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DA 99-809
Released: May 6. 1999

List of Foreign Telecommunications Carriers that are Presumed to Possess Market Power in Foreign Telecommunications Markets

In the 1998 Biennial Regulatory Review -- Reform of the International Settlements Policy and Associated Filing Requirements, IB Docket No. 98-148 and CC Docket No. 90-337, Report and Order and Order on Reconsideration FCC 99-73 (released May 6, 1999), the Federal Communications Commission (Commission) modified its rules to remove its requirement that agreements between U.S. telecommunications carriers and foreign carriers that lack market power in the foreign telecommunications market conform to the Commission's international settlements policy (ISP). The Commission's rules include a presumption that a foreign carrier does not possess market power on the foreign end of a U.S. international route if it possesses less than 50 percent market share in each of three relevant foreign product markets: international transport facilities, including cable landing station access and backhaul facilities; intercity facilities and services; and local access facilities and services on the foreign end.

The Commission stated that it would issue a list of carriers that do not qualify for this presumption. U.S. international carriers would be precluded from exchanging traffic outside of the ISP with carriers on the list unless otherwise allowed. U.S.-authorized carriers would also be precluded from agreeing to accept special concessions (as defined in Section 63.14 of the Commission's rules) from carriers on the list unless otherwise allowed under the Commission's rules. The Commission found that this approach best advances the policy of allowing U.S. carriers to enter into arrangements with foreign carriers that lack market power with a minimum of regulatory oversight, while maintaining the ISP for certain arrangements with foreign carriers that possess market power in the foreign market.

The following list specifies particular foreign carriers that do not qualify for this presumption. The list is based on publicly available information, compiled from official sources, including the International Telecommunication Union. Interested parties may challenge the inclusion or exclusion of any carrier on the list by submitting a petition for declaratory ruling and the appropriate supporting documentation to demonstrate that a carrier included on the list lacks market power or that a carrier not included does not lack market power. This list applies only for purposes of determining those foreign carriers that are subject to our ISP, our rules on providing switched services over private lines, and the No Special Concessions rule. It does not apply for purposes of market power determination under Sections 63.10 (Regulatory classification of international carriers) or 63.18 (Contents of applications for international common carriers).

The list below will be posted on the International Bureau's World Wide Web site. (http://www.fcc.gov/ib).

Destination Market        Dominant Operators 

Afghanistan:              Cable Alcao Kabul
Albania                  Albania Telecom
Algeria                  MinistŠre des Postes et T‚l‚communications (MPT)
Angola                   Angola Telecom
Antigua and Barbuda       Cable & Wireless
Argentina                 Telintar 
Armenia                  Armentel  
Australia                 Telstra
Austria                  Post and Telekom Austria AG (PTA)
Azerbaijan                Ministry of Communication
Bahamas                  Bahamas Telecommunications Corporation (Batelco)
Bahrain                  Bahrain Telecommunications Company (BATELCO)
Bangladesh               Bangladesh Telegraph & Telephone Board
Barbados                  Barbados External Telecommunications Ltd. (BET)
Belarus                  Beltelecom
Belgium                  Belgacom
Belize                   Belize Telecommunications Ltd. 
Benin                     Office des postes et t‚l‚communications (OPT)
Bermuda                  Cable & Wireless Bermuda 
Bhutan                   Bhutan Telecom
Bolivia                  Empresa Nacional de Telecomunicaciones S.A. 
Bosnia and Herzegovina   Post Telephone & Telegraph of Bosnia and Herzegovina
                         Telekom Republike Srpske
Botswana                  Botswana Telecommunications Corporation (BTC)
Brazil                    Embratel 
Brunei                   Jabatan Telekom Brunei (JTB)  
Bulgaria                  Bulgarian Telecommunications Company (BTC)  
Burkino Faso              Office national des t‚l‚communications (ONATEL)
Burma                    Myanmar Posts & Telecommunications
Burundi                  Office National des T‚l‚communications (ONATEL)
Cambodia                  Directorate of Posts and Telecommunications (DPTK)
                          Cameroon                  Soci‚t‚ des T‚l‚communications Internationales du Cameroun
                         Canada                   Teleglobe International
                                                  Stentor Alliance (BC Tel, Bell Canada, Island Tel. Manitoba
                         Telecom Services, Inc., Maritiem Tel&Tel, NewTel
                         Communications, NBTel, and Telus)
Cape Verde               Cabo Verde Telecom Sarl
Central African Rep.      Soci‚t‚ Centrafricaine des T‚l‚communications (SOCATEL)
Chad                     Soci‚t‚ des T‚l‚communications Internationales du Tchad (TIT)
Chile                     CTC
China                     China Telecom 
Colombia                  Empresa Nacional de Telecomunicaciones
Comoros                  Soci‚t‚ Nationale des Postes et T‚l‚communications (SNPT)
Congo                    Office National des Postes et des T‚l‚communications (ONPT)
Costa Rica                Instituto Costariccense de Electicidad (ICE)
C“te d'Ivoire             Soci‚t‚ C“te d'Ivoire-TELECOM (CI-TELECOM)
Croatia                  Croatian Post and Telecommunications (HPT)
Cuba                     Empresa Telecomunicaciones de Cuba S.A. (ETECSA)
Cyprus                   Cyprus Telecommunications Company
Czech Rep.               SPT Telecom
Dem. Rep. of Congo        Office Congolais des Postes et des T‚l‚communications (OCPT)
Denmark                  Tele Danmark A/S
Djibouti                  Soci‚t‚ Telecom International (STID)
Dominica                  Telecommunications of Dominica              
Dominican Republic        Compa¤¡a Dominicana de Tel‚fonos (CODETEL)
Ecuador                  Emetel
Egypt                     Egypt Telecom
El Salvador              Compa¤¡a de Telecomunicaciones de El Salvador 
Equatorial Guinea         La Sociedad Anonima de Telecomunicaciones de la Republica de 
                         Guinea Ecuatorial (GETESA)
Eritrea                  Telecommunications Services of Eritrea (TSE)
Estonia                  Estonian Telephone Company
Ethiopia                  Ethipian Telecommunications Corporation (ETC)
Finland                  Sonera Ltd.
France                   France T‚l‚com
Gabon                    T‚l‚communications Internationales Gabonaises (TIG)
Gambia                   Gambia Telecommunications Company, Ltd. (GAMTEL)
Georgia                  Georgia Telecom     
Germany                  Deutsche Telekom AG
Ghana                    Ghana Telecommunications Company
Greece                   Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (OTE) 
Grenada                  Grenada Telecommunications 
Guatemala                 Telecomunicaciones de Guatemala (Telgua)
Guinea                   Soci‚t‚ des T‚l‚communications de Guin‚e (SOTELGUI)
Guinea-Bissau             Companhia de Telecomunica‡oes da Guin‚-Bissau, sarl (Guin‚-
Guyana                   Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Ltd.
Haiti                     Telecommunications d'Haiti S.A.M. 
Holy See (Vatican City)  Telecom Italia
Honduras                  Empresa Hondure¤a de Telecomunicaciones
Hong Kong                Hong Kong Telecom
Hungary                  Hungarian Telecommunication Co. (MATAV)
Iceland                  Landssiminn
India                     Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL)
Indonesia                 PT Indosat
Iran                     Telecommunciations Company of Iran 
Iraq                     Ministry of Telecommunications
Ireland                  Telecom Eireann
Israel                    Bezeq
Italy                     Telecom Italia 
Jamaica                  Cable & Wireless Jamaica 
Japan                    Kokusai Denshin Denwa Co., Ltd. (KDD)
                         Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corporation (NTT)
Jordan                   Jordan Telecommunications Corporation (JTC)
Kazakhstan               Kazakhtelecom  
Kenya                    Kenya Posts and Telecommunication Corporation (KPTC)
Kiribati                  Telecom Services Kiribati Limited 
Korea (South)             Korea Telecom                
Korea (North)             Pycompute Pyongyang
Kuwait                   Ministry of Communications    
Kyrgyszstan              Kyrgyztelecom
Laos                     Enterprise of Telecommunications Lao (ETL)
                         Lao Shinawatra Telecom Company          
Latvia                    Lattelekom    
Lebanon                  Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications
Lesotho                  Lesotho Telecommunications Corporation (LTC)
Liberia                  Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications 
Libya                     General Post and Telecommunications Company (GPTC)
Liechtenstein             Swiss Telecom PTT
Lithuania                 Lietuvos Telekom
Luxembourg               Luxembourg PTT
Macedonia                 Macedonian Telecom
Madagascar               Telecom Malagasy (TELMA)
Malawi                   Malawi Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (MPTC)
Malaysia                  Telecom Malaysia
Maldives                  DHIRAAGU
Mali                     Soci‚t‚ des T‚l‚communications du Mali (SOTELMA)
Malta                     Telemalta Corporation
Marshall Islands          National Telecommunications Authority 
Mauitania                 Office des postes et des t‚l‚communications (OPT)
Mauritius                 Mauritius Telecom Limited
Mayotte                  France T‚l‚com
Mexico                   Telefonos de Mexico (TelMex)
Micronesia                FSM Telecommunications
Moldova                  Moldtelecom
Monaco                   France T‚l‚com
Mongolia                  Mongolia Telecommunications Company
Morocco                  Itissalat Al Maghrib
Mozambique               Telecomunica‡oes de Mo‡ambique
Namibia                  Telecom Namibia
Nauru                    Nauru Telcom
Nepal                     Nepal Telecommunications Company  
Netherlands              KPN Telecom N.V.
New Zealand              Telecom Corporation of New Zealand Ltd. (TCNZ)
Nicaragua                 Enitel 
Niger                     Soci‚t‚ nig‚rinne des t‚l‚communications (SONITEL)
Nigeria                  Negerian Telecomunications plc
Norway                   Telenor AS
Oman                     General Telecommunications Organization (GTO)     
Pakistan                  PAK-Telecom
Palau                     Palau National Communications Corporation (PNCC)
Palestine                 Palestine Telecommunications Company P.L.C. (PALTEC)
Panama                   INTEL 
Papua New Guinea          Post & Telecommunications Commission   
Paraguay                  Antelco 
Peru                     Telef¢nica del Peru 
Philippines               Philippines Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT)
Poland                   Telekomunikacja Polska S.A.
Portugal                  Portugal Telecom S.A.
Qatar                     Qatar Public Telecommunications Corporation 
R‚union                  France T‚l‚com
Romania                  Romtelecom
Russia                   Rostelecom
Rwanda                   Rwandatel S.A. (RWANDATEL)
St. Kitts and Nevis       Cable & Wirless
St. Lucia                 Cable & Wireless 
St. Vincent and the Grenadines     Cable & Wireless 
San Marino               Telecom Italia
Sao Tom‚ & Principe      Companhia Santomense de Telecomunica‡ es, s.a.r.l. (CST)
Saudi Arabia              Saudi Telecommunications Company
                         Senegal                  Soci‚t‚ Nationale des T‚l‚communications du S‚n‚gal
Serbia and Montenegro    Serbija Telecom
Seychelles                Cable & Wireless (Seychelles) Ltd.
Sierra Leone              Sirra Leone Telecommunications Company (SIRRATEL)
Singapore                 Singapore Telecom
Slovakia                  Slovak Telecom (ST)
Slovenia                  Telecom Slovenia
Solomon Islands          Solomon Telekom Company  
Somalia                   Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications 
South Africa              Telkom SA Limited
Spain                     Telef¢nica
Sri Lanka                 Sri Lanka Telecom
Sudan                    Sudan Telecommunications Company Ltd. (Sudatel)
Suriname                  Telesur 
Swaziland                 Swaziland Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (SPTC)
Sweden                   Telia
Switzerland              Swisscomm
Syria                     Syrian Telecommunications Establishment (STE)    
Taiwan                   Chunghwa Telecom
Tajikistan                Tajiktelecom
Tanzania                  Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited (TTCL)
Thailand                  Telephone Organization of Thailand (TOT) 
Togo                     Soci‚t‚ des T‚l‚communications du Togo (TOGO TELECOM)
Trinidad and Tobago       Telecom Services of Trinidad and Tobago
Tunisia                  Tunisie Telecom
Turkey                   Turk Telekomunikasyon A.S.
Turkmenistan              Turkmentelecom
Tuvalu                   Ministry of Labor, Works and Communications
Uganda                   Uganda Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (UPTC)
Ukraine                  Utel
United Arab Emirates     The Emirates Telecommunications Corp. Ltd. (Etisalat)
United Kingdom            British Telecom
Uruguay                   Administraci¢n Nacional de Telecomunicationes 
Uzbekistan               Halqaro Telecom
Vanuatu                  Vanuatu Telecom
Venezuela                 Compa¤¡a An¢nima Nacional Tel‚fonos de Venezuela 
Vietnam                  Viet Nam Post and Telecommunications Corporation (VNPT)
Western Samoa             Postal and Telecommunications Department
                         Yemen                    Yemen International Telecommunications Company (TELEYEMEN)
Zambia                   Zambia Telecommunications Company Limited (Zamtel)
Zimbabwe                  Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (PTC)

Additional carriers included on this list:

All incumbent local exchange carriers in the destination markets above.

All carriers that control, are controlled by, or are under common control with, a carrier listed above in the particular destination market.

For additional information, please contact Robert McDonald or Kathy O'Brien, Telecommunications Division, International Bureau, (202) 418-1470.