6, 2000, Sully Buttes Telephone Cooperative, Inc. and U S WEST Communications, Inc. filed a joint petition for waiver of the definition of "study area" as set forth in Part 36 of the Commission's rules. That definition constitutes a rule freezing all study area boundaries.

Comments due July 6; replies due July 17. Contact Adrian Wright at (202) 418-0484

PN 6/16/00; DA 00-1268

Commission asks parties to update and refresh record on Mandatory Detariffing or CLEC Interstate Access Services.

The Commission has sought comment in two rulemaking dockets regarding the regulatory or market-based approaches that would ensure that competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) rates for interstate access are reasonable. Comments due: July 12; replies due: July 24. Contact: Josephone Scarlett 202-418-1520


PN 5/10/00; DA 00-163

Revision of Part 15 of the Commission's Rules Regarding Ultra-Wideband Transmission Systems.

Initiated inquiry to investigate the possibility of permitting the operation of ultra-wideband devices on an unlicensed basis under part 15 of the Commission's rules. Comments due: 90 days from publication in Federal Register; replies due: 120 days from publication in Federal Register.

NOI 5/26/00 (adopted 5/22/00); FCC 00-184

Technical Standards for determining eligibility for satellite-delivered network signals pursuant to the Satellite Home Viewer Improvement Act.

The Commission opened an inquiry to obtain information for evaluating whether the signal intensity standard used to determine the eligibility of satellite television subscribers to receive retransmitted distant signals of network stations should be modified or replaced.

Comments due: June 27; replies due: July 12.


NPRM 5/24/00 (adopted 5/22/00); FCC 00-186

Availability of Intelsat space segment capacity to users and service providers seeking to access Intelsat directly.

The Commission initiate this rulemaking pursuant to the Open-Market Reorganization for the Betterment of International Telecommunications Act (the ORBIT Act or Act), which was enacted into law on March 17, 2000. Comments due: June 23; replies due: July 6; responses to replies due: July 11.

Order 6/21/00 (adopted 6/21/00); DA 00-1381

DirecTV Enterprises, Inc., application for authority to launch and operate a direct broadcast satellite space station.

The State of Alaska and the State of Hawaii request an extension of time from June 23, 2000, until July 6, 2000, to file comments on the application filed by DIRECTV Enterprises, Inc. The "States" require additional time to hold both formal and informal discussions in an effort to resolve any differences that may exist with respect to the merits of the application. Extended to July 6, time for filing comments in this proceeding.


MM 00-44; NPRM 4/6/00 (adopted 3/9); FCC 00-93

In The Matter of Extension of the Filing Requirement for Children's Television Programming Reports (FCC Form 398).

The Commission seeks comments on the proposed amendment to Section 73.3526(e)(11)(iii) of the Commission's Rules to continue indefinitely the requirement that commercial broadcast television licensees file on an annual basis their quarterly Children's Television Programming Reports (FCC Form 398). Comments are due June 12; reply comments due July 12, 2000.

PN 5/12/00; DA 00-1076

Bell Atlantic, GTE, and Vodafone seek consent to transfer control of or assign properties to Divestiture Trust.

On May 3 and 4, 2000, Bell Atlantic Corporation or its affiliates or subsidiaries, GTE Corporation or its affiliates or subsidiaries, and Vodafone AirTouch Plc or its affiliates or subsidiaries filed applications under Section 310(d) of the Communications Act, 47 U.S.C. 310(d), seeking Commission consent to assign or transfer control of certain cellular, PCS, and microwave licenses to a trustee selected by the Department of Justice and approved by the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. Comments due June 12*; replies June 22. Contact: Lauren Kravetz (202) 418-7240 or Monica Desai (202) 418-0680.

NPRM 6/20/00 (adopted 6/5/00); MM 00-105; FCC 00-203

Elimination of Experimental Broadcast Ownerships Restrictions.

The Commission proposes to eliminate the multiple ownership rule for experimental broadcast stations, which now provides that no entity may control more than one experimental license absent a showing of need. Comments due Sept. 1; replies due Oct. 2.

NPRM 6/20/00 (adopted 6/8/00); MM 00-108; FCC 00-213 Amendment of Section 73.658(G) of the Rules -- the Dual Network Rule.

The Commission proposes to amend the "dual network" rule applicable to broadcast stations. Comments due Sept.1; replies due: Oct. 2.


WT 00-48; NPRM &MO&O 3/24/00 (adopted 3/17); FCC 00-105

Amendment of Parts 13 and 80 of the Communications Rules concerning Maritime Communication proposed to consolidate, revise and streamline Rules governing maritime communications pursuant to requests from the National GMDSS Implementation Task Force and Globe Wireless, Inc.

Comments due 90 days after Federal Register publication and replies due 120 days after Federal Register publication.

PN 3/27; DA 00-687

Federal Register Publication of the Second Further Notice of Proposed Rule Making regarding the licensing of cellular service and other commercial mobile radio services in the Gulf of Mexico.

Comments due 20 days after publication in the Federal Register; replies due 34 days after publication in the Federal Register. Contact Davida Grant at (202) 418-7050.

NPRM 5/15/00 (adopted 5/8/00); WT 00-77; FCC 00-160

Amendment of Parts 2 and 87 of the Commissions Rules to accommodate advanced digital communications in the 117.975-137 MHZ Band and to implement flight information services in the 136-137 MHZ Band.

The Commission seeks comments on the use of 136-137 MHz frequency band by the Aviation Services and modifications to Parts 2 and 87 of the Commission's Rules in response to two Petitions for Rulemaking. Comments due July 14; replies August 14.

CC 94-102; PN 5/17/00; DA 00-1091

Wireless Telecommunications Bureau seek comments on new implementation deadline for TTY access to digital wireless systems for 911 calls.

The Commission is seeking comments on a proposed revised deadline for compliance with the Commission's rule requiring transmitting of text telephone (TTY) 911 calls on digital wireless systems, pursuant to 47 C.F.R. 20.18(c). Comments due: June 19*; replies due: July 19. Contact: Patrick Forster at (202) 418-1310.

NPRM 5/18/00 (adopted 5/5/00); FCC 00-159

Amendment of the Commission's Rules to establish new personal communications services, narrowband PCS/implementation of Section 309 (J) of the Communications Act - Competitive Bidding, narrowband PCS.

Comments due: July 5; replies due: July 20.

PN 5/19/00; DA 00-1120

SBC Communications, Inc. and Bellsouth Corporation seek FCC consent to transfer control of, or assign, licenses to joint venture, pleading cycle established.

SBC Communications Inc. and BellSouth Corporation have filed applications pursuant to Sections 214 and 310(d), seeking Commission approval to transfer control of or assign to an SBC/BellSouth joint venture, Alloy LLC, licenses and authorizations currently controlled by subsidiaries and affiliates of either SBC or BellSouth. Comments due: June 19*; replies due: June 29.

PN 5/23/00; DA 00-1132

Wireless Telecommunications Bureau seeks comments on applications regarding Nextel's proposed acquisition of fleettalk licenses, pleading cycle establised.

FleetTalk Partners, LLC and FCI 900, Inc., a subsidiary of Nextel Communications, Inc., have filed applications requesting approval to assign to FCI 900 certain 900 MHz SMR licenses currently held by FleetTalk. Comments/Petitions due: June 22*; responses/oppositions due: July 3. Contact: Lauren Kravetz or John Branscome at (202) 418-7240.

PN 5/23/00; DA 00-1138

Primeco PCS, LP and Virginia RSA 6 cellular limited partnership seek the FCC consent for assignment or transfer of control of wireless licenses to comply with spectrum cap rules and Department of Justice Consent Decree regarding pending applications of Bell Atlantic, GTE and Vodafone AirTouch.

On May 19, 2000, Richmond 20 MHz, LLC, a subsidiary of Prime Co. PCs, L.P., and Virginia RSA 6 Cellular Limited Partnership filed applications seeking Commission approval to exchange certain cellular, microwave, and PCS licenses, under Section 310(d) of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, 47 U.S.C.  310(d). Petitions/Comments due: June 22*; Oppositions/Responses due: June 29. Contact: Lauren Kravetz or Michael Samsock at (202) 418-7240 (Parts 22 or 24); Monica Desai at (202) 418-0680 (Part 101).

CC 96-61; Order 5/26/00 (adopted 5/25/00); DA 00-1180

Petition for forbearance from enforcement of Section 254 (G) of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended.

Granted forbearance in the absence of a Commission denial of the requests for failure to meet the statutory standards for forbearance. Extended date to August 24, 2000.

PN 5/26/00; DA 00-1171

Wireless Telecommunications Bureau seeks comment on Association of American Railroads petition for modification of licenses for use in advanced train control systems and positive train control systems.

On March 24, 2000, the Association of American Railroads, an association representing the U.S. railroad industry and licensee of 1,069 land mobile base stations used for Positive Train Control, petitioned the Commission to modify the licenses for those stations into a single geographic license whose total area would be defined as a 70-mile zone on either side of the rights-of-way of all operating rail lines in the United States. Comments due: June 26; replies due: July 11.

Contact: Keith Fickner at (202) 418-7308.

PN 5/26/00; DA 00-1172

Wireless Telecommunications Bureau seeks comment on informal request of United Telecom Council for certification to provide frequency coordination for 800 MHZ and 900 MHZ Private Land Mobile Radio Service frequencies.

On March 6, 2000, the United Telecom Council filed an informal request for frequency coordination certification in the 800 MHz and 900 MHz Private Land Mobile Radio Service Industrial/Land Transportation and Business Category Frequencies. Comments due: June 26; replies due: July 12. Contact: Catherine Fox at (202) 418-0680.

PN 5/31/00; DA 00-1189

Wireless Telecommunications Bureau seeks comment on application of interactive wireless access, Inc., for temporary use of 218-219 MHZ service frequencies in Norwalk, Connecticut.

On April 6, 2000, Interactive Wireless Access, Inc. applied for temporary use of frequency block "A" of the 218-219 MHz Service in the Norwalk, Connecticut, market to operate a private radio system using automated utility meter reading technology. Comments due June 30; replies due July 17. Contact: Jamison Prime at (202) 418-0680.

PN 6/8/00; DA 00-1242

E.N.M.R.Telephone Cooperative, Plateau Telecommunications, Incorporated and Corpus Christi assignment of wireless licenses.

On June 1, 2000, E.N.M.R. Telephone Cooperative, Plateau Communications, Incorporated and Corpus Christi SMSA Limited Partnership, and affiliate of SBC Communications Inc., filed applications under Section 310(d) of the Communications Act of 1934, seeking Commission approval to assign certain cellular and micro wave licenses held by E.N.M.R. and Plateau to Corpus Christi. Petition/Comments due: July 10; Oppositions/Responses due: July 17. Contact: Lauren Kravetz, Michael Samsock at (202) 418-7240 or Jamison Prime at (202) 418-7474.

FNPRM 6/7/00 (adopted 5/31/00); FCC 00-197

Amendment of the Commission's Rules regarding Installment Payment Financing for Personal Communications Services ( PCS) Licenses.

On January 12, 2000, the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau announced that a broadband Personal Communications Services C and F block auction - Auction No. 35 - would begin on July 26, 2000. Under the Commission's current rules, applicants for C and F block auctions must meet specified financial size requirements to qualify as "entrepreneurs" and to be eligible to compete in the auction. Comments due: June 22*; replies due: June 30; Final Ex Parte and other presentations due: July 12.