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This is an unofficial announcement of Commission action. Release of the full text of a Commission order constitutes official action. See MCI v. FCC. 515 F 2d 385 (D.C. Circ 1974).

March 8, 2002
Michelle Russo at (202) 418-2358


Washington, D.C. – As part of FCC Chairman Michael K. Powell’s reorganization plan promoting a more efficient, responsive, and effective organizational structure, Kenneth Ferree, chief of the newly created Media Bureau, today announced the organizational units and senior personnel of the new Bureau. The Media Bureau develops, recommends and administers the policy and licensing programs relating to electronic media, including cable television, broadcast television and radio in the United States and its territories. The Media Bureau also handles post-licensing matters regarding Direct Broadcast Satellite service. The new bureau will begin operations on March 25, the effective date of the FCC reorganization plan.

Ferree said, “The work ahead of us in the Media Bureau should present many exciting challenges and opportunities for all concerned. I am confident that the new integrated staff is ready to take on these challenges and to deal with the complex legal, technical, and economic issues that await us. We are fortunate to have dedicated and capable individuals who devote their careers to public service. The new Bureau draws upon some of the best senior personnel in the Commission.”

The organizational units of the Media Bureau include the Office of the Bureau Chief; the Office of Broadcast Licensing, which includes the Audio and Video Divisions; the Policy Division; the Industry Analysis Division; the Engineering Division; the Office of Communications and Industry Information; and the Management and Resources staff. The functions and senior personnel of each organizational unit are detailed below.

Office of the Bureau Chief

    W. Kenneth Ferree, Chief
    Deborah E. Klein, Special Counsel/Chief of Staff
    William H. Johnson, Deputy Chief
    Robert Ratcliffe, Deputy Chief
    Jerry Duvall, Chief Economist
    Keith Larson, Chief Engineer
    Rick Chessen, Associate Chief, Digital Television Task Force
    Barbara Esbin, Associate Chief
    Marjorie “Peggy” Greene, Associate Chief
    Sarah Whitesell, Associate Chief
    Paul Gallant, Special Advisor, Media Ownership Working Group
    Thomas Horan, Senior Legal Advisor
    Jamila Bess Johnson, Senior Legal Advisor
    Michelle Russo, Director of Media Relations
    Priya Shrinivasan, Special Advisor

Office of Broadcast License Policy
The Office of Broadcast License Policy develops, recommends, and administers policies and programs for the regulation of analog and digital broadcast services. The Office has direct responsibility for the work of the Audio and Video Divisions and will maintain close working relationships with other Divisions, Bureaus and Offices of the Media Bureau.

    Chief, Office of Broadcast License Policy: Roy Stewart
    Senior Legal Advisor: David Brown

Audio Division: The Audio Division licenses commercial and noncommercial educational AM, FM, Low Power FM, FM Translator and FM Booster broadcast services. The Division provides legal analysis of broadcast, technical and engineering radio filings and recommends appropriate disposition of applications, requests for waivers and other pleadings.

    Division Chief: Peter Doyle
    Deputy Chief: Nina Shafran
    Associate Chief: James Bradshaw
    Associate Chief: Edward Delahunt
    Assistant Chief: John Karousos
    Assistant Chief: Lisa Scanlan
    Assistant Chief: Michael Wagner

Video Division: The Video Division licenses commercial and noncommercial educational TV, Low Power TV, Class A TV, TV translators and TV Booster broadcast services. The Division provides legal and technical analysis of applications and recommends appropriate disposition of applications, requests for waivers and other pleadings.

    Division Chief: Barbara Kreisman
    Deputy Chief: James Brown
    Associate Chief: Hossein Hashemzadeh
    Associate Chief: John H. Morgan
    Associate Chief: Clay Pendarvis
    Assistant Chief: Mary Fitzgerald

Policy Division
The Policy Division conducts proceedings concerning broadcast, cable and post-licensing Direct Broadcast Satellite issues, including the Satellite Home Viewer Improvement Act, Over-the-Air-Reception Devices, digital transition, customer premises equipment, access to programming and distribution platforms and other related matters. It also facilitates competition in the multichannel video programming marketplace by resolving carriage and other complaints involving access to facilities as well as petitions for findings of effective competition. In addition, the Division administers the FCC’s programs for political broadcasting and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) matters.

    Division Chief: Mary Beth Murphy
    Deputy Chief: Steven Broeckaert
    Deputy Chief: John Norton
    Assistant Chief: Robert Baker
    Assistant Chief: Marlene Dortch
    Assistant Chief: Eloise Gore
    Assistant Chief: Ronald Parver

Industry Analysis Division The Industry Analysis Division conducts and participates in proceedings regarding media ownership and the economic aspects of existing and proposed rules and policies. The Division reviews license transfers that implicate significant policy issues. The Division collects, compiles, analyzes and develops reports on relevant industry and market data and information, including preparing the annual report to Congress on the status of competition in the market for the delivery of video programming.

    Division Chief: Royce Sherlock
    Deputy Chief: Mania Baghdadi
    Deputy Chief: Marcia Glauberman
    Assistant Chief: Judith Herman
    Assistant Chief: Roger Holberg
    Senior Economic Advisor: Daniel Hodes

Engineering Division The Engineering Division conducts technical reviews of media related matters. The Division processes Cable Television Relay Service (CARS) applications, special relief and show cause petitions involving technical matters, and requests for rulings on technical matters and requests for waivers of the rules. The Division processes signal leakage performance reports filed by cable system operators, analyzes aeronautical frequency usage data and takes appropriate action to ensure compliance with FCC requirements.

    Division Chief: John Wong
    Deputy Chief: Michael Lance
    Assistant Chief: Wayne McKee

Office of Communications & Industry Information The Office of Communications and Industry Information, in coordination with the Office of Legislative Affairs, responds to inquiries from Members of Congress and their staffs, prepares material for FCC personnel participating in Congressional hearings and meetings, and provides analysis of legislative proposals concerning specific matters within the jurisdiction of the Media Bureau. The Office also distributes official Bureau decisions and reports and processes FOIA requests.

    Chief, Office of Communications & Industry Information: Michael Perko

Management and Resources Staff The Management and Resources staff oversee the direction of Bureau-wide management and administrative programs, including personnel management, budget formulation and execution, information technology management, and administrative support services.

    Assistant Bureau Chief for Management: Janet Amaya
    Deputy Assistant Chief for Management: Ann Morgan
    Deputy Assistant Chief for Management: Michael Teaney

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For more information about the Media Bureau, after March 25, 2002, visit www.fcc.gov/mb.