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January 27, 2000

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Madrid, Spain -- William E. Kennard, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), addressed a conference on the Internet yesterday sponsored by the U.S. Embassy and several Spanish organizations. In his address, Chairman Kennard stated, "Spain is a very important strategic partner for the United States," and "increasingly, the economic success of both countries will depend on their ability to work cooperatively to build the networks necessary to expand the exchange of information across their borders." According to Chairman Kennard, "the best way to build these essential networks is through a policy of openness and competition."

Chairman Kennard stated that Spain is beginning to make progress toward a competitive telecommunications market. He also stressed that such progress will continue only if Spain's Telecommunications Market Commission (CMT) has the independence and enforcement tools necessary to complete the transition from monopoly to competition. Chairman Kennard congratulated his counterpart in Spain, CMT Chairman Jose Maria Vasquez-Quintana, on the work he has done thus far, and pledged to work with him in partnership to advance competition in the future.

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