Federal Communications Commission
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Commission Personnel Appointments
On November 6, 1997 the Commission announced the following personnel appointments:

Richard Metzger
named Chief, Common Carrier Bureau

Richard Lee
named Chief, Compliance and Information Bureau

Christopher J. Wright
named FCC General Counsel

John Muleta
named Deputy Chief, CCB

Renee Licht, Deputy Chief, MMB
given expanded responsibilities

Robert Ratcliffe
named Acting Deputy Chief, Mass Media Bureau

Karen Kornbluh
named Deputy Bureau Chief, Mass Media Bureau

Deputy General Counsel David H. Solomon
given expanded responsibilities

Paula Michele Ellison
named Deputy General Counsel

Susan H. Steiman
named Chief, Administrative Law Division, OGC

Larry Strickling
named Chief, Competition Division, OGC

Elizabeth Rose
to be named Director, Office of Public Affairs

Sheryl J. Wilkerson
named Director, Office of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs

Brian Browdie
named Associate Director, Office of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs

Magalie Roman Salas
named Secretary of the FCC

Ruth A. Dancey
named Assistant Secretary of the FCC