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DA 99-1153                   Released: June 14, 1999


On October 22, 1998, the Commission adopted a Report and Order significantly modifying its broadcast application and licensing procedures to make them more efficient and to eliminate unwarranted regulatory burdens. 1998 Biennial Regulatory Review -- Streamlining of Mass Media Applications, Rules, and Processes, 13 FCC Rcd 23056 (1998) ( Report and Order ) [ Adobe PDF only ]. As part of this proceeding, the Mass Media Bureau has significantly revised key forms, replacing many open- ended narrative questions with yes-no certifications. Paper versions of the following streamlined forms will be available as of June 15, 1999:

While applicants are strongly encouraged to use the revised forms once they are available, the Commission will continue to accept the current versions through July 14, 1999. Effective July 15, 1999, applicants must use the revised forms. Old versions will be automatically returned. Applicants should note that return of an application may have a significant impact on procedural rights (e.g., since FCC Form 301 "minor change" applications are processed on a "first come/first serve" basis, return of an application will delay receipt of cut-off protection).

We remind applicants that the streamlined forms require certification that each question has been answered based on the applicant s review of the application, instructions, and worksheets, and that applications filed on the revised forms will be subject to the random audit program as described in the Report and Order . See Report and Order at para. 66-76. Additionally, we remind applicants that while applications for assignment or transfer must still be filed in triplicate, only a single paper copy of any relevant sales agreements and/or contour overlap maps need be filed. See Report and Order at para. 42, 49. Procedures for filing the revised forms electronically will be announced by subsequent Public Notice.

As of June 15, 1999, copies of the revised forms may be obtained at the Commission (Room TW-B200), by writing to the Commission's Form Distribution Center (9300 East Hampton Drive, Capital Heights, Maryland 20743), or by telephone (202/418-FORM or 800/418-FORM). The revised forms will also be available on the Internet (www.fcc.gov/formpage.html). For further information, please contact Brad Deutsch (202/418- 2717), James Brown (202/418-1600), or Jackie Swank (202/418-2621).

By: Chief, Mass Media Bureau

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