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Report No. CI 98-8    COMPLIANCE AND INFORMATION ACTION        May 5, 1998


On May 1, 1998, the Detroit Field Office of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), in cooperation with the U.S. Marshals Service, seized radio equipment used by an unlicensed radio station broadcasting as "La Gigante" on 106.3 MHz in Detroit, Michigan area. Unlicensed broadcasting constitutes a violation of Section 301 of the Communications Act.

The station's illegal broadcasts were interfering with the operations of licensed station WCHB-FM, on 105.9 FM, in Detroit, Michigan. Investigations by FCC agents led to the location of the transmitter and identity of the station's owners. FCC officials spoke to Mr. Edwin Raices, who admitted owning and operating the station without a license. FCC agents also warned Mr. Raices at that time that continued unlicensed broadcasting could subject the equipment to seizure under federal law. The station was subsequently moved to another location which was also discovered through investigations conducted by the FCC's Detroit Office.

Under federal law, radio stations may operate only upon the issuance of an FCC license covering such equipment. Section 510 of the Communications Act authorizes the federal government to seize radio equipment used in transmissions by unlicensed stations. Unlicensed radio transmissions, in general, can create a danger of interference to important radio communications services. Such illegal transmissions, using equipment of unknown technical integrity, also raise concerns because they frequently operate on channels directly adjacent to those used for sensitive aviation communications and air navigation signals, thereby increasing the potential for harmful interference to these authorized radio operations.

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