Fayetteville State University, Federal Communications Commission,
National Association of Broadcasters present

"Telecommunications 1997: Diversity, Economic
Empowerment, and Opportunities Conference"

Fayetteville State University, Fayetteville, North Carolina

March 20-21, 1997

This conference will provide a perspective on one of the nation's fastest growing industries and will explore opportunities for licensing/ownership, financing, and related communications services businesses.

General registration: $50
Student registration: $15
Send check or money order payable to Fayetteville State University
Alfreida Cromartie
Executive Assistant to the Provost & VCAA
Office of the Provost
1200 Murchison Road
Fayetteville, North Carolina 28301-4298
ATTN: Telecommunications Conference
For more information on the conference, call:

Alfreida Cromartie, FSU (910) 486-1460
Jack Gravely, FCC (202) 418-1799
Karen Hunter, NAB (202) 429-5498